23 January 2018


While on baby countdown as she's now officially late to the party *definitely my child*  I thought it would be good to share some of my motivations and intentions for 2018 and what has inspired me so far! Embracing Motherhood a second time round has made me really think about how I want to connect, not only to my little family, but also to myself. Seven years ago I totally lost myself in motherhood and change, and it was haaaard, coupled with PND it seems like a lifetime ago! This time round I feel like a totally different person, one I can hopefully hold onto.

So let's take a peek at what has got the grey matter going this month:

Things I'm loving:
// SELF DEVELOPMENT. I have always been a big one for investing in yourself and practising self development as there's always room to grow. It's also a super healthy trait to pass onto your kiddos, that learning doesn't stop at the school gates. This year we have concentrated on doing a review of 2017 and where we want to be in 2018. For this I have been using two resources: First, the lovely Hannah from Seeds & Stitched January Book! I love this free downloadable resource and definitely has given us room to evaluate the year. Second is the a more detailed approach to a personal end of year review. Both are great and really help you focus on the year ahead! 

// BOOKS. While I'm on the self development train of thought, here are a list of books for both personal and business growth that I'm stock piling for all those night feeds:
Mindfulness for Mums & Dads - I've already read the first two chapters and love it. Definitely going to use techniques to calm my brain when I'm feeling frazzled. 
In the Company of Women - Written by Grace Bonny, this book focuses on women across the globe embracing their entrepreneurial spirits and starting creative businesses. YAAAS!
Brand Brilliance - I've been hearing good things about this and can't wait to dive in. It's all about elevating your brand, enchanting your audience and creating a business that really works for you. 
Playing Big - Also available both as an audio book, has been recommended to me by sooooo many people as a 'life changer'. Focusing on being a successful woman, this has got me thinking 2018 is the way forward!
Braving the Wilderness - Another one that has been on my list for a while now. Renowned author Brene Brown challenges everything we think we know about cultivating true belonging in our communities, organisations, and culture.
Self Care for the Real World - New to me, this book comes with a lot of praise from celebrities, book critics and a few friends, so I'll be checking this one out soon.
Don't Read This Book - I LOVED this book! If you are a creative person with terrible time management then this beauty is for you! 

// CREATIVITY. I think this year I really want to spend more time with my actual camera in hand rather than my iPhone. Distraction seems to be the thief of time for me, that and procrastination! 

Things I'm Not:
// FASHION. Well not fashion per say but the lack of it in my life at the moment. It is a wonderful thing to watch your body bloom and grow but I've been living the last two months in the same four outfits on rotation to house my pregnant belly and I CAN NOT WAIT to fit back into my wardrobe!  

Other Things:
// Did I mention I was having a baby?! 

Instagram Inspo:

//Top left: Words_of_women daily snippets of wisdom totally make me smile. // Top right: Darling feed is another empowering women goodness all over the internet // Bottom left: Loving the illustrations be Margotinmargate // Bottom right: Because BiancaCash has all the right words! 

So there we go, a little look at my motivation and inspiration for the year ahead, while waiting on this little one to arrive! hopefully my next post will be introducing you to our newest member of the family! 


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