5 April 2016


Sweet treats with Cordello signature tray
Now that Easter is on the back burner for another year and the annual allowance of chocolate has been consumed, people might find their thoughts turning to healty eating ready for summer. Not me, well not yet anyway. After totally bi-passing the whole chocolaty affair due to one very poorly kiddo over half term, I'm looking for a different way to celebrate the sweet tooth and have fun with friends, giving me the perfect excuse to try out the Signature Collection Tray from Cordello Home and introduce some colour into my life. 

When F caught an awful Flu virus and ended up in hospital after a five day fever of 39.6 and a chest infection to match, all our plans for egg hunts and Easter bunnies went out the window, instead the holiday was replaced with floor pacing, fearful tears and constant child monitoring. Now that he's thankfully home and very nearly back to his bouncy self, I'm looking for an excuse to entertain, have fun and and indulge a little, after an eleven days of elevated stress levels.
interior style with cordello tray table

cordello hearts and table tray
To be honest I'm keeping a little secret...I'm not a huge chocolate lover... I know right! Instead preferring savoury snacks and healthy choices, but when it comes to Macarons I find it hard to say no. Yep these sweet French little meringue-based cookies always make me smile with their colourful crunchy exterior and light as air middle, plus they are so super cute. 

In fact I'm so tempted to try a recipe or two and create my very own alternative cream tea full of macarons, sweet treats that these Rocky Road and these rather fanciful Wes Anderson inspired Courtesan au Chocolat recipes have caught my eye.

Cordello, stylish table tray, macaronscoffee serving table tray
As a lover of graphic design, the aqua tray with its interlocking hearts makes for some rather lovely eye candy and an alterative stylish side table, which is handy as I'm quite clumsy and the sofa could do with a little love. The 49cm birch wood tray filled with the universal symbol for passion is exactly what brain child Kate Shaw was inspired to share with her range of home products.   

fresh flowers and afternoon tea trayOur flat is often over spilling with F's things and they always seem to find a way to cover every flat surface in our lounge, and with our dining table feeling a bit formal to hang out at and our small lounge table situated on the other side of the room, it's nice to use this as an alternative side table on the sofa while sharing a coffee with friends. Plus when not in use it's makes an excellent display feature, creating a pop of colour against a minimal wall.

Modern luxury of a Cordello table tray
Afternoon tea with Cordello tray
Now that F is feeling better I intend to build in a little me time, filled with fresh flowers, a good magazine, a freshly brewed coffee or two, maybe an earl grey or salted caramel macaron and a girly afternoon with friends.

Cordello are offering all readers a 25% discount across the site until 31 April 2016 using the code WILDGRIZZLY25 Enjoy! 

*This is a collaborative post.


  1. Sounds perfect! So glad F is better, what a worry :(

  2. So glad that F is feeling better. So scary and stressful when child unwell. Really love the tray. The colour is vibrant. Your sweet treat makes me hungry. Strangely, I have never had a macaron. Definitely on my list to do this year.

  3. Sounds perfect. I lovd your photos by the way and the heart tray looks fab.

  4. Glad F is better. Poor thing. What a gorgeous set of photos and lovely tray :) xx

  5. Love the tray, the colour looks fabulous. Sounds like you all need a treat, poor F, it's so scary when they're poorly.

  6. I'm so pleased your little one is better. What a nightmare - you all deserve those very delicious looking treats! H x

  7. That is a beautiful tray, and your rocky road looks delicious! (So does the coffee). I love your pictures too they're stunning. Glad to here your little one is better xx

  8. Gorgeous photography. I must try macaroons. I never got around to it

  9. Pleased that your little one is better!! Love the tray and the styling for this post, the photos are gorgeous. Like you said it's nice to create some little spaces for you minus all the children's stuff poking in!! X

  10. I LOVE this tray! I saw it on someone's instagram feed too, it makes such a lovely backdrop. I'm also a graphic designer, so I've got a thing about colour and patterns! xx

  11. Aww so pleased your little one is feeling better! Such a worry when they aren't feeling well isn't it :-( Love the tray! Such a gorgeous colour! xx



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