12 February 2015


Lori  wearing Pink Parker and bobble hat for valentines
When stepping into February it’s hard not to think about love filling the air, cheeky cupid flying around with his quiver full of love shaped arrows, ready to send the likes of you and me into a dreamy state of affairs. So what better time to get my colour love on then a month full of sweethearts and roses, and this month I’m thinking of a pink valentine.

I’m not a girly girl by nature, but I’m loving this pearlised Pink Parker from Laura Ashley, mixed with black skinnies, silver brogues and a wide brimmed hat or polka dot skirt and black wedge boots, this parka is making all sorts of fashion sense, plus the colour is so on trend. I love the detailing on this jacket with the rolled up button back cuff, lined with a light grey teamed with the pink making it the perfect pair. 

What other perfect pinks would be on my list for the month of love? 
pink valentine ideas

1. Pink Macaroons with hug and kisses. Use pink macaroons and DIY with gold food paint.
2. How about a coffee a good old fashioned love note? Love this idea from Oh Happy Day.
3. If you're dreaming of romantic weekend away but the purse don't stretch then cuddle up under this blanket.
4. Get some love for you walls with affordable art from Lumitrix.
5. Fill the room with heart shaped balloons or just give then out to strangers and spread the love.
6. How about a good old fashion mix tape CD, playlist? you get the idea.
7. Explore your city and take valentine selfies/melfies with this cute polaroid camera ;)
8. Declare your love with these temporary tattoos.
9. Love yourself and keep stylish with this pink parker

This month the idea of love is thrown around like confetti, and the heart flutters on receiving its very own valentine in the post, email, snap chat?…or whatever method secret confessions of admiration are delivered these days – a sign I’m getting old! So however you decide to spend Valentines I hope your day is full of love. x



  1. I really like the shades of pink you've used here - lovely pastel shades.

  2. Such a lovely collection of pink goodies! Loving this shade.

  3. Ahh lovely you can't beat pink!! :)

  4. I am not a huge fan of pink, even though I have two girls (and I am, clearly, a girl myself :-) ) but I am absolutely madly in love with that map!!! And of course I'll take macarons no matter what color they come in :-)

  5. i love pink, (not in a 'everything has to be pink' kind of way) but that green wall is luuuuuuush!

  6. I've been obsessed with pink for quite a while now, and it's taken me a bit by surprise! But that coat! It's perfect!

  7. Not sure if that comment worked...you have totally converted me to pink with that map blanket!

  8. I love my pink Instax! Actually I love everything pink pretty much (incase you hadn't noticed! ;)) x

  9. You look lovely - I'm always a fan of any outfit that includes brogues (and a bit of pink for that matter) x

  10. I've got the perfect wall for that map!

  11. The colour suits you - No pink in our house with three little boys :(



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