5 September 2014


Oh End of the Road! Once again you did us proud, the music, the colour, the wonderfully weird and wacky, the fairy lights, the rum, the dancing, oh the dancing! Not to mention the endless activities and entertainment for the kiddos.We've been making our way to this fun festival for seven years now and have watched it grow from fledgling roots, settled deep in the beautiful Lamer Tree Gardens, into the excitement it is today. After arriving onsite and a small amount of tent rage due to high winds, we pitched up next to our friends and headed straight to the food stalls to feed our rumbling tummies. With the finest selection of festival cuisine from: Indian street food, pulled pork and homemade slaw sandwiches, amazing burritos, sweet waffles, perfect pizza, pie and so much more, it was easy to get our fill and sit by the fire warming ourselves as night fell and brightly coloured string bulbs illuminated our way. Click to read more.

The nights were mostly warm and F slept soundly in his pimped pull along wagon, while we listened to music on the evening breeze and laughed with friends. Waking at the crack of dawn with a fuzzy head to match, the days were filled with a hive of activity, kids yoga to warm up with, circus tricks to tackle, clay sculptures to create and F's absolute favourite, the music workshop adorned with spoons and brightly coloured bells.

When little legs tired, I threw out a mat and lay in the gardens pulling him in close as peacocks walked between the crowds, seemingly nodding in the appreciation of the music, or hung out in the fairy lit woods, sitting on hay bales, browsing books from the reading tree, sitting in a sound car installation or hanging out in the recording booth. F printed art in the woods, sent handmade postcards via the festival posties and raved with glow sticks into the night as Flaming Lips shone out from the stage.

One of my festival highlights is the dancing, it's always the dancing. A night at the silent disco with tunes battling it out, a boogie on the woodland 80's light up dance floor or even a quick jig in front of the food stalls as the staff blast out some tunes. I danced like no one was watching and loved every step.

I'm sure we'll be back, F one year older, laying these memories down, year by year, the fun he had as a child, dancing outdoors, staying up late, the smell of pit fire tangled in his hair, our friends surrounding him with love. These are what dreams are made of.

Read what the Guardian has to say about it here and what we got up to last year here.

It looks like the Early Bird tickets have already sold out just three days after the main event, but keep an eye out for tickets going on sale here.

oh and this last pic...well how could I not...

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. agreed ^^ that last shot is amazing!!! Looks like you had a great time x

  2. ^^ agreed, that last shot is amazing

  3. looks amazing! this is one festival i would love to go to at least once.

  4. That sounds like my ideal festival experience - what a summer of fun you've all had!?
    I love that sign at the beginning. We have a similar one in our bedroom which reads 'Sex, drugs and sausage rolls' which is about as rock and roll as we get these days but I'm determined to go dancing with the kids one day soon xx

  5. Oh I love all of these photos - we love going to festivals - they are simply the best, I mean the whole routine goes out the window but it's great. Looks like you all had an amazing time and so colourful :)

    Laura x

  6. haha that last shot is brill! I really want to go to a festival with a bunch of friends next year so Tom and I can have some time together and get in a good dance too! x

  7. I'm so impressed you managed two festivals so close together, I feel like I'm still recovering from Greenman! And once again Felix is proving he's the biggest dude around!



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