8 September 2014


"A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014."

F: Mesmerised by the game

I still can't quite believe September is here and as of this morning F goes into pre-school for three whole days, ok they might only be half days but this will be a new chapter for me. Getting ready to leave the house at 8am and leaving the morning free for me to concentrate on upcoming projects, all while the realisation of time passing quickly being ever present. 

I love this snap from last week, after an impromptu park play date he caught a glimpse of the big boys playing tennis on our way home. As he ran up and held onto the fence, I sat and waited for him, this boy of mine.

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  1. It's hard isn't it; being excited to watch them grow while your heart aches a little for the loss of babyhood. I'm missing Florence now she's started big school and keep thinking about her. The extra time is nice though (ahem).

  2. Lovely picture. My boy started school this morning, as I left he said : " can you please come back in 2 minutes?"
    I felt so sad but as you said ready to concentrate on new projects...
    Yasmina x

  3. He looks like he's really taking it in! Guess he'll be playing tennis before you know it!

  4. lovely picture - he looks like he really wants to join in!

  5. aw, this is lovely. even though you can only see him from the back, you can tell he's into watching them.

  6. Such a beautiful capture and I agree the year has simply whizzed by!

    Laura x

  7. Wow what a stunning shot. I'm sure he'll love it and it will be so nice for you to have some time to yourself too! x

  8. There's nothing like littlies starting to school to make you realise how fast time goes by - wait until he's at proper school, then you'll find yourself counting down to the holidays almost constantly! Lovely photo as usual :-)



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