1 August 2014


After browsing the internet a few days ago and catching up on some of my regular reads I stumbled on the beautiful interior images of photographer Nicole Franzen  and one photograph in particular grabbed my attention. A simple table with a globe resting upon it, and in the background two fabric hangings, adding colour, pattern and texture to an otherwise plain background. 

You might know that I love prints and can see some of my favourite finds here, but I've never really considered fabric for the wall, and with weaves popping up in beautiful interiors and super DIY tutorials showing us how to get creative, I think this might be a fun way forward to decorate my walls. 

Here are a few weave inspirations from around the web.

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What do you think of weave wall hangings?

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  1. They look great. We have a fabric wall hanging behind our settee, I have been thinking of getting rid of it for a photo wall but I love the softness of materials on walls. I think a woven one would be cosy behind a bed...especially when like me you still haven't got a head board! :-) xxx

  2. I love woven art on the walls, and keep meaning to have a go but never seem to have the time! Have you checked out Maryann Moodie? She's amazing!

  3. I love the neon one! I really like woven wall hangings but they often don't go with our rathe colourful house so I think a neon one would be great! x

  4. I really like the idea of having something more textiley on the wall if I can just figure out the best way to attach it. These are amazing!

  5. this makes me happy! i absolutely love textiles and wall hangings, and they can really transform a space, can't they. that ombre-ish black and yellow one is loooovely!

  6. I have to say I love woven artwork hanging on the wall - my mother has always have various world and tribal pieces up since I was young and I think it brings an interesting and creative dimension to any room :)

    Laura x



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