17 October 2014


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After our mini break away At the Chapel, getting washed and ready at home hasn't quite been the same, in fact stepping into our bathroom has been a disappointment ever since. Totally spoilt with a luxurious boat size tub and slick counter top sink and tiles, our teeny tiny washroom is starting to make me get the blues. I dream of a luxurious space to pamper and relax in, being able to soak in a tub while taking in the beautifully designed fittings and finishes, and maybe a glass of bubbly. A girl can dream right?

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Oh a tub that I can read in, at the moment our bath is hilariously small. At a reasonably tall 5ft 8inches tall, even I can't quite fit in it and when F stretches out he reaches from one end to the other. I would love a place where I could slowly unwind in warm waters, beautiful bath salts easing away my worries and even time to catch up with a magazine or two.

So it makes sense that our tiny bath is paired with a tiny sink, set so low that I have to bend quite far to splash my face or brush teeth. What I wouldn't give for a counter top basin, with a beautiful minimalist design and of course I would need two. No more having to share or wait until everyone has had their turn, I could simply use my own.

Once I've taken my time to soak in the tub and freshen up at the sink, then obviously I'd need some soft fluffly towels to wrap myself in. There's nothing like recreating that hotel feeling at home for a bit of luxury and one of F's favourite things is to be snuggled up in a huge towel and cuddled on the sofa after bath time, pretending to wriggle away as I wrestle that mane of his.

Plants, lots of plants. I love succulents and their array of pale shades, so having quite a few of these dotted around will automatically have a calming effect on me. I have a little collection in the lounge at the moment but I am always wanting to add to it.

What little luxuries would you want in your bathroom? If you want a little bathroom inspiration then check out my wash board.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your heart.
    I have been inspired to share my journey with Huntingtons Disease.

  2. Love the photographs, what gorgeous bathrooms. I actually quite like my bathroom but I would love a roll top bath...baths are one of my favourite things so an extra special one would be so nice!!

  3. Oh, we really need to get some plants into this house! Our bathroom needs a complete makeover. It's not very relaxing at the moment.

  4. Some many good ideas - I also feel somewhat let down when I step into our small bathroom in the eves - really needs to be worked on

    Laura x

  5. I would love to have two sinks, and two toilets.. in fact my own bathroom would be rather nice! x

  6. now i really want a bath! to me, as long as the room is warm (our bathroom is bloody FREEZING) and i have some nice soft towels i'm good! would love a rolltop bath though, and some nice black and white tiles on the floor.



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