9 January 2018

HELLO 2018!

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Happy New year you lovely lot and hello 2018! I ended up taking a big chunk of time off at Christmas, which wasn't intentional but was definitely needed so apologies for the radio silence and slow return to this little corner of the Internet.

Going into Christmas I was 35/36 weeks and exhausted, so it was nice to switch off and let everything take a back seat while I watched the kiddo get excited about presents, board games, festive films and woodland walks, as well as cope with my nan going into hospital.

I've been spending some time nesting and reflecting on the past year, writing down intentions and trying to focus on a word that will be leading 2018. Obviously there is going to be a huge change with a new baby on the way *Less than two weeks to go until D-Day eek!* but aside from the new routines and sleepless nights, I want to be sure to take some time to reflect on myself and allow myself not to be lost in the process of new motherhood again.

So what word? I've been toying with Brave and Embrace but haven't quite settled on which is best, it might be that I use both. Brave for all the new challenges and change ahead and Embrace so I can move with them rather than against them, while looking after my mental and physical health.

2017 gave me a miracle, a new life that I was told I couldn't have and with it bubbled up all of the loss and grief of the last five years that also needed to be waded through, so I have definitely felt challenged. Now I am looking forward to a positive year full of firsts and laughter.

I am planning on taking a small amount of maternity leave once she arrives - although that could be any day now - I want to take the time to soak up those newborn baby days and snuggles. Hopefully I'll have a few post scheduled to keep me going over here and I will still be sharing over on my Instagram as I slowly emerge from hibernation.

For now though I just want to say thank you all for following Wild & Grizzly and this little journey of mine and here is to a year of positivity and adventure.

Are you making intentions for the 2018? Or coming up with your own word?



  1. So exciting and what a start to the new year :) Cannot wait to hear your news. Take care xx

  2. It’s so close now I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. Get loads of rest if you can lovely xx

  3. I’m so excited to see her! You take it easy for the next few weeks x

  4. It's amazing. Thanks for sharing this post.



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