23 May 2016


home renovation, bedroom makeover, bedroom design, interiors, magnetic plaster

It's been a long time coming but I can finally share my finished bedroom design big reveal with you and I am so excited to hear what you think! A little while back I was asked to design a space in our house using Thistle Magnetic Plaster from the British Gypsum's Rooms Made For You range and as our bedroom was a major dumping ground, I decided to create a dream space for us to enjoy. As you can see from the before pictures we hadn't done much to the room since we moved into our rented flat and it was generally filled with mix match furniture, stacks of stuff and general clutter.

home renovation, bedroom makeover, bedroom design, interiors, magnetic plaster
I was excited that the Thistle Magnetic Plaster would create a flexible space allowing us to change the room as the mood suits and I wanted to create a space that was warm and inviting while feeling fresh – think Scandi style meets bohemian vibes. I stuck to my chosen colour palette of pale pinks, grey and gold and decided to choose the most beautiful Pink Ground paint for the wall from Farrow & Ball and instantly knew I had made the right choice. 
home renovation, bedroom makeover, bedroom design, interiors, magnetic plasterWe wanted to replace our bed so we decided to go through everything in the room and sort things into 'to sell and donate' piles. Turns out all that clutter was actually worth something, so after a mammoth ebaying session we managed to raise enough to buy a new bed frame and decided on a small budget for the rest of the room, making it a more affordable redesign. I loved this Ercol style bed frame and the colour wood really made the room feel cosy. I also chose some large prints for above the bed which I could alternate by using magnets to hold them up. I love this breezy palm print, I find it so relaxing. 
home renovation, bedroom makeover, bedroom design, interiors, magnetic plasterhome renovation, bedroom makeover, bedroom design, interiors, magnetic plasterWe fixed the old chest of drawers on Paul's side of the bed and sold them to make space. We then moved our grey bench to use as a side table, with the edition of a new bedside lamp and some framed limited edition artwork displayed. The grey went perfectly with the colour scheme and having space under the bench makes it feel open and really uncluttered, plus it's a handy seat too.
home renovation, bedroom makeover, bedroom design, interiors, magnetic plasterI was very excited to test out the Thistle Magnetic Plaster so I picked up this small box shelf from Tiger to hold a String of Hearts plant. I love how the plant trails down the wall and links together our botanical artwork from Juniqe perfectly. You can also see F has had some fun sticking magnets to the wall above the picture too! 
home renovation, bedroom makeover, bedroom design, interiors, magnetic plasterThis corner of the room was by far the worst! With stacks of prints and a tall chest of drawers that jutted out into the room, the whole thing looked messy. I sold the old drawers and replaced it with  low unit from Ikea which I up-cyclyed by painting white and adding some handles we had bought in the sale last year for another projects. I decided to leave the top surface as raw wood to create a scandi feel and create contrast and texture to the unit.
home renovation, bedroom makeover, bedroom design, interiors, magnetic plaster
This side of the fireplace was a collection of toys that our F didn't play with anymore so we donated some and sold the rest, and instead used the space for a planter which I picked up in a charity shop. We also used grey baskets for the top of the wardrobe creating more storage and hiding our untidy bits and pieces that were lying around the room.
home renovation, bedroom makeover, bedroom design, interiors, magnetic plaster
We also sold the empty wooden box and washing basket, replacing it for a simple grey washing basket with clean lines that matched the storage baskets on top of the wardrobe. I've always wanted a tall Rubber plant so this was my first purchase *priorities* and I decided to have it on top of the chest of drawers to make it a key feature of the room.
bedroom makeove, DIY light, Thistle Magnetic PlasterOn my side of the bed I really wanted a hanging bedside light so I could use a bulb I had been given as a birthday gift last year. I decided to try and recreate a Pinterest DIY tutorial and made this light from scratch *whoop*. The best bit is that it's held onto the wall by an adhesive magnetic sheeting attached to the back, so you can take it off without damaging the paint and move it to where the light is needed!
bedroom design, bedroom makeover, painted chest, recycling, furniture design
I was planning on selling this old chest but I couldn't quite part with it as I've had it for eight years, so instead I gave it a face lift by painting it all white and I was really pleased how it turned out. I also replaced the curtains with cheap ones from Ikea to match the new colour scheme and made my own curtain ties for around £10! I'll be sending this tutorial out in my newsletter so by sure to sign up on the blog.
Juniqe Prints, Art, bedroom makeover, bedroom design, magnetic plaster
We had a few bumps along the way and unexpected delays, what with our old walls having layers and layers of wallpaper and paint, meaning the it was a little more time consuming for the plaster work, plus F being very ill and a few furniture mishaps, but it was all worth it as I'm so happy with the finished look. I'd love to hear what you think? Have you every thought about redesigning a room?


