7 March 2017


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How is it even March! I can't believe how quickly time is slipping and I feel like I have so much to do, the diary is filling up and I really must get myself organised *do you have any tips?* I've been super busy creating content, styling commissions and photography this last month, working with some fab brands – all will be revealed soon – and had a feature in the March Style at Home Magazine showcasing the bedroom makeover from last year, as well as being spotted in Very Magazine for some pinterest inspo– YAY!

So let's dive straight in. 

Things I'm loving:
// Magazines. Yep as much as I love scrolling through various feeds, down the Pinterest rabbit hole and other such visual feast, there's nothing quite like flicking through the pages of a beautifully designed mag. Currently on my radar is Lunch Lady (family kitchen stories), Dog (love this), Oh Comely (obvs), Human Being, Aperture and the Chloe Sevigny book.  

// Podcasts and radio shows. I've got into a bad habit of working in silence, mainly because I forget to put anything on in the background, which is a) boring and b) not that productive. So to combat this I've been listening to various podcast for inspiration and hoping some info seeps in while I work. I've been getting some instagram joy from Me and Orla's podcasts and nice to find a small radio slot I listen to is back on....makes me chuckle. Oh and if you have any music recommendations then let me know.  

// Goals. My new motto is 'if you have some, write them down!' I think I've kind of bumbled along a little too long without stopping to focus on what I want to do, or at least revisit dreams I once had, but as we know life is waaaay to short to overlook this sort of stuff and thinking about things isn't really going to make mountains move. Now is the time to start achieving, planning and making it happen. At the beginning of the year I received an upsetting diagnoses health wise, which has made me stop and evaluate my next move. It's never to late to follow your heart people. go go go.

// Wolfgang Tillman exhibition at the Tate Modern. Surely no explanation needed for this one! Go check it out, it's on until June :)

Things I'm Not:
// Tumeric. yep turns out when you have a brace this lovely little spice has a very interesting effect. Think gold grills/full on bling! Oh My Eyes. So a quick trip to the dentist and off I go to swap them elastics out for some refreshed white ones. eek.

Other Things:
// Ok let's have a quick talk about kindness, yep you should sprinkle that stuff like confetti. Now perhaps my expectations are a bit out there, who knows, but my friends know that I'm pretty straight up, open and honest, supportive and generally very forgiving or at least tolerable. But just incase there is any doubt let me just write it here. What is not cool is bitching, bad mouthing and generally being a dick. Be better than that and remember karma's a bitch. 

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Top left: Amber Vittoria's illustrations make me super happy. // Top right: Maia Boakye feed is aworld of peachy colours and I have no idea how she hasn't got a gazillion followers, definitely one to watch. // Bottom left: New to me Nette Rose has the most beautiful handmade lingerie from Cape town and the pictures are dreamy. // Marize feed She Is Visual is total goals! A combination of design and style. 

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Also let's take a sec to swoon over these pins! I am so feeling the need to be by the water. I was brought up living by the beach and watching the water change depending on it's mood and am always drawn back there. 

What has been inspiring you this week? 



  1. Oh my golly, those last 2 photos have got me dreamy about summertime.

  2. Love this post Lori, love the images and the words and currently listening to a podcast!!!

  3. I never knew tumeric would leave staining behind on braces! That's annoying!

  4. This week I have been loving my two days of but they were gone by far too quickly.

  5. Lovely post! I haven't read a magazine in ages, I might pick one up next time I go shopping! x

  6. Loved this post. I also love flicking through a magazine. Eeeek bad news about the turmeric though!! xo

  7. Lovely post Lori. I love your mood board. Mood boards are one of my favourite things to create. It is always nice to get all your ideas down. I am thinking of getting braces and actually found that out about turmeric while researching. It stains everything. Its so good for you though. xx



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