22 December 2014


There is so much excitement happening this week, apart from the obvious four year old meets Christmas, we are so lucky to be heading to Lapland for the most magical 24 hours. A little while back I wrote a post to win a trip to the Arctic Circle with Transun and meet the man in red and to our absolute delight we won!

When I told F that we were going to meet Santa Claus his reaction was priceless and to be honest I can't wait either. Even as a grown up I still believe in the magic of Christmas and I'm a big kid at heart, so the idea of being pulled on a sledge by Huskies, taking a snowmobile over a frozen lake, building a snowman with F and taking a reindeer pulled sleigh through the frozen forest to meet Santa Claus makes me want to squeal out loud with delight.
Image via Unsplash

Tomorrow we're waking super early and flying to the northern expanses of Finland, it's going to be crazy cold at around -16C, so I'm really pleased to be taking our new winter wardrobe from the trusted Swedish brand Didriksons. When travelling somewhere with such a cold climate it's important to ensure all parts are covered and protected from the elements. So F will be wrapped from head to foot with a wool balaclava, mid-weight fleece jumper, ski socks thermals, snow mittens  and his Malö Kid's Jacket, snow suit and boots, to ensure he'll have fun in the snow.

Paul and F are going to be rocking the same colour coat which is super cute, and I love the look of this waterproof and windproof Emanuel Men's Parka for Paul. My mum who is joining us will be cosy and warm in her Angelina women's Parka which means we can have loads of fun building snowmen.

As F has already posted his letter to Father Christmas I know what he's wished for, but what I'm wishing for is a glimpse of the Northern Lights. I wonder whether Santa will make my wish come true?

*All of our winter wardrobe is c/o Didriksons. All opinions are 100% my own. 

20 December 2014


As you know I’m constantly swooning over interiors on Pinterest, willing my home to look like some of the perfect pads I’m pinning, however as much as I fill my space with objects I love there is one small that stops our flat being picture perfect. A child.

Yes as much as I love my little bundle of joy, my love of his trail of destruction and general ability to create a mess in less than five second is not so great. How I long for those easy wooden floorboards which can be found in most Scandi homes, decorated with beautiful rugs and cushions creating the perfect space.

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18 December 2014


Is it just me or is anyone else's bedroom replicating the inside of Santa's grotto? With boxes piled high on wardrobes, bags sticking out from under the bed and with the arrival of a massive tree, furniture from the lounge has migrated its way into our junkroom bedroom making all feel rather cluttered.

This is the only part of the festive season that gets me in a grump, as much as I am never that organised, a super cluttered room full of things that don't belong there means I never feel like I've fully rested, even after some much needed beauty sleep.

So as usual I've been turning to my beloved Pinterest for bedroom interior inspiration in the hopes that something might spur me into a tidying frenzy. I love some of these spaces, so clam, cosy and light *sigh*.

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17 December 2014


Kids Megalights Full Beam by Clarks shoeskids megalight full pulse hi-tops by clarks

It's no secret that I'm a bit of a fan of Clarks shoes for kids, as you know from my visit to their SS15 press show I was totally blown away by the new funky ranges they are bringing out. So it was no surprise that as soon as I saw these Full Pulse Megalights that I would want to get my hands on a pair for F.

Think me, who loves the 80's – ahem –  and hi-tops for kids and you have a match made in heaven. Although the Clarks Megalights range is based on their iconic 1997 basketball boot style Full Glare and is not quite the 80's blast from the past, as soon as I saw the design with its acid highlights, print detailing and chunky neon laces, I knew they would stand out and that's not even the best part!

So imagine F in Clarks having a fitting, already excited that he can use the side zips himself to get them off and on, plus the additional fun of the chunky velcro strap, then imagine him running up and down the shop to show off his Cheetara skills *Thundercats reference right there* and then hearing the three words that's guaranteed to make kids go crazy with excitement:


Yep not only do these sneakers look cool but get them in a dark room and you're ready to party! By day, blink and you'll miss it, but as the sun sets the 360 degree light up sole streaks across the dark with its three settings: constant, pulse or flash.

So does F love these sneakers? YES. Did he make us come home and immediately want to start partying in the darkness of our lounge. YES. Did he refuse to take them off and ask to wear them to bed? YES, but thankfully I managed to peel them off him.

Need to find a super cool Christmas present for your kiddo? Pretty sure you've just found them.

*Our Megalights were c/o Clarks. All opinions and love for the 80's are 100% my own.
**Video Music by Bensound 

16 December 2014


Festive flowers for ChristmasBeautiful red and yellow holly berries
It's easy to think that beautiful blooms are only good in warmer months, but I love flowers whatever the season especially when they are freshly cut, you can totally transform a room with a good festive arrangement. There is something so beautiful about flowers in the home and in winter months it's great to go with pale greens, purples and blushing pinks, or perhaps a striking red berries in a simple glass jar.

Whatever your colour scheme, you can always find flowers to create beautiful focal points in your home. I was inspired by this post so I decided to get creative with a few flowers of my own, using simple glass jars and bottles while keeping the colour theme bright and fresh, I've created different heights and added a candle, woven heart and glass bauble to give it an extra touch.
dark pink ranunculus flower in milk bottles Festive purple thistles in a christmas flower arrangement
I love how this arrangement has transformed my mantle piece and given it fresh festive feel. This great video from The Joy of Plants explores different ways to use and style flowers and asks you which Christmas style suits you? Is it colourful and quirky or classic and chic?

I really love the hanging garland, and mixture of flower and candles. You could go for something quite grand with tall apothecary jars filled with flowers or simple small touches throughout your table and home. If you would love more beautiful blooms then take a look at my Pinterest board for inspiration.

*This is a collaborative post.