13 April 2016


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Oh hey! Sorry I know it's been a while but the boy is back to school and without the constant monologue of Paw Patrol, there seems to be enough head space to put words to screen and get some inspiration flowing. I seemed to have missed out on my March Moodboards and Muses, but I'm back with April and it's the perfect way to reboot the old grey matter, especially after dealing with cabin fever and a poorly boy.

Things I'm loving:
// Coffee. OK this is not really a surprise to anyone who follows my Instagram feed as I don't function with out  three  one to start the day! In fact I've started a #stylemycoffee hashtag and a @stylemycoffee Instagram account, so I can see all you lovely lot enjoying a brew and share it with a coffee loving community. I'll be doing a whole post on this new project, which I hope you'll join in with.

// Embroidered Patches. Yep you know the ones that you used to collect as a kid and patch up your denim with? Well these are coming back with a bang – or it might just be me? – either way I'm loving it! Whether you're buying a pre-designed jacket from the high street or collecting your own to customise your fave, it's definitely on my cool list, especially when it looks like this.

// Snapchat! Yep I'm getting down with the kids and having so much fun with this little app. You can take video snippets, pics and private messages with filters/stickers and generally have a giggle. I'm pretty much on there everyday giving a sneak peek into our general day to day living –as in real life *shock horror* and blogging events. Come say hey, you can find me as @wildandgrizzly over on there.

Things I'm Not:
// Seaworld. Not sure if this one needs to be spelt out, as the bad press on this awful company is everywhere, but I recently saw a flux of bloggers promoting this place and it made me feel really sad that we would use our influence in this way. Seaworld is appalling, their treatment of the Orcas is appalling – so much so that it's recently ceased it's breeding programme due to public backlash and loss of profits since the airing of Blackfish. Really It needs to be shut down, and if you want to know more about their bad practises then please watch Blackfish Documentary or have a read of Jess's post. Enough said. 

Other Things:
// I'm back with some Instagram love and who's been inspiring me recently, and they are a fab bunch if I do say so myself! This month I've been drawn to those rather gritty grainy accounts with girl attitude and rebel vibes *swoon* and I'm loving Design Love Fest's new hashtag #sweetdreamsDLF for all things creative.

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Top left: Carrie Anne over at Mere Seour has it going on, what with her awesome store and raising the future. If you love her tee's you better grab one fast as they are selling like hot cakes. // Top right: Neram over at the real little birds mama is one hot mama, hanging out with her little bird and one in the belly, I'm loving this lady's style and adventures // Bottom left: Bing Bang NYC is one of my fave inspiration account, this jewellery store is about feminism, bling, hustlin' and generally being a Bad Bitch. You can find the store here. // Bottom right: Sharmadean Reid founder of Wah Nails is an all round amazing business woman, idea generator and barometer for all things cool, you can find snaps of her son, nails, snazzy VIP events and her love for Dalston and Jamaica. Check out her interview here!

Also let's take a sec to swoon over these pins! I love this reconditioned sideboard which has been transformed into a sink, this is so one of my bathroom goals now. Also I'm trying to get some travel inspiration and planning a little getaway in the sun. Swooning over this poolside image!

What's April got instore for you?



  1. Really enjoying the pastel tones in this moodboard. It's so spring like!
    Reminds me to work on some more collages
    Kate xx

  2. Loving these mood boards! I love Snapchat too, and I am DEFINITELY with you on hating seaworld. I don't know why anyone would support it :( Have a great Wednesday!

    Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.com

  3. I love the moodboards you create! I think they are fantastic and such a great post idea too. I too am obsessed with embroidered and iron on patches. I just can't get enough of them

  4. I've just recently bought one of those embroidered patches and I was thinking of placing it on a handmade bag I made last month. Good to know they're in season again :)

  5. April is always a fun month for me because apart from the fact that the sun starts shining and spring appears, it's my birthday! Hooray!

  6. I love your #stylemycoffee hashtag and also loving snapchat since I joined too. Oh dear another app! Plus a sideboard that's a bathroom sink - swoon! xx

  7. love your #stylemycoffee too! And Carrie from Mere Seour is such a babe - and just as cool IRL too



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