26 May 2015



A few months ago we were asked whether we'd like to be involved in a Family Fitness campaign with Argos and immediately I said yes. Since January I've made a huge effort to exercise and eat healthy in a bid to be the best version of myself and I was excited for Paul and F to get involved too – you can see my last fitness update here.

We were asked to wear fitness trackers and were allowed to choose equipment that would help us in our bid to get exercising. F was super excited and straight away asked if he could get a skateboard, something he's been wanting for a while, so when it arrived with neon knee pads he couldn't wait to get outside and try it out.

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25 May 2015


Boden Blue Suede Boots and white backpack from Kin John Lewis
After a week of unsettled weather and even a freak hailstones storm, we were totally spoilt with a super sunny Saturday and it gave me the perfect excuse to try these chic Boden ankle boots with my Hawaiian print spring dress and my new favouite Axel Backpack from Kin. I love a good pair of ankle boots as they're a great transitional piece for changing seasons, and this navy suede shade is perfect for rocking with jeans, dresses and skirts, especially the cute  attention to detail with the exposed zip at the back and neon pink zip liner.

I saw this beautiful blue door on our way for lunch and did an impromptu style shoot which F insisted being part of, checkout his photo bomb style! You can tell he's a bloggers child right? He loves getting in front of the camera.

I got a little carried away and indulged in some good old fashioned twirling for fun which amused F no end and probably made passersby wonder what on earth I was doing, but if you can't twirl in front of a blue door in a flowery dress then when can you ay?! 

The rest of our day was super slow, grabbing a green smoothie from our new favourite health food cafe, Health Hubb – which also run kids classes on nutrition – and heading to the supermarket to grab some goodies for a little Eurovision party at ours. Think 80's cocktail sticks, crisps and dips and you get the idea. I spent the evening drinking rose wine in a glittery playsuit, while shouting out the many random words I'd put down on my Eurovision Bingo card and generally having a giggle. Fun night all round.

What did you get up to this weekend? Do you have a favourite spring outfit?

*Boots c/o Boden. Backpack from Kin at John Lewis. Dress from H&M. All words & opinions are 100% my own.

22 May 2015


Perfect Summer Cotton Dress Braintree Clothing
So a few weeks ago we flew to the sunny city of Palma, swapping the mild Bristol spring weather for a balmy 28 degrees. Just me, Paul, the boy and the perfect summer cotton dress. Oh how I love wandering around a new city bathed in beautiful light, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. As the weather in UK has a bit of catching up to do, I hadn't quite prepared a summer wardrobe and found myself on a mad shopping dash a few days before the flight.

When travelling somewhere hot I always try to pack light, but there's one must have item that I never leave without, and that's a comfortable summer cotton dress. When exploring anywhere with kids it's easy to get hot and sticky when swapping between carrying toys, child and bag full of essentials, so wearing something cool and comfortable while looking good is a must.

I loved this Jagger Stripe Summer dress from Braintree Clothing, the loose fit and cute pinstripe with lace and pin tuck details is made from Organic Hemp Cotton, which is completely breathable leaving your skin cool and it's the perfect length for letting your legs see some light – hello tan!

Colourful flowers in Palma
Doorway in the streets of Palma

I loved exploring the tiny cobbled streets with its crumbling plasterwork and beautiful doorways. There's something so exotic about the peachy tones and wooden shutters, with palm trees shading narrow passages. I can't wait to share more of our Palma adventures with you next week and hopefully inspire some wanderlust in you.

Tiled balcony from the Palau Sa Font HotelOrganic summer dress and Coffee at Palau Sa Font Hotel

Also just a quick note to say a huge thank you for all the kindness and support you've shown me over the last two weeks. All your messages have really helped lift my spirits through this particularly difficult time.

