24 August 2015


One of the great things about Bristol is there is always something to do with little ones, whether they're teeny tiny and you're looking for that all important coffee pit stop, signing up to baby classes – such as Music with Mummy, Gymboree and Baby French which were some of F's favourites –  hanging out at the many parks and playgrounds the city has to offer or checking out some of the fab visitor attractions. The options are endless and it's certainly a city that provides fun at every stage of family life.

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I love hanging out with F and sometimes take for granted all the cool things there are to see and do, so last week we decided to ditch the chores and explore. We set off with F insisting on a trip to @Bristol – one of the UK's leading science and discovery centres – located down by the harbourside. On the way we decided to stop at the new Mexican street food restaurant Wahaca that has recently opened for a spot of lunch located on Clifton Traingle. This place oozes with style, colour and fun, from the football table in the entrance to the exposed brick walls with huge murals, cool urban design and cork walls.

The menu itself was fab, containing lots of small plates of tapas style Mexican food tasty guacamole and virgin mojitos. While F enjoyed the kids DIY corn Torquitos filled with chicken, peppers and fresh salad I went for something a little more adventurous and tried the sauteed cactus and corn tacos amongst other plates, which were delicious.

After filling our bellies we took a short walk to Brandon Hill, located half way down Park Street behind the bustling shops, where Cabots Tower gives some of the best views over the city and you can find the perfect spot to stop for ice creams or a picnic, plus there's a little children play area there too and best of all it's completely free!

After taking the tower by storm and playing peek-a-boo with a squirrel we continued down Park Street to At Bristol and even though we've visited several times, I love how F still gets super excited about an afternoon spent exploring all the wonders it has to offer.

One of his favourite activities is the magnetic rockets and the whisper dishes, oh and what kid doesn't like pretending to be in outer space?! There is so much to do and I love how it combines fun with learning, I especially love the planetarium which has to be one of the coolest things at the centre.

After spending hours running from activity to activity we finally left for home – making sure we gave the Shaun the sheep a huge hug on our way past the tourist office – and it's safe to say that F crashed out for the night once we got home. We had such a great day and it was so much fun to  get out and explore the city.

*We'd like to thank Visit Bristol for providing our tickets  to At Bristol and all the fun we had! 



  1. Another post that makes me want to move to Bristol!

    I took my two to Wahaca for the first time last week (the Southbank one) and we had an absolute ball. It's one of my favourite places to go solo so I was delighted it was also so well geared towards the littles! x

  2. This post makes me proud to live in Bristol! We haven't been to Wahaca yet so we'll have to check it out. That whale outside At Bristol is just incredible, isn't it?!

  3. Amazing squirrel shot! This place looks great, I never made it when I was living in Bristol but will add it to my list of places to visit when I next pay a trip to your beautiful city x

  4. Ahh I'm DESPERATE to visit Bristol and explore it properly. And thumbs up to Wahaca - LOVE the food there!

  5. Wahaca looks great and I'm very intrigued by the sauteed cactus!! xx

  6. Need to visit so much! I had no idea Wahaca was so child-friendly - will have to take mine along as it's such a good place to eat, isn't it? x

  7. I've still not been to Wahaca! Tom went without me the other day and keeps going on about great it is! x



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