27 August 2015


Bathroom accessories with soak & sleep towels
Bathroom window sill with Hammam towels

As our bathroom is practically teeny, there's not much we can do to spruce it up being a rented flat. Thankfully we were lucky that it's been tastefully decorated in a minamilstic way with white subway tiles and a large round mirror to reflect the light. So when I find bathroom accessories that give it that touch of je ne sais quoi then I can't wait to share it with you.

Recently I was sent some Luxury Lightweigh Hammam towels c/o Soak & Sleep and they are just what I've been looking for. These classic Turkish towels are made from 95% natural cotton and give the bathroom a spa like feel. 

Large bathroom mirror reflects light

The great thing about these lightweight towels is they are not only super absorbent but they look good enough to be used as a wrap when out and about. I recently took mine to the Wilderness Festival and used it to lounge by the lake and dry off after a wild swim, it was the perfect accessory and I had several people comment on how nice it was while relaxing. 

hammam towels by the lake
I've planned a few more touches to create a relaxing space such as replacing the branches with a leafy green plant and maybe a few wooden natural products, as well as a tidy storage unit. Oh and if you head over to Soak & Sleep the towels in grey stripe are currently in sale! 

What's your favourite bathroom accessory?


You might have guessed that we're HUGE festival fans and every year we try to attend at least two with our boy in tow, in the hopes to create hazy summer magical memories that last a lifetime. A few weeks back we had the pleasure of attending Wilderness Festival as guests of Mamas & Papas as part of their #Shareoursummer campaign. We normally attend End of the Road and Just So Festival, so I was excited to see what Wilderness had in store for us.

We pitched up in the family camping area located away from standard camping, allowing us to be in a total kid friendly zone while still being very close to the main festival area and have easy access to our car – which is soooo handy when travelling with kids as you can leave spares of stuff in the boot rather than all in your tent. At night the campsite was quiet, perfect for little ones sleeping, and it was amazing to see how many families were there with tiny babies or young children running around making friends. Although no matter where we pitch I always seemed to loose our tent *note to self invest in a bell tent! The weather was so warm the whole weekend meaning I could wear my new gorgeous Esme Denim dress c/o Joules Clothing.

As with all festivals one of my favourite pastimes is the food and there was no shortage here! I've never seen such a variety in one place, from F's favourite Mac 'n' Cheese – let's take a minute to acknowledge his cuteness in the below pic –  to gluten free specialists, burritos, Bhangra vegan American school bus cafes, fresh lobster street food, multi-coloured candyfloss carts, grilled and smoked meats, breakfast clubs, organic ice lollies and that's just the food stalls. If you fancy something a little more upmarket you can book a meal at one of the many banqueting tents, where fine dining and candlelit suppers are available. The Laurent-Perrier Champagne bar was certainly a big hit with me and I would loved to have tried an evening enjoying food prepared by one of the many award winning chefs but with a wriggly four year old we stuck to lounging on hay bales to enjoy our bites.  

Situated on a larger site than we're normally used to it still felt quite small and not too busy and it was quite easy to navigate once you'd got your bearings. You can buy a guide when you arrive, which I would say is an absolute must as there is soooooo much to see and do and you can find all the timings and listing for everything over the weekend such as: music and live performances,  theatre, talks and debates, workshops, shops, bars, cinema, disco tents, the hilarious sports area and the best commentator in town, well being fields and holistic tents, food stalls and restaurants and so much more. 
We spent a lot of our time during the day at Family Fun area. A whole section dedicated to making your child giggle in delight, with mini big tops, cafe and kids pack lunch boxes, face painting, crafting, movement workshops, pirate shows and a whole load of bubbles. Each minute of the day is packed with fun activities to get involved with and my favourite evening was spent settling down with F to watch Labyrinth at the open air cinema with a bubble disco afterwards... apparently the goblin king is not so scary after all.

I loved all the market stalls and bizarre shops and oh my the GLITTER! What better way to hide those tired eyes and dark circles than glitter concealer, maybe this is the way forward. We also enjoyed lounging in the Canopy & Stars story tent where we filled bottles with dreams and lay on beds while stories unfolded around us in a theatrical performance.
 How cute does F look in his cosy limited edition knitted cardigan c/o Mamas & Papas

Apart from seeing Bjork headline, which was quite frankly brilliant, my other highlight of the festival was taking F wild swimming in the lake, last year that I wouldn't have dreamt of swimming amongst reeds, but as I push myself to be brave and try new things I found the experience completely thrilling and even though it was a little cold it was such an amazing memory.

We had such a fab time and it's such a great family friendly festival that I'm know we'll be back again next year with friends. I mean it's not often you get to see a giant performing puppet with an opera singer attached at a spectacular nght light show is it? This is where magical memories are made! 