Silentnight Hamilton Bed Frame - Wayfair
Pink Ground - c/o Farrow & Ball
Botanical Print - c/o Juniqe
Little Gee Desk Lamp - c/o Loaf
Wardrobe Storage Baskets - John Lewis
Washing Basket - John Lewis
Grey Curtains - Ikea
Chest of Drawers - Ikea
Floating Shelf and Wire house Shelf - Tiger Stores



  1. It looks great! I really like the idea of magnetic prints so you can move things around.....very inspiring, makes me want to get sorting, selling and changing things in my bedroom!!

  2. Oh wow Lori this is such a gorgeous room! I will definitely be using this as inspiration as I'm moving house soon and need storage ideas and decluttering advice! I think a big eBay session is in order too. Never heard of magnetic plaster, what a cool idea, so handy too. Xx Julia @ Rainbeaubelle xx

  3. This is the dreamiest bedroom ever!! Well done!!! I want to buy it aaaallllllllll. I love that Palm print!


  4. This is like my dream bedroom with all the right accessories and colors. Pink and Grey envy too! You did an amazing job I would never leave this room ever. Gorgeous babes.

  5. Oh Lori it's just dreamy! Gorgeous colours and all those accessories are just stunning too. Perfect. x

  6. Well done Lori- this looks amazing. You've worked really hard on this room and the outcome is wonderful xxx

  7. It looks so amazing! And that magnetic plaster sounds like the best thing ever!! xx

  8. Wow, such a relaxing space! I love that bedframe. At some point we're going to need to invest in a new one but for now I'm trying to save up for a new headboard as it really makes a difference to the look of a bed having something back there. This room is wonderfully light and you've made lots of clever choices.

  9. Epic makeover! So many things to love: the string of hearts plant in the little shelf, the DIY hanging lamp, the prints and oh my the colour of the wall itself -- perfect shade of pink! Well done honey it looks ace xx

  10. Wow you are so clever making a light bulb etc! And the photos are fabulous. Well done. x

  11. it looks amazing Lori, so calming and fresh! xx

  12. I absolutely love every part of this room - it is so chic and beautiful and totally you!

    Laura x

  13. Oh Lori - it looks so beautiful! The colour is perfect and I love all the creative touches you've added with he help of the magnetic plaster. Amazing xx

  14. Wow! Amazing. Must feel like a completely different space now. Your photos are just so good x

  15. It's just lovely. Really love that F&B shade, so calming. Wish I'd known about magnetic plaster earlier - we've just finished plastering an entire house and I never hang things on the wall because it feels like such a permanent thing decided where to hang things!

  16. I want to appreciate your effort on making this bedroom interior design. In this post I like the magnetic plaster concept.

  17. Oh wow, I am beyond jealous!! Those drawer pulls!! That pink zebra!! (please, you MUST tell me where you found that pin zebra!), and I love that hexagon shelf with the plant draping from it too. Total interiors porn. Love it. Seriously gorgeous xx Lotte (http://yespleaseblog.co/)



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