27 February 2015


As the flat spruce continues I've been looking at wall designs to give our flat a face lift. I've been wanting to try a gallery wall for some time now using our collection of prints and photos, rather than leave them stacked up in the bedroom. So after much procrastinating I decided to bite the bullet and give our walls some love

Annoyingly we have a rather ugly radiator that sticks up above the sofa, and as we're renting unless there's not much hiding it. However distracting from it with a fun collection of prints seems to be an easier option.

After selecting which prints I wanted to include in my gallery wall design, I laid them out on the floor to get a rough idea of how to group them together. This probably took the most amount of time with me shuffling and moving prints to get it the way I wanted, while nursing a cup of coffee. I used a selection of frames: white, black and wood – which probably breaks all the rules – and used a combination of illustrated prints, graphic typography and a few photographic images. I decided to include two new prints and used eFrame to order the picture frames online for the perfect fit and finish. The website is simple to use and you can easily create custom size frames by simply entering the dimensions and choosing the colour, shape material and finish of the frames you would like and wait for them to be delivered to your door.

I love the size and shapes of the frames and how they sit with the prints and I have grouped them quite close together as I know I still have this beach print and this Paris print to add. Next the fiddly bit, I used masking tape to mark the edges of the frames onto the wall to ensure that I had the spacing right before hammering in any nails and hanging the prints.

It's a work in progress but I really feel it adds a touch of personality and detracts from the radiator eyesore. So what do you think, would you create a gallery wall in your home? You can find more wall design inspiration over on my Pinterest boards

*We were give frames by eFrame for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are 100% my own.

26 February 2015


It's been another fortnight since our last series of Style In Your City, which showcases your life and creates a community celebrating all the things you love about where you live. I loved reading your posts and all your stylish photos over on Instagram, I think this is definitely my favourite colourful coffee capture. My pick from the last fortnight was by Not Another Mummy Blog, I loved discovering a new city and how friendly a local neighbourhood cafe can be.

This fortnight I focused on stylish interiors, I'm slightly cheating as this is a store I found in Amsterdam but totally loved this urban feel and wanted to share it with you, plus I'm hoping that city might adopt me ;)

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24 February 2015


white floor design with natural woven rug

I've been really lusting for something cosy beneath my feet, I love interesting floor design and my heart always sinks a little when I come home to our beige carpeted lounge which does nothing to hide the multitude of markings made by our four year old.

An easy solution to liven up any room is to pick a stylish rug using either a bold pattern, a block colour, or a rug with an interesting pile. However the old rug on carpet faux pas makes this one a bit tricky for our home. I have a friend who has somehow managed to make it look great by choosing a huge floor rug which covers most of the room, but as I still long for scanidnavian white washed wood flooring in our lounge all I can do is look at these dreamy designs and pin some floor design inspiration.

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Succulents and desk tidy pots from Ikea deculttering desk tipsAnthropolgie Pencil holderMessy working desk Decluttering Tips So in the spirit of decluttering the home and getting some order into my flat, I thought this would be a good one to share with you, while joining in with The Everyday Spruce thought up by the lovely ladies Heather and Sarah-Lou.

As I've mentioned before, our bedroom is fast becoming a dumping ground for those do it later projects or things that haven't quite found a home, and trying to work in chaos is not ideal. Over the last few weeks my desk space has got out of control and covered in clutter, and without any real storage solutions I found the piles kept growing. So after a bit of nagging pursuading from Paul I decided to take charge and declutter my desk to create a better working environment and less of an eye sore in the bedroom.

As you can see, the reality behind the lens is a complete mess, this is often the way when looking at people spaces on Instagram, all those neat and tidy homes when in reality you don't see all the clutter which has been moved to the side to achive the perfect pic. So after a quick trip to Ikea and a few hours of sorting and organising you can really see the difference.

Decluttering tips The everyday Spruce

Decluttering tips for a tidy deskDecluttering Tips:

1. Go through all your piles of papers and organise what you need and what you can bin. I bought these stand up files and used each one to seperate my magazines, paperwork and notebooks, by storing them on the shelf under my desk, it's allowed me to keep the desktop free but still have access when I need it.

2. Use boxes and containers with lids for you desk. I bought these stylish white and cork containers to keep my small loose bits and pieces tidy but still within reach. I've used mine for business cards, headphones, washi tapes, stamps, polaroid cartridges, candles and pens.

3. For larger items I bought an open storage container like this one, again in white to keep the desk looking neat and to tie in overall look. I've kept my holga camera, loose postcards, large parcel tape  in there, which if lying out on the desk would look messy but now is contained and accessible.

4. Rather than have different piles of magazines – as I do tend to hoard them – I have selected the ones I want to keep and made one pile with a photo frame on top. This makes it look more like a display and keeps everything neat and tidy, plus F is always cute to look at.

5. Find a stylish pen holder to display your items like these scissors and this letter opener. I love the shape and design of this desk accessory.

6. Add some green to your space. I love plants in the home so by adding a small green succulent in a pink pot it's added a splash of colour and given the space a personal touch.

Even though it's a small achivement, I feel like I have managed to regain some control and feel more organised now I have a clean and efficient space to work in, proof that decluttering can be quite theraputic. You can join in #theeverydayspruce by using the hashtag to your sprucing stories, tip and ideas over on IG.

I'd love to hear how you keep on top of your work space?

23 February 2015


Boden for kids colourful spring clothesF wears mini boden with bright colours
Mini Boden Green stripes and yellow jeans kids style

The sun has been starting to work its magic and last week I stepped out with this boy dressed ready to welcome spring with a smile, wearing these bright colours from Mini Boden. There's definitely something to be said about creating a bit of sunshine with your clothes and I love how playful this outfit is on F. 

The last few weeks have been a bit manic so I'm pleased to be starting this week on a positive note, I've got back into my fitness regime and healthy eating plus I'm trying to ensure I get enough sleep which always helps calm the mind. I really hope we're in for more messy hair, coatless sunny days.

F wears:
Top c/o Mini Boden
Jeans c/o Mini Boden
Trainers c/o Clarks shoes
Wooden tulip from Amsterdam

What are you looking forward to this spring?