27 March 2015


Easter decorating ideas, colourful easter tableeaster decorating ideas with cupcakesEaster bunny baskets and easter eggs on an easter party table
Now that Easter is just around the corner, we've been busy getting our bunny on and coming up with some Easter decorating ideas. F is already super excited and is asking every day when we can start an Easter egg hunt, so I can't wait until we head up to Leeds for a family Easter weekend.

To get into the spirit of things we decided to get creative with an Easter table display and have a tea party with this little bunny. To make a fun table we used bright colours and bold patterns, such as our bird vintage table cloth, bright coloured spoons, tinted glasses, egg cups, Easter bunny baskets, party plates and of course chocolate eggs!

Easter Decorating Ideas and party table from homelinessI've become a bit a Homesense fan girl as there are always interior pieces to be found in their stores at great prices. So I've pulled together a little list to inspire your Easter decorating ideas.

1. Use a bright table cloth or runner to jazz up your table and give it the party vibe.
2. Mix and match napkins with patterns and colour to dress your cutlery.
3. This wire basket would make a great centre piece filled with bright colour easter eggs.
4. Use large bowls to serve your party food, this bowl is great as it looks like giant chocolate egg.
5. Choose pieces like this decanter which ties in with an Easter basket theme.
6. I love these storage pots, fill them with chocolate bunnies or marshmallows for a sweet treat that looks good.
7. Give a touch of elegance to your Easter table with these beautiful glasses. Use colours that tie in with easter such a green for Spring.

gold easter eggs and easter decorating ideaseaster bunny earsAre you planning on having an Easter party for your little ones? Or do you have a traditional Easter Egg hunt planned? I'd love to hear what you would like on your Easter table. 
*This is a collaborative post.

26 March 2015


Jaeger Spring Summer 2015 rangeJaeger and Bath in Fashion 2015

As part of Bath in Fashion 2015 I was invited along to a wonderful blogging event hosted by Jaeger last Sunday and it was such a treat. Being a busy mama, it's super rare to take time off at the weekend to be pampered and indulge in a little me time as this is always dedicated Family time, but when I saw Jaeger's Spring/Summer collection I knew I couldn't miss out.

Grabbing my daily caffeine fix, I rushed onto the platform on Sunday to meet my pal Fritha who had also been invited to attend, and shared the train with hoards of football fans who were heading to Wembley before stepping off into the picturesque city of Bath.

Frith Tigerlilly Quinn in Bath
Our first post of call was No.3 Hairdressing where we met up were treated to a blow-dry and styling while chatting away with some of the other fab bloggers who attended. I'm not a girly girl but I do love a trip to the hairdressers, chatting and relaxing while someone makes my mop look good rather than the usual I forgot to comb it look I tend to rock now I'm a mama.

No. 3 Hairdresser in BathWild & Grizzly at the HairdressersNo. 3 Hairdresser in Bath

Once we were looking fab we headed over to Hall & Woodhouse for a bite to eat and to chat network over a cheeky glass of wine and delicious food. I went for the Halloumi and falafel burger without the bun and it was yummy! If you haven't visited before I would definitely recommend it, the interior is simultaneously eclectic and grand, and there is a beautiful central spiral staircase winding it's way up to the top floor. 

Hall & Woodhouse restuarant in bath
Bunless halloumi burger and falafel
I haven't been in Bath's House of Fraser store known as Jolly's, for a while so it was great to head to the Jaeger's concession department and see the refurbishment. I loved the huge mirror and slate grey walls which really made the S/S15 colour pop. Jaeger is sponsoring Bath in Fashion 2015 by hosting six bespoke events called 'Conversations of Style' throughout the week, and as part of that we were challenged to create an outfit based on the top trends for this season: Monochrome, Seventies chic, Safari styling, Life in Colour, Bold Blooms, Bewitching Denims and New Pastels. I immediately thought I would gravitate to my favourite Monochrome but I found this coral dress and was smitten, so teamed it with a belt and navy jacket.

All the ladies looked great in their outfits and although Jaeger is certainly more a high end price range there are a few pieces in the £40-£60 range making it accessible to most. I found that the sizes were rather generous which means I could fit into a size smaller than I would normally – always a nice ego boost ;) and I loved the quality of the clothes.

