23 August 2015


coffee in bed with Loaf lazy linen
dusty pink and grey natural Belgian linen from Loaffresh coffee in bed

Those perfect Sunday mornings are few and far between, long gone are the days of endless lie-ins and indulgent hours spent day dreaming between the sheets, while sipping coffee and flicking through the pages of a good magazine. It’s crazy how you take such a simple act for granted. In those younger and seemingly naive years, I never saw an end to these simple pleasures, instead I whiled away the hours without much appreciation and then... BHAM! There is a small person who is not that up for me having an hour to wake up slowly on my own. Nope, it’s all about loud shouts demanding cornflakes and transformers, and any visions of sipping coffee in the comfort of my bed turns into the reality of avoiding lego, while blindly making my way bare foot through the obstacle course he’s created between me and the kettle. Thankfully he’s a cutie so it’s sweetens the deal :)

Interir inspiration with Loaf lazy linen

So when the lovely folks over at Loaf sent me a Lazy Linen Bundle, made of super-soft crushed Belgian linen, I jumped at the chance to indulge in a slow Sunday and enjoy a morning to myself wrapped in my luxuruious new bedding. I chose the dusty pink duvet and complimented it with a light grey sheet and pillowcase –  which start from £15 – and spruced up my king sized bed. The natural fibres are great, they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter and I love that you don't need to iron them as it's all about the natural crumpled look. That's a win win right there! Is it just me or is there something really satisfying about fresh new sheets or am I just showing my age?

So when this morning rolled round and the boys headed out into the rain, I bunked down with a freshly brewed cup of Arabica coffee, my favourite banana pancakes with maple syrup and one of my many ‘to read’ mags that lines my bedside table…oh pure bliss!

Banana Pancakes and maple syrupIf you are a fan of pancakes but have any diary or gluten intolerance than these are the perfect snack and are super simple to make. All you need is: 1 Banana, 2 Eggs and some natural coconut oil.

To make:

• Mash up a banana in a bowl.
• Next whisk in two eggs until it looks like pancake batter.
• Add a teaspoon of coconut oil to a frying pan and heat.
• Pour a small golf ball sized dollop of pancake batter.
• Use a spatula to flip over and cook both sides and repeat.
• Serve with Canadian Maple syrup and enjoy!

I served it straight onto a wooden board to give that hotel feel and make my breakkie that little bit special and enjoyed eating it in bed, yep folks it's all about doing it for yourself. I even had time to catch up on a few of my favourite bloggers posts, write this post *insert shocked emoticon face here* and slip into the depths of pintrest for more bedroom interior inspiration.

Breakfast in bed
Taking it slow and relaxing in bed with Loaf Linen Bundle

Loaf's founder Charlie Marshall has kindly shared some bedroom styling tips to help you create your own sanctuary at home.

1)  Choose a natural bed linen - it's breathable and keeps you cool. Crushed Belgian linens work a treat as you don't have to spend hours ironing too!

2) Throw the windows open, draw your curtains or blinds right back and make the best of the natural light. A nice large mirror will help to keep the natural light bouncing around the room.

3) Flowers instantly lift a room! Spend a tenner on some freshly cut blooms and display them in old jam jars. Cheap as chips too!

4) Declutter the area around your bed and keep only the essentials on your bedside table for a calm sleep space.

a perfect sunday morning in bed with loaf linenI've also been watching the lovely Heather at Home vlogs and checking out her tips for decluttering, getting organised and coming up with fun interior ideas. I'm determined to make my space the perfect retreat that can enjoyed all day round, rather than snatching a moment here or there amongst the chaos. What would be your perfect Sunday morning?

I hope you've had a relaxing morning and a fab weekend! x



  1. Mmmm those banana pancakes look awesome!! Totally going to try those. I often think back to the days when I would spend whole Sunday mornings in bed. The actual dream. Gorgeous bed linen too x

  2. Isn't it funny how it takes adults ages to fully awaken but kids go from asleep to awake like nothing?! Gorgeous pics and those pancakes look great. Hmm, I feel like I'm due a lie-in soon!

  3. LOVE that recipe- it looks amazing! I will be giving it a go next weekend. xx


  4. Now these sound absolutely delightful and the perfect accompaniment for a lazy day for me x

  5. Sounds like my perfect Sunday morning :D

  6. I enjoyed this post - the philosophy, the bed linen and the photos - great job!

  7. Looks like a great Sunday morning. The bed linen looks amazing. Very relaxing.

  8. That bedding looks amazing and the pancakes look even better - what a perfect morning x

  9. Those sheets are gorgeous! LOVE the colours x

  10. Now those pancakes looks delicious - I totally admit I would eat them any time.

  11. Loving the sound of that recipe!

  12. Oh I have never tried linen bed linen. It looks great. I am a sucker for bedding

  13. Looks like a perfect Sunday morning - I love making those banana pancakes! So yummy x

  14. Love this! All the photo's making me want to have a lazy morning in bed! Although with building work going on at our house, no stylish bedroom here.... yet! Love the bed linen x

  15. oh i do love days like these looks like my perfect companion

  16. Such lovely pics! I don't eat bananas or pancakes (I'm perhaps a bit weird!) but the kids would love them I'm sure xx

  17. Linen bedding would be perfect for me as I believe that life's too short for ironing and so my Egyptian cotton bedding is always a bit crumpled! My perfect Sunday morning is a late breakfast and then a sunny walk in the countryside.

  18. Oh I miss lazy sundays!! Love the sound of this bed linen tho - and yay to no ironing!

  19. Banana pancakes sound amazing - I miss lazy Sundays too.

  20. I think I have forgotten what a lazy sunday is!! No ironing is my idea of heaven

  21. I so miss my lazy Sundays. Funnily enough my husband still has lazy Saturdays and Sundays, why is that fair?
    Those are my favourite pancakes too

  22. Oh, how I crave those lazy weekend mornings! Why do they have to be up at the crack of dawn?!

  23. I love pancakes and am especially impressed with your presentation!

  24. I saw this article through the loaf Facebook page, love it! That linen looks amazing and I love the sound of the pancakes! That looks like my perfect Sunday morning!

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

  25. I'd love a decluttered bedroom but alas that's not ever likely although I do like to indulge in nice bed linen. Love the peachy colour of this



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