Do you attend any festivals? I'd love to hear your favourite kid friendly weekend away.

24 August 2015


One of the great things about Bristol is there is always something to do with little ones, whether they're teeny tiny and you're looking for that all important coffee pit stop, signing up to baby classes – such as Music with Mummy, Gymboree and Baby French which were some of F's favourites –  hanging out at the many parks and playgrounds the city has to offer or checking out some of the fab visitor attractions. The options are endless and it's certainly a city that provides fun at every stage of family life.

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23 August 2015


coffee in bed with Loaf lazy linen
dusty pink and grey natural Belgian linen from Loaffresh coffee in bed

Those perfect Sunday mornings are few and far between, long gone are the days of endless lie-ins and indulgent hours spent day dreaming between the sheets, while sipping coffee and flicking through the pages of a good magazine. It’s crazy how you take such a simple act for granted. In those younger and seemingly naive years, I never saw an end to these simple pleasures, instead I whiled away the hours without much appreciation and then... BHAM! There is a small person who is not that up for me having an hour to wake up slowly on my own. Nope, it’s all about loud shouts demanding cornflakes and transformers, and any visions of sipping coffee in the comfort of my bed turns into the reality of avoiding lego, while blindly making my way bare foot through the obstacle course he’s created between me and the kettle. Thankfully he’s a cutie so it’s sweetens the deal :)

Interir inspiration with Loaf lazy linen

So when the lovely folks over at Loaf sent me a Lazy Linen Bundle, made of super-soft crushed Belgian linen, I jumped at the chance to indulge in a slow Sunday and enjoy a morning to myself wrapped in my luxuruious new bedding. I chose the dusty pink duvet and complimented it with a light grey sheet and pillowcase –  which start from £15 – and spruced up my king sized bed. The natural fibres are great, they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter and I love that you don't need to iron them as it's all about the natural crumpled look. That's a win win right there! Is it just me or is there something really satisfying about fresh new sheets or am I just showing my age?

So when this morning rolled round and the boys headed out into the rain, I bunked down with a freshly brewed cup of Arabica coffee, my favourite banana pancakes with maple syrup and one of my many ‘to read’ mags that lines my bedside table…oh pure bliss!

Banana Pancakes and maple syrupIf you are a fan of pancakes but have any diary or gluten intolerance than these are the perfect snack and are super simple to make. All you need is: 1 Banana, 2 Eggs and some natural coconut oil.

To make:

• Mash up a banana in a bowl.
• Next whisk in two eggs until it looks like pancake batter.
• Add a teaspoon of coconut oil to a frying pan and heat.
• Pour a small golf ball sized dollop of pancake batter.
• Use a spatula to flip over and cook both sides and repeat.
• Serve with Canadian Maple syrup and enjoy!

I served it straight onto a wooden board to give that hotel feel and make my breakkie that little bit special and enjoyed eating it in bed, yep folks it's all about doing it for yourself. I even had time to catch up on a few of my favourite bloggers posts, write this post *insert shocked emoticon face here* and slip into the depths of pintrest for more bedroom interior inspiration.

Breakfast in bed
Taking it slow and relaxing in bed with Loaf Linen Bundle

Loaf's founder Charlie Marshall has kindly shared some bedroom styling tips to help you create your own sanctuary at home.

1)  Choose a natural bed linen - it's breathable and keeps you cool. Crushed Belgian linens work a treat as you don't have to spend hours ironing too!

2) Throw the windows open, draw your curtains or blinds right back and make the best of the natural light. A nice large mirror will help to keep the natural light bouncing around the room.

3) Flowers instantly lift a room! Spend a tenner on some freshly cut blooms and display them in old jam jars. Cheap as chips too!

4) Declutter the area around your bed and keep only the essentials on your bedside table for a calm sleep space.

a perfect sunday morning in bed with loaf linenI've also been watching the lovely Heather at Home vlogs and checking out her tips for decluttering, getting organised and coming up with fun interior ideas. I'm determined to make my space the perfect retreat that can enjoyed all day round, rather than snatching a moment here or there amongst the chaos. What would be your perfect Sunday morning?

I hope you've had a relaxing morning and a fab weekend! x

19 August 2015


Ever wondered what it would be like to sleep under the stars, curling up in a colourful gypsy caravan or high up in the branches of giants? Maybe venturing out of a safari tent bare foot to sink into your own private bath tub overlooking a small lagoon or staying in a quirky reconditioned horsebox amongst fields of corn? Sounds dreamy doesn't it. Well a few weeks back I was invited to a wonderful blogger event at Harptree Court with Canopy & Stars; the holiday company that specialises in unique stays and creating wonderful memories in some of the most unusual glamping properties around.

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