21 March 2016


Hanging out as a family in Bristol is ace as the city has so much to offer, with beautiful parks, cool kid hang outs and places to eat, it's no wonder F loves spending his time exploring with us at the weekends. We tend to have our weekday routines down to a T, what with F being at school, but last week we decided to break the rules and head out for a mini celebration with Ramen at Wagamamas as a treat.

F has settled into school brilliantly, and although there have been a few hiccups, we are so proud of him and how happy he seems. So when he received a certificate and award in school assembly, follwoed by a glowing parents evening, I wanted to take him out for a special dinner date and show him how proud we are of him. Just like me, F loves noodles and rice, if you ask him what he wants for tea it tends to be these dishes so when I realised that Wagamama was celebrating 20 years of Ramen, I knew it would be the perfect spot for dinner and he was thrilled when he realised where we heading.

F was bowled over that he got to have dinner out on a week night and excitedly got changed out of his school uniform for 'grown up dinner' and chatted all the way there. I tend to prefer the layout of a wagamama compared to normal restaurants, it feels cosy, friendly and a I like sharing long tables as I think it sets a good example to children, plus F love the special chopsticks!

We got cosy and ordered some dishes while F coloured in the kids activity menu, he decided to have the Chicken Katsu curry while I opted for the Chilli Chicken Ramen a.k.a full nutrition in a bowl and Paul tried a gluten free dish. It was delicious as always and I'm excited to see they've added two new Ramen dishes on to their menu, especially the seafood ramen!

After we filled our tummies with delicious food and admired F's paperwork, he tucked into ice cream and told us all about his day at school, while we sat back and looked on at this little wonder. It's so easy for life to rush by and miss how extraordinary it is, these little people learning and growing, and thinking what it might be like sitting at a table with him at eight or twelve, or perhaps meeting him for lunch at 22 *gulp*.  I always wonder what he might be like when he grows up, but on nights like this I'm just feel grateful to watch his little face at five, content and happy, and excited by his special night out. 

For anyone wanting to have a fun and easy dinner with little ones, I would definitely recommend heading to Wagamamas, not only do I love their dishes but it's great knowing the food comes out as soon as it's ready, so hungry tummies get fed quick!

*We were invited to dinner c/o Wagamama's but would happily eat there any night of the week as we truly love the food. All words and opinions are 100% my own. 


  1. Haha! This made me laugh a lot as someone was telling me the other day about a comment they'd overheard from a small child... 'Ergh, not Wagamamas AGAIN?' Not that Wagamamas isn't ace, it just felt like a funny reflection of modern family dining :-)

    1. lol I wonder if that wagamama is there go-to 'don't fancy cooking tonight' place ;) I do love a good treat out! x

  2. Ooh I love Wagamama's (and I've only been once ha!) but it was so yummy...I need to take the Hubster there soon! x

  3. Oh my gosh, I love the heart out of Waggas. There's only ONE in the whole of Northern Ireland, can you believe it! Good choice on F for the Katsu Curry - that's my fav too! xo

  4. I love Wagamama! Haven't been to one in an age but this post has just reminded me how much I love their food. If only there was one nearer where I live!

  5. Ahh we've done this a couple of times - and G has loved the nonsense of it. Her FAVE place to eat is Wagamama, and we're getting one soon in Bromley which she is VERY happy about.

  6. We love Wagamama - surprisingly so child friendly and the staff there are always so kind and lovely. We will definitely be paying a visit over easter. Have you ever had their banana katsu with salted caramel ice cream? It's epic!

  7. We love Wagamama in our household - such tasty food and my eldest loves it and this truly is a perfect spot for a mini celebration like yours. Well done on F for his certificate and glowing Parents evening - he is such star

    Laura x

  8. Gotta love Wagas! It's the one place all of the kids are guaranteed to enjoy and eat up every scrap.

  9. We love wagamamas and my 11 month old already loves the mini yaki soba! The staff are always so good with kids too. X

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