5 October 2015


Five things to do in Palma with kids

It's been a while since we were bathing under the sunny skies of Palma earlier this summer, and looking at this grey autumn drizzly day I'm feeling the need to channel some of those pastel pinks and aqua blues that line the streets of this Mediterranean Island. In truth another reason it's taken me so long to write a post about the trip was due to the unfortunate events that happened on our return making it difficult to revisit the holiday. However there's nothing better than reminiscing back on holiday snaps to act as a pick me up on a grey day, so I thought I'd share our top five things to do in Palma with kids.

Take the Old Train to Sóller

Ferrocarril de Sóller things to do with kidsBefore we even stepped onto the plane I had friends recommending this as the must do activity of our trip and one that our kiddo would love. Situated to the left of the main train station near Plaza de Espana, the Ferrocarril de Sóller is a beautiful vintage wooden train full of character and charm which has been making the historic route since 1912. A combined return train and tram ticket to Port de Sóller will cost you  around €30 per adult and take you through the scenic mountains and lemon groves that make Mallorca so special, until you reach the old station in Sóller where you can stop for a bite to eat before heading onto the white sandy beaches at the Port, perfect for sandcastles and ice-creams.

mountain view on the train to soller beach at Port de Soller for kidspalm trees at Port de Soller mallorca
Cycle Along the Beach Promenade
One of the fab things about Palma is the mix of city streets filled with bustling shops, cafes and busy squares, all a stones throw from the beach front giving you the best of both worlds. With Palma Bike & Go you can pick up a bike and explore the promenade for €6 a day and for those needing a child bike or baby trailer try Nano Bikes. Head along the beach front cycle paths towards Portixol and pass the harbour along the street Carrer del Vicari Joaquim Fuster, which passes beautiful stretches of white sand, colourful mosaics, beach lined playgrounds and a fab interior design burger pit stop, Bigotes Bar & Brunch.

Hire bikes in palmaPortixol in Mallorca

Bigotes Bar & Brunch in mallorca
Go on a Sculpture Trail
Give kids of all ages something fun to look out for while exploring the city with the fantastic array of weird and wonderful sculptures that punctuate the winding streets of Palma, making a fun treasure hunt for little ones. Either pop into the tourist information office and mark the locations on your city map or wander the streets to see which modern pieces cross your path.

Do a sculpture trail in Palma with kidsDo a sculpture trail in Palma with kidsCheck Out the Child Friendly City Parks
OK so these might not actually be parks so to speak, but Palma's got a great thing going for it with several of these fabulous children's playgrounds dotted across the city. With shady trees and coffee *yay* give your kiddos a break from sightseeing and enjoy a little down time as you chill by the sidelines, watching them make new friends. Our favourite was the Parque de la Feixina which is shaded and has equipment for a wide age range and Placa de les Llorenç Villalonga situated near the city wall.

Palma parks and playgrounds for kidsperfect playgrounds for children in palmaperfect playgrounds for children in palma

Make Food Fun
Eating out with kids can be many things and not all of them fun, but with a huge range of places to stop off and enjoy three things come to mind when eating out with F. First off we tried to eat alfresco as much as possible and with most cafes and restaurant having outdoor seating, it made it easy for us to entertain him with people watching and spotting horse drawn carriages.

Patron Lunares in Palma

Secondly if you want to get your child involved with food we absolutely loved Patron Lunares, situated along a strip of tasteful bars and restaurants, this dining experience serves tasty food and fun, especially when ordering the Guacamole and chips. Let your kiddo create their own dip as the ingredients arrive in a pestle ready for them to crush together.

The best ice cream in Palma mallorca
But most importantly is Gelato! Ice cream is everywhere in Palma and kids and adults alike will go nuts for the delicious flavours served at Giovanni L which will have you coming back for more!

five thinsg to do with kids in Palma

Check out our family friendly stays at the Portixol Hotel and the Palau Sa Font Hotel in for a fun place to stay in Palma.

