28 July 2014


"A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014."

F: Knit love

A tad late but after a fun filled weekend with friends, a little too much sun and endless toasted marshmallows, I'm back to reality with bang. I was excited to go through our camping photos and then this happened. A super little parcel containing a knitted balaclava from grandma, and how he loves it. So here it is, a knitted F; those beautiful big eyes and chunky fringe.

My boy. My Heart officially melted. Bring on the snow.

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25 July 2014


Hurray for Friday, the weekend is upon us, the solo parenting stint is over and I'm looking forward to a weekend of fun! To celebrate a dear friend's birthday we're heading across the Severn Bridge to the Forest of Dean for a few days of camping, wild walks, toasted marshmallows and food cooked over a fire pit. Not only is it a great excuse to spend some time relaxing and switch off, but a chance to get in some practice for the Just So Festival next month.

This year will be our first time camping at this spellbinding festival and after reading the lovely Heather's tribal reveal I decided to investigate further. It seems that the stakes are high for this years tribal tournament with families choosing between owls, foxes, frogs stags, lions or fish in the hopes of their tribe winning the trophy.

F immediately chose a side and seems to be quite fierce in his decision, so as the boys go red for fox  I'm left choosing between joining them or standing on my own as a stag or a lion. I can't wait to get making our tribal wear.

Which tribe would you stand with?

24 July 2014


Even though we are in the midst of a balmy summer with nothing but alfresco lunches and soaking up the sun in mind, it seems that someone in our household is making a mental note of the holiday season to come. F has realised the association of toys and Christmas, and he's getting in his orders thick and fast, so when I received an invite to attend the Argos Christmas Party and take a peek at all the wonderful things wrapped under the tree how could I refuse. This post is a bit pic heavy so click to read more

22 July 2014


"A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014."

F: Stopping in the street to look at a chalk drawing.

We've been a little busy over here which is why this post is late, but all fun things I can assure you. The house has been filled with flowers and friends, city breaks abroad have almost been finalised and F breaks up for summer this week which leaves lots of time for outdoor play and picnic lunches. I've even managed to sneak in some dancing at the weekend.

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21 July 2014


 The weekend started like most, with us venturing out for breakfast in the search for good food and strong coffee, as I'd been out dancing and *ahem* drinking the night before I was keen to fill myself up with goodness. A friend had recommended I try the newish kid on the block, Bakers & Co, knowing that I would love it and it didn't disappoint.

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17 July 2014


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Some people take the art of travel quite seriously and others are much more of a last minute dash sort of person, where clothes are grabbed, shoes are flung and passports are clutched in hand while racing to the airport. As a traveller I think I fall between the two, not organised enough to plan that far ahead but happy that I know what essentials I couldn't fly without. Often I like to travel light but be prepared for any event, and no I'm not talking first aid kits and travellers cheques, but fun adventures and serendipitous moments.

There are a few places that I've been itching to visit: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam and Berlin are a few that come to mind, and as I get nearer to jetting off into the big blue I thought I'd share some of my top tips for travelling light to one of my top destinations, New York City.

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15 July 2014


As part of the new series Oh Mother, I have reached out to other mamas, to catch a glimpse through their eyes as they explore life around them. Five mothers raising babes in adopted cities that they now call home.

The third amazing woman I'd like to introduce to you is Yasmina, a jewellery designer and mother of three gorgeous boys: Pablo (11), Khalil (9) and Felix (4), a French mama living in Bristol, UK. Here she shares some moments with us.

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