28 September 2015


eames table, sebrachair and colourful kids interior
colourfulchild interior and Sebra chairAs you probably know by now I love design and interiors, especially when it comes to my home. I always have my eye out for products that are not only functional but also well designed and fit in with my interior style, so it's no surprise I've been crushing on Danish design for a while now.

Curly hair child with teddy
Copenhagen t-shirtYou might remember my post about Why I Heart Copenhagen featuring a very mini F *sigh* as we headed over to Copenhagen on our first trip abroad to meet the 'real' Father Christmas and generally hang out. We spent our time visiting galleries, museums, eating pastries and checking out the wealth of cool kids shops, filled to the brim with design goodies, which is where I first set my eyes on the Danish design company, Sebra Interiors and this stylish I-Sit Metal kids Chair.

colourful kids interiors

I love Danish design for kids and after being lured into a children's lifestyle store, Paul we agreed that taking a chair on the plane as hand luggage probably wasn't the best idea and flew home empty handed. So with styling a cool space for F in mind, I've collected various pieces over the years to give his room a contemporary, fun, creative space that he enjoys spending time in.

Fast forward a few years and I've had lots of creating a space that is both stimulating and aesthetically pleasing, and although I am super happy with my Eames kids Table and Chair I've never forgotten the metal chair that I swooned over all that time ago. So when I received the I-Sit Sebra chair c/o Houseology I was thrilled at the new addition to F's room. and finally ticking it off my wish list. This kid's chair shouts cool Scandi interior with its urban feel and contemporary design, plus it's sculpted from a durable metal mesh that is lightweight, allowing it to be moved by little hands *Big thumbs up from F.*

cool kids wooden toysThis got me thinking as to what makes a good creative design space for kids? So here are my top five rules I stick to when decorating F's bedroom.

1. Have a Theme
I'm talking about aesthetics. Love monochrome? Retro? Colour? Minimalist? Eclectic? Always think how a new piece of furniture will look with the rest of the room. If you have too many themes going on it can make the room look cluttered, overbearing and confusing. Imagine contemporary design pieces sitting with floral vintage furniture againts a monochrome colour scheme and that's my recioe for a headache right there.

2. Hide the Clutter
Storage is everything. Your kiddo might have lots of toys so think of a cool way to store all the plastic for playtime. Keep it clutter free and organised while choosing some of your child's favourite toys or books to put out on display. We use a combination of tubs with lids for his cars, dinosaurs, animals, and musical instruments, grouping similar toys together which makes it easy to pull out and tidy away. We also use storage baskets with handles and lids for the larger items such as his Octonauts, superheroes and Lego, which stops everything spilling onto the floor and helps keep the room tidy.

3. Have a Dedicated Kids Desk and Chair Corner
This is something that I set up in F's room from the word go. At first it was soft cushions and blankets  to lie on as a baby and as he's got older he's progressed to his own table and chairs. I find he uses this space to draw, look at books and generally do his own things without help. This is not to say that he doesn't enjoy colouring and reading in other parts of the house, but having a kid size space dedicated just to him seems to give him his own bit of independence and autonomy, and made him feel grown up.

4. Choose Interesting Prints and Artwork
I love prints and we have them all around our home, I feel that they add personality and are an easy way to add colour to plain walls and create interesting focal points. I love choosing prints for F's room and tend to focus on quirky illustrations, positive messages and good design. Prints can complete an overall look and can also help them learn by choosing cool maps, animal posters, and typographic alphabet prints.

5. Choose Products That Are Stylish AND Practical
So you've found the stylish piece for your child's room, you love it – like fallen head over heels – great, but if the practical side is nowhere to be seen then give it a miss. There's no point investing in a stunning table and chair if it's uncomfortable for your child to use, or the they can't reach the shelves of their toy cabinet as they are too high, or the drawers are super hard to pull out. I always aim to create a space that's both stylish and practical allowing F to enjoy the things in his room and encourage independence.

Urban Scandi style I-sit Sebra chair
Now that he's started school I'm slowly changing things round a little and adding a few new things here and there, to give it a slightly different feel.  For more ideas why not take a peek at my Kids Spaces Pinterest Board

How do you choose furniture for your child's room? I'd love to hear what your favourite kid's piece is?

* This is a collaborative post.



  1. Love this - and what a handsome little boy you have, hope school is going well - for both of you! X

    1. Hehe yep he is a cutie although i am biased ;) x

  2. aww it must be so weird being without him during the week after all this time, I'm dreading this time next year but I know he'll be having so much fun! Love these shots btw, the chair is brilliant as is the poster! x

    1. Yes I've definitely felt a little lost but just need to get into a new routine I think! The chair is soooo good and super comfy even though it's metal :) x

  3. This is so interesting for me as I have zero idea about themes! I literally just bung a load of things in together but then that's why I would never be stylish in any way! I love that chair! xx

    1. Glad you found it interesting, I used to always shove everything together which is fine but I felt it was always looking cluttered and I prefer a streamline look. The chair is ace! So excited to have the same one I saw in Copenhagen x

  4. That poster is brilliant. I keep trying with the storage but ending up having lots of clutter. Those are good tips for keeping them at bay.

    1. Yep I'm constantly trying to find new storage solutions, it's so tricky to keep on top of. Glad you liked the tips x

  5. Storage is so key with kids rooms isn't it? At the moment E's in the smaller room but we're getting our loft converted so may be able to do a switch which means more space for furniture - wooho x

    1. That sounds exciting! Nothing better than being able to have space to plan a room and enjoy it! x

  6. I totally agree with picking products that are stylish and practical and with some many well designs things around its a fantastic time to have fun with interiors

    Laura x



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