14 July 2016


create a holiday capsule wardrobe, island, fashion, style, lyst, greece, travel
Beautiful blue skies, sparkling seas and dappled light, toes sinking into white sand, sun kissed skin wrapped in warmth *sigh* Yep I'm definitely itching for an island getaway, something to soothe the soul and enjoy a little R&R. In fact I've been practically stalking my friends IG feeds as they head off to Greece and other Mediterranean getaways, so I thought it would be fun to create a holiday capsule wardrobe wish list using Lyst to appease my wanderlust and give me some style inspiration.

If you're anything like me when it comes to packing, then you'll probably find youself taking five pairs of shoes and a gazillion outfit choices 'just incase' and wondering why your getting extra luggage charge when taking a short haul mini break. As I'm longing for some actual sun *erm hello British summer?!* and keep getting distracted with the likes of pinterest, I've decided to plan a hypothetical four day adventure to a sunny Greek Isle and see whether the holiday gods send me some cosmic love ;)

create a holiday capsule wardrobe, island, fashion, style, lyst

The concept of a capsule wardrobe is to create a small collection of versatile clothes that you can use like a pic 'n' mix to achieve great style without packing everything-but-the-kitchen-sink, but how on earth do you know what to choose? I mean how many bikini's and shoes could a girl need? * lots apparently* but there is a way around it. I decided to use the Lyst, online shopping site that allows you to follow brands, watch trends and create wish 'lysts' in one place all for free and follow these five simple rules:

Capsule Wardrobe Top Five Tips

1. The first rule of fight club a capsule wardrobe is plan your outfits – yep this fills me with dread – how on earth can I predict what I'm going to feel like wearing?! Apparently the best way to do this is two fold: One, pick a colour palette making it easy to mix and match your outfits and limiting the amount you take, and two, for every one pair of bottoms two/three tops. OK so the last point might need some tweaking to work for me but in theory it sounds like a good idea.

2. Pack light, which means wear your heaviest clothes to travel in. So that bulky jacket and heavy pair of shoes you love so much, they going to be your new best plane buddy! Wear them and store above the locker if you get hot on your flight.

3. Shoes...oh how I love you! Ideally you want one pair of chunky wedge sandals that can dress up or down, one pair of cute pumps for running around in and a pair of flip flops for the pool/beach. Easy! Keeping them neutral maximises how many outfits you can wear them with too.

4. One a day keeps the over packing at bay! Before you reach for your passport and lotion, pull all your holiday clothes onto the bed and start creating a look for each day. By planning your daily go-to style you can save on suitcase space and also precious adventure time by eliminating morning choices.

5. If in doubt leave it out. Does every outfit choice make you feel yay or ney? Try on all your options packing them, if they don't feel great at home or you're not sure how they look then leave them in the no pile. Adding in hot sun and copious amounts of gelato isn't going to make those jeans feel cosier. It's time to say yay to good style days.

create a holiday capsule wardrobe, island, fashion, style, lyst

As I've been living in one denim skirt and the same three t-shirts I really need to update my summer wardrobe, and what better way to plan my purchases/adventure packed suitcase than a personal shopper in my back pocket. The app is super easy to use and within minutes Lyst allows you create your own collections full of you favourite brands and with alerts to let you know when your faves hit the sales. Better yet it creates suggestions based on your preferred style and previous loves, showcasing new labels and trends that you might miss otherwise. I used it here to pull together this Island capsule style and give me inspiration for my holiday.

create a holiday capsule wardrobe, island, fashion, style, lyst
I love this holiday capsule wardrobe especially the the oversized floppy straw hat from asos! The pastel colours would be great in the hot sun and by choosing similar tones I can create lots of outfit options from only a few clothes. The heavy coral cord shirt doubles up as a jacket and can be used as a shirt for cooler days, and choosing a metallic swimsuit means you can look stylish by the pool or wear it with jeans to create a fun nigh vibe.

Have you ever created a capsule wardrobe for holidays or even day to day seasonal wear? I'd love to hear what styles work for you when packing.

*In collaboration with Lyst 

5 July 2016


Coffee, coffee shop, stylemycoffee, todaymycoffee, instagram
Hey there, remember me? *This is where I insert the gritted teeth emoji followed by a pucker up kiss* it certainly has been a little quiet over here – yep sorry about that – and you could say I've been AWOL but I couldn't wait to pop back to share all the coffee joy and announce the winner of our first #StyleMyCoffee X #TodayMyCoffee Instagram giveaway with the lovely Stylonylon.

I've definitely been keeping the coffee industry afloat over the last months and after taking a peek at all the beautiful snaps you've been sharing from around the world, it seems you guys have too! We decided to narrow it down to four pics from each hashtag and then we could pick the winning two.

