30 July 2014


This weekend passed quickly bathed in summer light, with grass between my toes and that smoky bonfire smell, clinging to my clothes and hair which only comes from cooking on an open fire. Not that I went camping much as a child, almost never in fact, but it seems that as an adult I have managed to conjure up a feeling of nostalgia and re-captured some lost secret youth by sleeping under the stars, and quite frankly I love it. We set off, car full to the brim with various camping equipment that we would probably not use and headed over the River Severn to the Forest of Dean, navigating windy roads and dirt tracks until we found our base for the next two days. Slow and steady we built the tent, which is always an accomplishment in itself and laid out blankets to rest upon as F ran round wildly, drunk with the evening light and the freedom from his bedtime routine.

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We celebrated our friend's birthday and as the first night drew to a close, with the sun wishing the day goodnight, the crisp burning embers of the fire kept us warm and cosy and we gossiped over toasted marshmallows. Ah these perfect summer memories, although the one thing I had forgotten about camping with a child is the prolonged calming period needed to get them off to sleep and the early morning rise as the temperature rises quickly under canvas. 
Thankfully I was quite happy to get up early and chill amongst the evenings ashes, magazine in hand, desperately scrabbling for my morning caffeine hit while F played with his cars. Once washed and ready we all headed out in convoy to Puzzle Wood, with it's beautiful trails and winding paths through gulleys of moss covered rocks, F was in heaven constantly running ahead to find magical creatures that he believed to live there. For me it was the light that captured my imagination, rays dappling down through layered leaves creating endless greens and countless possibilities of what could be. 

After a quick visit to the local supermarket we stocked up on supplied and headed back to our site to start the birthday shenanigans, including the finest Batman cake F could find. 

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  1. Sounds amazing. I'm not a camper, but even this sounds appealing to me! Maybe I'll be brave and try camping with our 3yo one day... beautiful photos too!

  2. I'm not a camper either but these pics really tempt me! you rock camping chic btw, wish I could pull off denim shorts x

  3. Thank you so much for sharing such a special post with us through our Lets Have An Adventure link up. We are both super happy to have you. Love the photo with the bubbles, you must give me some tips on camera settings for such a shot. x

  4. Ah this sounds so wonderful. We haven't taken E camping yet because we don't have a tent, but I camped loads in my youth and always loved it x

  5. Ah it looks like a lovely weekend- we are off on our first camping trip this weekend to Wales- I can't wait although its forecasted rain all weekend! :( Beautiful photos. x

  6. The photo with the bubble is stunning - I can't stop looking at it! Such amazing contrast x

  7. Some gorgeous photo's, what a beautiful place, and the bubbles at night shot is amazing :)

  8. love that bubble photo! this all looks so lovely. i've never been camping or anything like that!

  9. It all looks and sounds idyllic, you certainly had the weather for sleeping under the stars. It looks like F had lots of fun exploring natures playground. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

  10. Gorgeous pictures and I too love that bubble one especially - you have to print it out!?
    When all goes right, camping with kids is magical. My friends have done the Forest of Dean and say it's beautiful too.



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