16 September 2014


When the lovely Katy from Apartment Apothecary asked me to be involved in Styling the Season this summer, I was super excited to join in. Not only did it mean curating a small space in my home with treasured objects, but it was a great reason to give a bit of love to the fireplace in our bedroom. This beautiful marble mantlepiece normally bears the weight of misplaced clutter, emptied pockets and handfuls of pennies up until now.

This new series celebrates and embraces each month, where people are encouraged to decorate and style an area of their home to reflect what it means for them; for me September is always a transitional month, a month to buffer the end of summer and the start of autumn, a month of change where anything is possible

So after sifting through the clutter, I filled the shelf with the last hints of summer pinks and the warm hues of autumn setting in. Nothing beats freshly cut flowers and these Dahlia are no exception, placed alongside a succulent, a decorative gourd and fallen leaves, these small touches brings nature into the home.

The vintage mirror was handed down to me from my mum, and has been spruced up and hung using cotton ribbon making use of the original picture rail, while the circle print is new and something I had my eye on for a while and can be found here. On the other side of the mantle is my collection of Sasek books and The Deer Wedding picture, that has travelled with us over the years and is by a Croatian artist, Ivan Generalic.

The recent issue of the wonderful Lionheart magazine – which I suggest you promptly go out and buy right now – is all about home and it has struck a chord, I need to spend more time cherishing the home, making laughter ring inside these four walls, so F can look back at his childhood with loving memories of the rooms we shared. I remember reading the lovely Hannah's blog when she moved up sticks from London to Kent and her love affair that started with the house, all these things stick in my mind as we busy ourselves, rushing around and seemingly missing a trick.

To get involved all you need to do is share your photographs of your styled surface on any day this month – use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or your blog, if you have one. Please tag Katy and Charlotte and use the hashtag #StylingTheSeasons. You can also search the hashtag for styling inspiration from the other wonderful bloggers and creatives who are taking part.

I can't wait to take a peek at your September. 

15 September 2014


As you know I'm a bit obsessed when it comes to capturing the everyday moments with F and this small family of mine. It's rare for me to be without a camera in hand, snapping away, for these are the days that F will look back with – hopefully – a warm heart and the stories he will share as a grown man. I want to make sure I can preserve as many of these precious moments as possible.

Family: I love this photo, this is the boy who came along and made me a mama and us a family. No longer the two of us bumbling along, this little guy has given us focus and drive. He is the centre of my world and my family.

Friendship: I love watching the bonds he makes and the friendships he grows; hearing their conversations and seeing how they navigate life at such an early age is a beautiful thing to witness.

Travel: Oh how I long for sunlit beaches and warm seas to dip my toes in. Long days of nothingness and laughter.

Celebration: That time we went to The Ethicurean to celebrate my birthday and the food was oh so good. I love eating out and trying new places. Delicious.

It's so easy for me to click away, filling up memory cards and my iPhone crammed with photos, but I want to make sure I can preserve as many of these precious moments as possible, and leaving these images to sit on my computer is not quite the way forward. There's something so wonderful about having your moments printed out and bound. I remember as a child pouring through our family photo albums and I certainly have a lot of Photography art books at home.

So when Photoworld launched their #weprintmemories competition, I couldn't wait to share my favourite moments. To enter, all you have to do is tweet a photo memory to @cewephotoworld with the hashtag #weprintmemories following the theme of the week for a chance to win one of these fantastic prizes:

• 1st prize - the new 16GB First Generation Lytro Camera, £250 worth of John Lewis vouchers and £250 CEWE Photoworld vouchers
• 2nd prize - £100 CEWE Photoworld vouchers
• 3rd prize - £50 CEWE Photoworld vouchers

*This post is in collaboration with Photoworld

14 September 2014


F: A touch of autumn

There's a hint of change in the air as temperatures slightly shift and that certain glow signifying the end of summer starts to set in. I know it's been a bit quiet here this last week, but with a stretch of solo parenting and new school routines it has been good for me to step away from the screen. 

This week I asked my folks to step in and take F for a day or two, and although there were long lists to do and deadlines to finish, I wanted the time to do nothing; to hang out, drink coffee when I want, read magazines, stay in bed, see friends and stay up late. There's nothing like a bit of solo time to kick back and relax.

Next Friday is the MAD Blog Awards 2014 ceremony in Kensington, London where this little blog is a finalist for the Best Family Fun award. *Squeal* So next week there's going to be a bit of pampering in the run up to the ceremony and trying to find that perfect mama style. 

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11 September 2014


Every now and again you come across a designer who makes your heart skip a beat, whether it's the design, the style or a feeling they create, you know you've struck gold. So I thought I'd share my design crush of the moment, Julia Kostreva. Julia works as a creative director and graphic designer in her studio, based in the beautiful San Francisco *swoon*. My stomach did a somersault when I saw her mini copper planters perfect for succulents, and then I discovered her large print art works via April and May Studio, from then on I was hooked. I promptly headed over to Julia's shop to check out all her beautiful things and read her loves, interior and inspirations that she shares on her beautiful blog. 

I can't wait to order the Keep Going print for my walls and perhaps get a new iPhone cover. What has been inspiring you this week?

*Images via Julia Kostreva

10 September 2014


The lovely people at Friends of Glass asked if I would like to join them in creating some wonderful recipes at the beautiful Cactus Kitchens in London with no other than *girl crush* super mama, TV presenter, Cherry Healey. Obviously I jumped at the chance and headed down to London last Friday with the lovely Fritha who was also attending. On arrival we were greeted with the smell of hot coffee and fresh pastries which I readily tucked into while chatting to some of the other bloggers and admiring the beautiful flowers that adorned the room.

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8 September 2014


"A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014."

F: Mesmerised by the game

I still can't quite believe September is here and as of this morning F goes into pre-school for three whole days, ok they might only be half days but this will be a new chapter for me. Getting ready to leave the house at 8am and leaving the morning free for me to concentrate on upcoming projects, all while the realisation of time passing quickly being ever present. 

I love this snap from last week, after an impromptu park play date he caught a glimpse of the big boys playing tennis on our way home. As he ran up and held onto the fence, I sat and waited for him, this boy of mine.

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5 September 2014


Oh End of the Road! Once again you did us proud, the music, the colour, the wonderfully weird and wacky, the fairy lights, the rum, the dancing, oh the dancing! Not to mention the endless activities and entertainment for the kiddos.We've been making our way to this fun festival for seven years now and have watched it grow from fledgling roots, settled deep in the beautiful Lamer Tree Gardens, into the excitement it is today. After arriving onsite and a small amount of tent rage due to high winds, we pitched up next to our friends and headed straight to the food stalls to feed our rumbling tummies. With the finest selection of festival cuisine from: Indian street food, pulled pork and homemade slaw sandwiches, amazing burritos, sweet waffles, perfect pizza, pie and so much more, it was easy to get our fill and sit by the fire warming ourselves as night fell and brightly coloured string bulbs illuminated our way. Click to read more.