29 September 2015


As more and more of my friends book trips across the pond *insert jealous face* I've started looking into likes of NYC, San Fransisco, Palm Springs and other popular stateside destinations to add to my wishlist. However another city is stealing the limelight, yep that's right it's the 90's backdrop for one of my favourite romantic comedies... Seattle. So I thought it would be perfect timing to share this *guest post showcasing some of Seattle's family friendly attractions.

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Seattle is not only the largest city in the State of Washington, but in the entire Pacific Northwest region of the United States, so you can be sure that there is a fair amount to see and do in the city. Anyone visiting Seattle with their families will have a massive selection of attractions to see and do, with countless activities to be found too. All year round there is plenty worth doing with the kids, so no matter when you visit Seattle there will definitely be a lot worth checking out.

Here is a list of Seattle’s family friendly attractions:

Woodland Park Zoo
Nothing is more fun filled and exciting for children and adults alike than visiting a zoo. Woodland Park Zoo is a tremendous place to spend the day with the kids, with so many amazing species to see. Not only that, but there are fun activity areas too including an indoor climbing playground for younger kids.

There are countless species of animals to be found within the zoo too, so be sure to plan a long at the zoo should you really want to see all the best sights. With exhibits such as the Tropical Rain Forest, African Savannah, Tropical Asia and Northern Trail, there really are so many different animals and plants that are worth checking out. It’s an attraction that won’t disappoint!

As a coastal city with several lakes, Seattle has its fair share of beaches, all of which are very family friendly.  Many have great amenities nearby with the likes of restaurants and playgrounds found near the Madison Beach Park on Lake Washington.

Green Lake Beach is another lakeside beach, with this one being one of the warmer locations for swimming. There are actually two beaches to be found on opposite ends of the lake, so there is plenty of space to find a good spot. Boats, kayaks and other fun water sports can be rented here, which is perfect for those with older kids. Restaurants and other services are nearby too, including life guards and even a diving board into the lake. Other beaches worth checking out are Golden Gardens and Matthews Beach by Lake Washington.

Seattle is not called Emerald City for no reason. This thriving urban centre is dotted with green areas, where the little ones can take out some energy, having fun in the middle of nature. Washington Park Arboretum with its adorable Japanese garden is a true gem. If you are looking for a hiking venue, check out Discovery Park. Here you can find more information on the numerous parks you can enjoy while in Seattle.

Vertical World
Should your kids be min adrenaline junkies, Vertical World is definitely a must see for families in Seattle. Plenty of climbing walls can be found here, with walls available for all ages including a pirate ship for any young aspiring climbers to have fun on.

The Pacific Science Centre at Seattle Centre
A great museum, it features many exhibits and activities perfect for kids of all ages. Toddlers may not find the exhibitions too entertaining, but there is a play area specially designed for the younger ones.
Anyone older can expect to be enthralled by all of the amazing science displays and exhibits that are just as educational as they are fun and exciting. Not only are there endless amazing exhibits all year round, but an IMAX theatre too. With endless attractions for kids of all ages, this is most certainly worth checking out.

Pike Place Market

Some say it’s a historical landmark. Others depict Pike Place Market as Seattle’s soul. Anyway, it’s a must-visit! Including cool attractions like Rachel the Piggy Bank or the Gum Wall, a tour of the market will delight your kids. 

*This is a guest post for Wild & Grizzly. I'd like to thanks the companies that continue to support this blog. Images by flickr and Unsplash (under the Creative Commons license). 


  1. I've never thought of Seattle as a place to visit but it looks great! I really want to visit New York at some point in the next couple of years! x

  2. The gum wall is amazing. I think I'd heard about it before but forgot. Seattle isn't somewhere I've thought of as a holiday destination before so it was interesting to read about it from this perspective. I've never been to the States. Much easier for me to go now that I'm a British citizen so hopefully we'll make it over there soon.

  3. Seattle looks amazing. I love seeing it in TV shows and films. It's so hard to choose where to visit in the states as there are so many great places to choose from! x

  4. It looks great, I want to travel round America and see all of it! Vertical World sounds awesome, Cherry loves climbing x

  5. OMG that gum wall! I've lived in the States but never been to Seattle, so great, inspiring post!



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