Wild & Grizzly Wearing Jaeger Spring summer 2015 clothesJaeger bag and clutch bag spring summer 2015Jaeger safari print jacket s15Jaeger department in Jolly's Bath
After styling our outfits in the private dressing suite and enjoying some macaroons, we were given a goodie bag from Jaeger and Lancome – which included a tester of Vissionaire Corrector which I've been using at home and have adding to my must have daily beauty list – before saying our farewells and heading back to my little family.

*I would like to thank Jaeger for asking me to attend their blogging event. All words & opinions are 100% my own.  

25 March 2015


Pale Laminate Flooring from Carpetright  in Lounge
If you're a long time reader of my little corner of the internet you'll know that I have this thing with floors. Whenever I'm out and about you'll always find me snapping pics of interesting patterns, tiles and flooring that I find down by my feet. I'm also a huge fan of the scandinavian interiors, especially the pale coloured floors that appear in glossy magazines and fill up my pinterest feed.

Capetright laminate flooring

Our flat is carpeted throughout, with the exception of lino in the kitchen, and as I've been eager to spruce up our lounge for a while now I excitedly pulled back the carpet to reveal our floorboards. My heart sank a little as I realised that it would take quite a lot of work and money to get them into a decent condition and have them on show. So when I saw these shots of lovely light flooring I decided to research a little further and saw that Laminate flooring might be an option.

I'm not sure why this hadn't crossed my mind before! There are so many different styles and colours to choose from, plus it's cost effective and easy to lay. I think I might have found a solution to my sea of carpet, I can just imagine this Kensington Loft White in our lounge which looks exactly like the flooring in our Airbnb flat in Copenhagen. Just think of all the beautiful rugs you could choose to create a cool interior *swoon*.

I'd love to hear what flooring floats your boat?

*This is a collaborative post.

24 March 2015


This wasn't the post I had planned for today, in fact things have been so crazy busy behind the scenes that I'm facing a mountain of work and feel like I'm wading through treacle. But I'm trying to stay positive and upbeat, ploughing ahead with the work/life balance – and failing slightly  – while trying to stay healthy and be all things to all people.

Except one person is needing me more than most at the moment, my kiddo. It's so easy to get wrapped up in all the busy *and roll on the mama guilt* that you forget to stop once and awhile and take stock of a situation, and there's been one slowly brewing which I didn't foresee. I'm talking about the D-word...yes, death.

F by nature is a sensitive boy, and quite emotionally mature and intune with the world around him. So I knew something has been off for the last few weeks as we've fluxuated between various axieties such as fearing he'll choke on his food, being worried about using the toilet, about missing either me or Paul when one of us is not with him and even some tears at pre-school. Finally last night it clicked into place.

Behind those big beautiful brown eyes, his mind has been going into overdrive and as I sat trying to get some work done I heard him call out for me. His little frantic voice shouting from his room. On rushing in I was met with his fear, "I don't want to die mummy, don't let me die". Oof there's something I wasn't expecting. As an adult we can rationalise these things, we understand the concept of death and the meaning of the word, all the while hoping for a long life. But to a small four year old boy, this realisation suddenly seems terrifying.

Don't put me under the grass. oof. Don't leave me on my own. oof. If I die will you have another baby and call it F and forget about me. oof. Each one is a blow to the stomach as I hold his little hands in mine and stroke his furrowed brow. Composing myself I try to answer all his questions calmy, each  considered and loaded with reassurance as he works himself into a frenzy. "Mummy please don't let me die and be gone forever, I dont want to go mummy please" tears are now falling rapidly, his little face looks so terrified and his hands are grasping me so tight that I dare not breathe incase it gives away my poker face.

I know these questions are part of growing up, his mind trying to understand the world, and that in a few hours/days/weeks all this will be forgotten, but right now in this moment I can see the world from his eyes, how big and daunting it must seem. Even though he had asked about death a while back the idea that it will happen to him has taken his mind to a whole new level. So I do what mamas do best, squeeze him with all my love, cover him in kisses and sing him to sleep, only to then frantically search online the best way to ride out this tiny storm.

If there was ever a need for a parenting manual, now would be great time to pass the book around.

20 March 2015


There's lots of talk about how 2015 will look in terms of interior trends and so far it's set to be an exciting year with some great colours and patterns coming into play. So I thought it would be fun to take a quick look at what's going to be hot this year and how to use them in your home.

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