30 September 2015


bedroom moodboard interiorsOur bedroom A.K.A the dumping ground has always been a tricky space in our flat and has been on my makeover list for a while now, but being the biggest room and the place where most things go to be forgotten, it's hard to tackle the constant flow of clutter. I've often dreamed of a space that is light and calm during the day and cosy at night but with bundles of coats bursting from behind the door, my workspace which is *ahem* never always tidy, shelves bursting with DVDs and prints stacked on the floor, I never know where to start.

So when Homebase invited me to head in store and pick up a few pieces to change how I see my home – giving the bedroom the kick in the pants it needed – I knew exactly what to do. Unlike some of the other rooms in the house, the bedroom has no real theme and is a mish mash of furniture, colours and clutter which drives me nuts. So I decided to spend a weekend tackling some of the problem areas that adds to the overall mess and pick out a few things that would set the tone for the makeover.

clever dvd storage

We spent a few hours taking the 300+ DVDs that line our freestanding shelving unit, out of their cases – keeping the covers separately – and organising the discs into two small wallets that can be easily stored in our wardrobe, before driving to the local recycling centre to ditch the cases creating an abundance of space on the shelves.

I created the above mini mood board with the colours, tones and prints I envisage for the bedroom to give me a clear idea of what to look for when going into Homebase. I love soft colours, natural fabrics, and a Scandi feel for this room and was excited to pick up a few key pieces to set the process in motion. First I chose this statement ceiling light that gives off a soft glow adding a cosy feel, plus I love the raw bamboo and structured shape of the light.

Bamboo structered ceiling light from hombrescalm bedroom makeover interiorNext I picked up this Neta glass wide vase from the Habitat concession in Homebase, it's so great having a place in Bristol that sells Habitat products as I've always been a fan of their patterns and I love the cool smoky colour of this glass. I can imagine filling this with freshly cut flowers, although it's quite beautiful without.

habitat vase in bedroom makeoverTo finish off I picked up some plants and ceramic pots to add a bit of green into the room. I think Ferns work really well as they look great and are easy to look after and I always love the idea that plants recycle the air naturally while you sleep. I then reorganised the shelves using it to display my photography and design books, vinyl, vintage film projector and framed pictures making it a display area rather than a dumping space.
urban jungle blogger green fernplants in bedroom makeoverI now feel energised to tackle the rest of the room and create a space that reflects my personality and captures the wonderful light that pores in through the windows. With a new mattress on the way I'm looking at various beds like this Silentnight Hamilton King size bed from Homebase to help bring the feel of the room together and my next job is to tackle the slightly dilapidated chest of drawers!I can't wait to share both bedroom makeovers on the blog in the next few months!

29 September 2015


As more and more of my friends book trips across the pond *insert jealous face* I've started looking into likes of NYC, San Fransisco, Palm Springs and other popular stateside destinations to add to my wishlist. However another city is stealing the limelight, yep that's right it's the 90's backdrop for one of my favourite romantic comedies... Seattle. So I thought it would be perfect timing to share this *guest post showcasing some of Seattle's family friendly attractions.

Click to read more.

28 September 2015


eames table, sebrachair and colourful kids interior
colourfulchild interior and Sebra chairAs you probably know by now I love design and interiors, especially when it comes to my home. I always have my eye out for products that are not only functional but also well designed and fit in with my interior style, so it's no surprise I've been crushing on Danish design for a while now.

Curly hair child with teddy
Copenhagen t-shirtYou might remember my post about Why I Heart Copenhagen featuring a very mini F *sigh* as we headed over to Copenhagen on our first trip abroad to meet the 'real' Father Christmas and generally hang out. We spent our time visiting galleries, museums, eating pastries and checking out the wealth of cool kids shops, filled to the brim with design goodies, which is where I first set my eyes on the Danish design company, Sebra Interiors and this stylish I-Sit Metal kids Chair.

colourful kids interiors

I love Danish design for kids and after being lured into a children's lifestyle store, Paul we agreed that taking a chair on the plane as hand luggage probably wasn't the best idea and flew home empty handed. So with styling a cool space for F in mind, I've collected various pieces over the years to give his room a contemporary, fun, creative space that he enjoys spending time in.

