16 October 2014


One of the things that adds character to our home is the various prints that adorn the walls, I'm always hanging pictures and changing our space to suit my mood. The only downside when renting is the lovely swiss cheese effect it can have. So many times have I reached for the filler and paint to touch up a DIY moment while Paul eye-rolls me from across the room.

So after heading to the Grand Designs Show Live I discovered something that will totally revolutionise our home and yours too. Whether you're renting, renovating or just want to spruce up your space then your probably going to want to take note of this. After heading over to the Rooms For You stand from British Gypsum, I was handed a picture frame and told to place it where ever I liked. Slightly puzzled and totally drawn in – as I'm a sucker for these sorts of things – I held the frame near the wall and there it stayed. Yep that's right, no nails, no glue, just the frame hanging on the wall.

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Amused by my slight look of confusion and amazement, the rep explained that the wall had been covered in Thistle Magnetic Plaster. The wall had a 3mm skin of plaster covering it, allowing you to add magnets onto your frames, shelves, display boxes, tiles etc. Just Imagine the possibility! Immediately I got very excited imagining all the ways I could use this for at home, to create mood boards for work, in F's room to add hooks and hang his work, all without leaving a mark.

Like a kid I indulged myself, playing around with magnetic letters and various objects available to stick to the wall. Seeing how impressed I was, another rep took me round to see their other stand, which featured the new innovative Lifestyle Wall. After seeing how the plaster worked I was keen to see what was so different it.

And different it was! On arriving at the stand I was promptly handed a 12kg weight on a chain to try and lift, let's just say I'm not that buff. Ha! I was then asked to screw in a normal everyday screw that you would find at any hardware store. Slightly baffled but quite loving the mystery of the demonstration, I did as requested. Now imagine to my surprise when they attached the 12kg weight to a this tiny screw and lifted the board it was sticking out of, the weight hanging there securely and no broken toes.

Whether it’s fixing shelves, curtain poles, picture hooks or even TVs into place, you can simply screw straight into the wall surface, without any need for drills or specialist fixings. This give you more freedom allowing you to decorate and style as you please, with minimal impact to the wall and in the safe knowing that all your fixtures are securely attached.

As I'm constantly pinning to my interiors board for inspiration and can't wait until I'm able to put all these great ideas and products into place. This one is definitely going on my list.

*This is a collaborative post but all opinions are 100% my own


  1. What that sounds ingenious. Love the idea of the magnetic wall. Imagine how disappointed the kids will be when they come across normal 'boring' walls where they can't attach things!? :)

  2. oh my gosh!!!!! Do you think I can convince G to replaster our entire house in this stuff???!!

  3. I am TOTALLY intrigued by this and have a few ideas of what we can do with this!

  4. Wow this sounds absolutely amazing!! I need it on every wall in my house! x

  5. Wow, that is crazy!! I love it....definitely going to look into this so more, thank you!

  6. omg I had no idea you could do this!! What a great idea! x

  7. Oh wow this sounds amazing - what a great idea!!!! I have to see if I can get this somewhere near me and put it to the test

    Laura x



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