3 May 2016


I've been really excited to share this kids brand with you for a while now, first off because it's sooooo cool and I kinda want to wear all of the pieces myself and secondly because it's ethically made! Yep that's right, cool kids clothes with a concsience! If you haven't guessed already I'm talking about the wonderful Swedish children's wear brand, Mini Rodini.

One of my favourite things about kids clothes is how much fun they can be in. I mean yes, of course fashion can be fun for all ages, but when picking out pieces with the boy I really get to see his personality shine through. Funky patterns, quirky prints and bright colours, the clothes he wears are an explosion of his personality and I love it. I fear the day that he becomes too self concious to wear what he likes or society dictates what is appropriate. For now I want him to have fun and enjoy being a kid, whether that's wearing a cardi full of tassels, dressing all in pink or buying tops full of unicorns!

As we love to explore new destinations I'm always looking for cool threads for him to travel in and we decided to try out a few pieces from Mini Rodini's Spring/Summer range to road test in Berlin, but with F catching swine flu we had to be put the trip on hold. Thankfully Bristol's street style scene is just as good and we spent a fun morning hanging south of the river with some street chalks.

F absolutely loves these organic cotton Spot Sneakers in yellow, he's convinced they make him run as fast as a leopard and who am I to argue! He even slept in them the first night they arrved and he hasn't wanted to wear anything since *a sign of a truly awesome shoes*.

We also chose this smart Pico Jacket in dark blue, as it's perfect for spring but also can be used at school, plus the leather detail panda logo and gold popper buttons are ace. I love how he looks in the sneaker coat combo, especially with his Star Wars mag in hand *sigh my dreamboat*.

Started back in 2006 in Swedish illustrator, Cassandra Rhodin's Stockholm apartment, Mini Rodini is one of Scandinavia’s fastest growing children’s wear brands. It's now selling in some of the most prestigious department stores and independent shops all around the world, from Harvey Nichols in Kuwait, Selfridges in London and Barneys in New York and I can see why *hands up to all the creative mamas out there*. I love these embroided heart jackets and fun print leggings! Here are a few of my favourite pieces from this seasons collection.

As well the designs being fun and cool, I am sooo happy to find a brand that I can trust, with each garment meeting their strict commitment to being both ethical and sustainable, from the organic cotton they use through to their low carbon footprint and fair labour proimises. In fact it makes you feel really good to be able to dress your little one in fun, imaginative clothes from a responsible  brand, you can read all about their values here.

Due to the kiddo being ill we missed the press show for the Autumn/winter collection *boo* but I'm super excited to see what they have in store next season, and I'm definitely going to be buying a few more pieces for F to have some fun in this summer.

 *We recieved the sneakers and coat as part of this review, but I truly love this brand and all opinons are 100% my own.

27 April 2016


When people mention fine dining and good wine, it's easy to turn my thoughts to the sun washed vineyards of France or the rich Italian wines and freshly baked pizza that accompanied our pre-child travels. In fact it's amazing how much food and drink act as the markers to our adventures, like the time I sampled a delicious Croatian Brodet on the Island of Hvar as live music filled the cobbled streets *sigh*.


22 April 2016



It’s springtime, the time of the year when you should be considering what style update to have in your home.  This week it’s all about luxury designer sofas and what fabulous designer pieces you can add to your concept.  A beautiful contemporary sofa will be the focal point of your living space, whether it is a formal sitting room or relaxing, child-friendly area.   I’ll be going through my top contemporary picks for this season and give you some advice on how they could work in your home.


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