17 February 2015


This is a guest post

It’s coming to that time of year – when wind and rain is replaced by crisp, sunny weather, when many of us begin to think about brightening up our homes. Especially as the nights are starting to get a little lighter and getting up in the mornings no longer seems such a chore.

Bringing the outdoors inside

Of course, the sun streaming through our windows can be deceiving as it’s not quite warm enough to spend longer than an hour or two outside (if we’re lucky!). This is when bringing a little of the outdoors indoors comes in handy. From pot plants to vases brimming with flowers, such as those available from serenataflowers.com, there are a number of simple ways to inject colour from the outside into our homes.


Months seem to merge into one these days, especially when you’re busy. Before we know it, summer will be upon us! If you’re planning on sprucing up the house in time for the warmer months, it’s a good idea to make a start now. Clearing up any unwanted clutter is a good place to begin.

If your table surfaces and kitchen counters are awash with paperwork, children’s toys, bags and books, why not take a day out of your busy schedule to rid them of clutter – swapping the mess for a beautiful vase of flowers instead. From orange tulips to pink tinged lilies, there are assortments of floral arrangements to choose from.

Adding a simple bouquet of flowers to a kitchen counter top or windowsill will instantly freshen up the entire room.

Colour coordinates

When redecorating, picking a theme is a must. Orange, yellow, pink and blue colours are all popular shades when it comes to adding a little life to an otherwise drab interior. Pops of colour here and there will suffice and the likes of floral centrepieces, candy coloured cushions, rugs and artwork are all effective yet pocket-friendly ways to spruce up our homes on a budget.

Adding colour and style to your home doesn’t have to be a chore, nor does it have to cost the earth. These simple tips will have your interiors looking fresh and new in no time.

**Desk photo via DSTP


  1. What a glorious picture! As we rent and can't paint our white walls I love splashing colour around with flowers and accessories. So important, especially at this time of the year.

  2. We are ALL about the colour in this house. We could do with more flowers, though!

  3. You can't beat color in the home for sure. Especially coming up to spring and summer time. Lovely flowers always brighten the day as well as a room.



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