23 March 2016


Kids Fashion with ShortStitch styling service

Every now and again a company comes along and you think yes this is ace! and that's exactly what happened when I was approached by ShortStitch, a personal shopping service for kids fashion. OK so it might sound a little luxurious, reserved for the likes of celebrities and London's elite, but ShortStitch are here to shake it up and make cool affordable for the likes of me and you.

ShortStitch Styling box kids fashion

The truth is parents are busy creatures, unlike the slower days pre-child where you could leisurely lie in until eleven and spend hours enjoying lunch out, we're now running on a whole different schedule. In fact I don't quite remember what on earth I used to do with ALL that time now that every minute is so packed with busy. So when a cool kids company, ShortStitch, creates a way to take the stress and strain out of shopping – because let's face it, who wants to play find the runaway child in a department store while having a small heart attack – then I'm going to say a whole lot of yes to that!

great kids fashion 2016I love fashion, especially kids clothes and I often mix up high street finds with independent labels when picking outfits for F. So when I trialled the ShortStitch service I wondered how I would find it and if they would be able to pull together the sort kids fashion I love. The Answer? Oh yes!

Kids fashion shortstitch styling service

The clothing is aimed at 4 - 10 year olds and using the service was super easy, you simply click on the website for your own personal consultation – sounds quite fancy ay– and fill in a few details: age, gender, show size, clothes size. You get asked whether they like to play any sports? Do they have a particular interest and what do you tend to do day to day?  Then you click a few buttons and whoosh your order is done. Now just sit back and wait for your box of yay to turn up.

luxury kids fashionI was excited to see the rather cool box arrive at my door, full to the brim with wonderful brands that I know and love, as well as a few new ones. With a selection of t-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, shoes, boots, hats, shorts and cardies, I was pretty much prepared for any event. There is a cute tape measure and the all important price list so you can see what everything costs, and the best bit is you try on the clothes in the comfort of your home. What you like you keep and pay for, and anything you don't, well you just send back with the box. So simple.

cool kids fashion I must admit F loved trying these on, I think getting a big important box in the post made him feel quite special ;) We tried on a few of the outfits and F let me take a few pics of our favourites so I could share them with you, and as a treat afterwards we went to the ice cream parlour and enjoyed a few scoops with sprinkles.

I really can't get enough of these 10IS boots! I love the tan colour with white laces and toe and they look ace with light denim, especially the I Dig Denim pair that he's wearing here.

luxury kids fashion
ice cream sundaeI dig denim kids fashion short stitch
The items in our box ranged from £20 up to £110, the higher priced pieces being a rather gorgeous hooded rain jacket and the above boots, but with plenty of gorgeous t-shirts, jumpers and jeans all around the £25 - £40 mark, I would say this would be a perfect hassle free way to pick out an outfit for any occasion, as every piece of clothing is high quality and beautifully designed. 

finger in the nose, kids fashion, short stitch

I love these cute looks for summer with this Scotch & Soda Straw Hat and Vigro embroided tee, and I was very excited to see my favourite Finger in the Nose label in there too, like this two tone t-shirt above.

kids fashion with shortstitch styling service
kids fashion for summer

After picking out choosing to keep a few pieces to keep and take with us to Berlin next week, I simply packed the rest back into the box, sealed it with the provided labels and used the nearest Click + Collect service, although there is a courier collection available by appointment at no extra cost.

styling service for kids, kids fashion, luxury
This is such a great way for style conscious parents to see the new season trends at home and try them first hand before purchasing. The best bit is you are only paying the recommended retail price so there are no hidden costs to you *great ay!* the service is free making this a brilliant concept in Kids fashion!*We were asked to trial the ShortStitch service for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are 100% my own and I couldn't recommend this wonderful service enough. 



  1. He looks so adorable, what a sweet idea!

    Have a great day. x

  2. This looks amazing! I just need a 4-10 year old now... *looks around*

  3. I love the blue zigzag hoodie the most I think. He's getting so tall, Lori!

  4. Some beautiful pictures and seriously stylish looks! I too am a lover of kids fashion, it's so much more exciting than ours haha! H x

  5. Oh my goodness how fab do these clothes look! Such a cool little dude of a model too! I will have to check these out now for my little one...I love stumbling across new brands x

  6. What a fantastic idea and beautiful products - those shoes really are fantastic! I'm logging on to have a squizz now x

  7. Okay wow seriously how cool are all of these clothes - super stylish. I think this is a great idea for busy parents especially when the quality and choice is so amazing

    Laura x

  8. Such lovely photos I adore the look of these clothes. I love the blue chevron top.

  9. what an awesome range of clothes. Really modern and funky. The quality looks fab :)

  10. This looks like a great service. I must admit though I do enjoy shopping but not when my kids are with me lol. Your photos are Amazing x

  11. Aw your boy is quite the model! And that's an interesting service, and good you can send back the clothes you don't want. It's almost like online shopping where you can actually touch the clothes - good idea! x

  12. This is such a brilliant service and your boy is such a great model hehe! The clothes are so stylish x

  13. What a fantastic service! The items picked for your son look like such great quality and full of colour. I love the boots they look so stylish and practical. x

  14. I used to love Boots for baby and toddler clothes - the clothes are great quality and I love the designs. cheap kids clothes



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