Fast forward a few years and I've had lots of creating a space that is both stimulating and aesthetically pleasing, and although I am super happy with my Eames kids Table and Chair I've never forgotten the metal chair that I swooned over all that time ago. So when I received the I-Sit Sebra chair c/o Houseology I was thrilled at the new addition to F's room. and finally ticking it off my wish list. This kid's chair shouts cool Scandi interior with its urban feel and contemporary design, plus it's sculpted from a durable metal mesh that is lightweight, allowing it to be moved by little hands *Big thumbs up from F.*

cool kids wooden toysThis got me thinking as to what makes a good creative design space for kids? So here are my top five rules I stick to when decorating F's bedroom.

1. Have a Theme
I'm talking about aesthetics. Love monochrome? Retro? Colour? Minimalist? Eclectic? Always think how a new piece of furniture will look with the rest of the room. If you have too many themes going on it can make the room look cluttered, overbearing and confusing. Imagine contemporary design pieces sitting with floral vintage furniture againts a monochrome colour scheme and that's my recioe for a headache right there.

2. Hide the Clutter
Storage is everything. Your kiddo might have lots of toys so think of a cool way to store all the plastic for playtime. Keep it clutter free and organised while choosing some of your child's favourite toys or books to put out on display. We use a combination of tubs with lids for his cars, dinosaurs, animals, and musical instruments, grouping similar toys together which makes it easy to pull out and tidy away. We also use storage baskets with handles and lids for the larger items such as his Octonauts, superheroes and Lego, which stops everything spilling onto the floor and helps keep the room tidy.

3. Have a Dedicated Kids Desk and Chair Corner
This is something that I set up in F's room from the word go. At first it was soft cushions and blankets  to lie on as a baby and as he's got older he's progressed to his own table and chairs. I find he uses this space to draw, look at books and generally do his own things without help. This is not to say that he doesn't enjoy colouring and reading in other parts of the house, but having a kid size space dedicated just to him seems to give him his own bit of independence and autonomy, and made him feel grown up.

4. Choose Interesting Prints and Artwork
I love prints and we have them all around our home, I feel that they add personality and are an easy way to add colour to plain walls and create interesting focal points. I love choosing prints for F's room and tend to focus on quirky illustrations, positive messages and good design. Prints can complete an overall look and can also help them learn by choosing cool maps, animal posters, and typographic alphabet prints.

5. Choose Products That Are Stylish AND Practical
So you've found the stylish piece for your child's room, you love it – like fallen head over heels – great, but if the practical side is nowhere to be seen then give it a miss. There's no point investing in a stunning table and chair if it's uncomfortable for your child to use, or the they can't reach the shelves of their toy cabinet as they are too high, or the drawers are super hard to pull out. I always aim to create a space that's both stylish and practical allowing F to enjoy the things in his room and encourage independence.

Urban Scandi style I-sit Sebra chair
Now that he's started school I'm slowly changing things round a little and adding a few new things here and there, to give it a slightly different feel.  For more ideas why not take a peek at my Kids Spaces Pinterest Board

How do you choose furniture for your child's room? I'd love to hear what your favourite kid's piece is?

* This is a collaborative post.

23 September 2015


The little boy who lost his name
So I haven't done one of these for a while but when I heard about this personalised book I couldn't resist creating one for F. What better way to get them engaged in a story then to make them the main character in this good book.

The Little Boy Who Lost His Name from Lost My Name.com is the perfect gift for any kiddo and one I'm going to be bookmarking for gifts as Christmas creeps up, with the opening introduction written to your child's name on beautiful thick paper, F grinned in delight when he realised this story was about him. The quirky, colourful illustrations and flowing typography make each page an adventure in itself as your child tries to find all the lost letters of their names. From pirate treasure to athletic lions, each letter allows you to enjoy a mini story and create a fun way to teach your child how to spell their name.

What's more impressive is that this book is independently published, making you feel good about your purchase and supporting independent businesses. I always know if a book is a winner in our house as we are immediately asked to read it again and again and this didn't disappoint. Plus each story is individual to the child as the pages and story are chosen by their name, making it a fab personalised gift for Christmas.

*We were offered a copy of this book for for review purposes. All words and opinions are my own as always.