Honestly, I'm still not feeling myself, which is probably why it has stayed quiet over here. However I have a few posts to share with you and hope that you'll be patient with me as I pull myself out of this hole, and as always thanks for taking time to stop by, read and say hi. x

14 May 2015


I'm sorry for the radio silence over on this little blog of mine, I was hoping to tell you some exciting news and that I've been super busy with fun projects – which is partly true – but unfortunately there's another reason why no words have been posted... we've been saying another goodbye.

The last two months have been a roller coaster of emotions. After coming to terms that a second child would be unlikely after already suffering two miscarriages in the past and not being sure whether I could put myself though it again, out of nowhere I found myself staring at two pinks lines. To be honest I was in shock, it was totally unplanned and unexpected and seemed to come along just as I had decided that one child was enough for me.

I think it took a week for it all to sink in. This was happening. It was actually happening and F would have a sibling, and I would have another babe in arms.

After some pains I know oh so well at five and a half weeks, I thought it had all been a bit short lived and an appointment was made for a scan at six weeks. I went to the clinic in tears, knowing what to expect, feeling awful for putting my body through this again, only to be surprised with the news that I had been carrying twins and had miscarried as I had thought, but only one. There was still one baby, it's heart beating away, holding in there.

Awash with new hope as my tummy grew and further scans showed the pregnancy progressing well, naively I relaxed a little. I was feeling exhausted but well in myself, and started to let my mind wander a little to the December due date, although slightly laced with doubt, not fully wanting to let myself indulge in these happy thoughts.

At the beginning of this week I was given the news that my baby's heart had stopped. Another silent miscarriage. Once again I was being wheeled into surgery, staring at magnolia walls and cups of NHS tea. I didn't feel like crying, to be honest I didn't feel anything, just numb or perhaps going through the motions. Only as they were administering the anaesthetic did the tears start to well up and fall, and I felt someone take my hand until I went under.

Now I'm back at home, resting with my empty belly. Still feeling very up and down but throwing myself into work for a bit of distraction and letting the tears come and go. It helps to write and share it, I know how isolating a miscarriage can be, how sad and destructive it can become. For me it's easier to be open, to let all these emotions wash over me and there are so many. It's hard to keep track of my head at he moment but I can feel the weight of my heavy heart.

After loosing baby Alex at 15 weeks due to Parvovirus and my second miscarriage, it seems there is no rhyme or reason to it all, just bad luck. Three miscarriages in a row. And so it's back to daily life and I know I'll be OK, it just might take a little bit of time. It's hard being a mama.

4 May 2015


I love good style and when F was born I was very excited by the prospect of hunting out cool clothes for my little one to roll around in, I mean who wouldn't coo and ahh over tiny little shoes right? I don't always spend lots of money on F's wardrobe, it's a healthy mix of high street bargains, hand me downs and a few boutique pieces, and I love how his clothes are an extension of his colourful bubbly personality.

I often feel a bit deflated when I walk through the super colourful – although mostly pink with a splash of yellow – girls department into a sea of blue and dinosaurs for boys. F loves colour, I love colour so why do shops insist on these toned down hues for boys?! Yes F likes a dinosaurs as much as the next kid, but he also loves pink and wearing conformable leggings, so I often find myself looking at independent kids boutiques to bridge his wardrobe gap.

One great online store is Burp Boutique, who's mission is to create a collection of colourful, unisex, bright, bold and fun clothes for your little ones, while supporting British Made, up and coming designers. They focus on well made clothes, amazingly illustrated story books, fun squidgy soft toys and unique pieces of art, to bring you something different and fun for your little ones.

To celebrate Burp Boutique fourth birthday, they are offering you the chance to win £100 to spend in their online store! All you have to do is take a photo that conjures up a celebratory moment and post it on Instagram, not forgetting to follow @burpboutique and add the hashtag #WINburp! The picture can be anything, let your imagination go wild!

The competition ends on Friday 15th May and will be judged by myself and Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn. I can't wait to see all your fab pics :) Good luck! x

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