1 October 2014


Wild & Grizzly birthday month
Every time this month rolls around and the smell of autumn catches in the air, my heart swells and a lump forms in my throat at the bitter sweet notion of time passing. There is no greater measurer of seconds gone than your babe in arms, once so small that it took only my hands to fully embrace the length of my child, now I find endless limbs and deep belly laughs as I swing my arm to catch his embrace.

This month you will be four. A whole four years old and I shall kiss your button nose, and ruffle your lion mane and treasure your hand in mine, as you will age and these moments will fade, and I will be left with these memories of my sweet october boy.

30 September 2014


mayfair londonwild & grizzlyNestled in the heart of Mayfair lies a luxurious home away from home, where design meets elegance, the staff welcome you like a long lost friend and the cocktails are delightful. A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of staying at The Athenaeum Hotel with Fritha while attending the MAD Blog Awards in London, and oh boy what a treat. On arrival the legendary doorman Jim, made us feel at home and led us to the desk where we checked in and congratulated us on our nominations – I told you they were a friendly bunch – and we were shown out of the side door and walked a few feet to our apartment, sitting grandly amongst the street. I can see why Kim Kardashian and Kanye West chose the Athenaeum as a place to crash while in London, the apartment was beautiful with everything you might need for a stay in Mayfair. The Athenaeum hotel
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29 September 2014


I always love happy mail days, where the posty pops you a parcel guaranteed to make you smile and start the day on the right foot. Well the other week as I fumbled around bleary eyed in search of my caffeine fix, the doorbell rang and an excited F hurried me towards the door, with my pj's askew and hair gone wild, much to the amusement of our regular postman who made some reference to coffee as I attempted a half smile/squinted eye acknowledgement of my delivery.

F always goes crazy for parcels, I'm not sure whether it the whole box and kids combo but he loves them. Skipping around my legs as I try not to pierce myself with the scissors, I opened the box to find my Cable & Cotton Lights. More lights you say, surely not? Yes my name is Lori and I am a light addict. It was only an hour ago that I was being dissuaded from purchasing a fifth light for the lounge, because surely everyone needs a copper architectural floor light right?

Now that the autumn equinox has passed signifying the end to those late summer days, I've found myself feeling the need to create a snug place to rest my head. There is something so cosy about small lights strung up and softly glowing that gives your room the  magic you felt as a child. Every Christmas adults and kids alike go all gooey eyed for a few fairy lights dotted around the home and I'm no different. Now imagine you can have this bit of magic all year round and instead of those twinkling bare bulbs, you can have cool cotton spheres in a palette of your choosing to style your interior.

Cable & Cotton lights come in a range of colours making it easy to compliment your home, whether you choose from their pre-selected colour sets or go for your own colour combination, once selected they arrive in a rather cute box, with a string of lights ready for you to get busy with. These beautifully handcrafted orbs are ready for you to pop over your bulbs in any sequence you prefer and are ready in minutes to enhance your home.

I chose the Glow set with it's cool muted grey, cream and white tones, it matches perfectly with the scandi chic I love so much and as I have spent a bit of time on de-cluttering the bedroom I knew these would look perfect in their new home.

Using the picture rail, I draped the lights down the wall behind our bed and at night I can read in their warm glow, and when I fancy a change I will fill our disused fireplace with these beautiful lights to create a different atmosphere entirely.

Wild & Grizzly has been nominated for Best Design Inspiration Blog in the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2014. I would be super grateful if you could spare a minute to vote for me here.

*I was sent a set of cable & cotton light for the purpose of this review. All opinions and views are my own, plus they're quite awesome so you should head over and check them out.

28 September 2014


F:  Hanging out with this funny kiddo.

Next week marks forty of The 52 Project, leaving only twelve to go. *gulp* Like the 12 days of Christmas this suddenly feels like a countdown to the end of 2014 and I'm hoping this spurs me into putting some of those  'DO' ideas  into action before the year slips away and another winter is here.

This week has been tumultuous, as it turns out booking last minute holidays is not our forte, instead there has been indecisiveness and the occasional swear word thrown in for good measure. So admitting defeat we booked a single night away in Bruton's, At the Chapel for a city escape and some much needed R&R.

This weekend has been full of conker hunting, spider watching and planning for the days ahead, let's hope this week is kind and full of fun.

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*I stole this pic of Paul's iPhone, it's fuzzy but I do love this little face.

24 September 2014


You might have heard me mention it *ahem* a few times but for those who might have missed it, last Friday was an exciting date for UK bloggers, as finalists of the MAD Blog Awards 2014 made their way to London, in hopes of returning home with a winning trophy or at at least a hangover and fun memories of the nights events.

Being my first award ceremony, I was super excited to see what the evening had in store and couldn't wait to meet some lovely blogger friends both old and new. I headed down to London with Fritha who was also up for an award and we decided to treat ourselves to a quick lunch in Portobello Market before heading over for a coffee at Made.com HQ, where I promptly drooled over most of the furnishing and lights there on show.

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22 September 2014


It's no secret that I have a thing about copper and gold accents when it comes to products or interiors, mixed with glass, cement or wood, it all works for me and I think it adds a touch of warmth and style to the home. Well imagine my excitement when walking past Oliver Bonas and spying their new copper range through their window *squeal*

Here are my top picks from their range, I'm holding out for some of these beauties under the – dare I say it – Christmas tree. Yep there it is, the C word..shhh.

1. Owl Cocktail Sticks £16
2. Hexagonal Tealight Holder £10
3. Malibu Drinks Trolley £195
4. Copper and Glass Terrarium £36
5. Copper Honeycomb Tumbler £6
6. Round Copper Hanging Mirror £49

I'm totally loving this drinks trolley and can just imagine shaking up a mojitos or cosmopolitan for friends.

*This is not sponsored post, just sharing the love. 

21 September 2014


F: Outdoor days

While the weather is mild F has spent most of his hours outdoors, climbing, digging and generally running wild. He becomes more fearless in his endeavours day by day which leaves my nerves slightly frayed and reflexed primed to step in at a moments notice.

This week has seen a change in our routine with Paul being at home on holiday rather than flying off somewhere with work. F has loved every minute of it, being showered in attention in a way that is not possible when I'm with him on my own, and boy does he know how to wrap us around his little finger! However when it comes to parenting we're not always on the same page, so there have been a few disagreements along the way.

After the excitement of the MAD Blog Awards ceremony and London fun this weekend, I now have itchy feet for another city break. So as I type and sip coffee, I'm also browsing European boutique hotels to see if we can grab a last minute getaway. Here's to fun filled week ahead.

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