So after scrolling through over 1200 coffee pics on the #stylemycoffee hashtag these four definitely caught my eye!
coffee, cafe culture, stylemycoffee, todaymycoffee, giveaway

Top left: I love this snippet from everyday life, a perfectly captured moment from @helloquietx //       Top right: How soothing are these pale pastel colours from @ruthlgarner // Bottom left: Love the colours in this pic and a good topknot from @sheisfaith // Bottom Right: Loving this little coffee heart from @katgotthecream

Julia narrowed down her beautiful #todaymycoffee selection to these beauties:
coffee, cafe culture, stylemycoffee, todaymycoffee, giveaway
Top Left: I love the simplicity and contrast in this image from @designhunter_uk // Top Right: This cafe is so dreamy from @thesefourwalls // Bottom Left: This flatlay scene is so tempting from @catesthill  // I'm still yet to try one of these coffee drip mugs and this one from @melwiggins is a treat.

It was so hard choosing only eight from so many beautiful images and we are thrilled at having people as far as Chicago to Berlin to Australia join in on with our coffee hashtags. To make it fair we each chose from the others shortlist to get the two final winners for our first giveaway and I'm excited announce... *drum roll please*... that @sheisfaith and @catesthill are our #stylemycoffee X #Todaymycoffee 01 winners! Congratulations :)


Do you love coffee?  This month we're teaming up with two great brands to give you another chance to win some lovely artisan products. All you need to do is share your coffee inspired snaps on Instagram using the hashtags below. 

The Giveaway
(with prizes from Three Sixty˚Coffee and Mon Pote)

Joining forces with the fab @todaymycoffee run by @stylonylon (to celebrate our shared caffeine in photos passion!) we will be running a competition on Instagram under our two hashtags #todaymycoffee and#stylemycoffee.

At the end of July we will each feature our top four favourite pictures and choose a winner each. The prizes will be a beautiful ceramic mug from Mon Pote and a bag of artisan roasted coffee from the lovely peeps at Three Sixty˚ Coffee. So get tagging your best caffeine shots and come along for the ride!

To take part: Follow @stylemycoffee and @todaymycoffee and hashtag your coffee pics #stylemycoffee and #todaymycoffee – have fun!

We'd love you to join us and spread the coffee love. Good luck! x


8 June 2016


Camp ready, kendall calling festival, campsite style, competitionAs you know we are huge Festival goers and there's nothing we love more than relaxing outdoors, listening to music and hanging out with friends, plus it's so much fun seeing the kiddo run wild and free. You might remember our family adventures at End of the Road Festival, Just So and Wilderness Festival *good times all round*. So when Regatta Outdoors asked if I would like to travel down to Kent with a few other bloggers to get camping ready and style my site, I was totally game for some fun. 

6 June 2016


 DIY curtain ties backs, interior curtains, curtain tie backs diy, design
Ever since I revealed my room makeover I've had some lovely emails and messages from you lovely lot *blushes and huge thanks!* and quite a few of you have been asking how I made my DIY curtain tie backs! Well as they only cost me the grand total of £10 for two, I thought I would share it on the blog with a little Make It tutorial. I really love the pale natural wood, especially against the grey, as I think it definitely adds a touch of Scandi style to the room. 

They are so super simple to make all you need is:

• 6ft of grey suede cord or string.
• 2 x 2ich diameter wood beads
• 8 x 1.5inch diameter wood beads
• 4 x 1 inch diameter wood beads
• 16 x 1/3 inch (or 1 cm roughly) diameter wood beads
• Scissors

 DIY curtain ties backs, interior curtains, curtain tie backs diy, designCut your cord in half and start to thread the beads on using the following pattern:
1 small bead (SB) / 1inch / 1 SB / 1.5inch bead / 1SB / 1.5inch bead / 1SB / 2inch bead / 1SB / 1.5inch bead / 1SB / 1.5inch bead / 1SB / 1inch / 1SB. 

 DIY curtain ties backs, interior curtains, curtain tie backs diy, design

Once you have created your repeated pattern then tie off the ends, making sure you leave a loop for your curtain tie backs to fit onto the hook on the wall. Cut of any excess cord or string and then admire your handy work! 

 DIY curtain ties backs, interior curtains, curtain tie backs diy, design

It really is that easy! It took me about five minute to make both and you can pick up the wooden beads in most craft shops – or Hobbycraft in the UK – and it gives a lovely finish to your curtains, creating beautiful wooden curtain tie backs on a budget!

 DIY curtain ties backs, interior curtains, curtain tie backs diy, design
 Have you got any DIY home hacks planned for your home?


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