16 September 2015


wall mounted desk space using the lifestyle wall from rooms made for you

It’s not often you get asked to hang out with a TV celebrity for an afternoon while sipping prosseco and catching up with some lovely blogger buddies, but on Monday I was invited to launch of the innovative Lifestyle Wall from British Gypsum’s Room Made For You and prepared myself for an exciting day ‘in the office’.

I really love interior design and the way you can transform your living space, so I was thrilled to attend a blogging event at the Good Housekeeping Institute to hear about a product that will revolutionise the home. People might think it’s hard to get excited about plasterboard but the new Lifestyle Wall allows you to create a flexible space that grows with your tastes and trends, and when George Clarke from Channel 4 get’s behind a product you know it's going to be good.

champagne in sohochannel 4 george clarke getting to grips with the lifestyle wall

snapping capturing by lucy and apartment apothecary
tv celebrity george clarke from small spacesWe all know how putting up shelves, mirrors and all those heavy mounted purchases can be a pain, what with the 'wall knock test' to see if it can take the strain, then the drill and RAW plugs, the mess and let’s face it, if you’re no good with a spirit level then you may as well not bother. The Lifestyle Wall is changing all that, raising the standard of homes across the UK and Europe this new plasterboard with its reinforced core is five times stronger than standard plasterboard allowing you to screw straight into the wall with no fuss, no mess, anywhere in your home. Large mirror? TV? kitchen shelves? Yep all you need is a couple of screws and a screwdriver and your set to go.

As we sat and listened to George explain how this could change the way we use our homes, allowing us to use our space in a flexible way and how it could be used in new builds, renovation projects and even potentially in the rental market, I thought how this would change my space at home.

screwing straight into the lifestyle wall rooms made for yougallery wall and renovation techniques

Being in a flat with little storage and having a whole lot of love for interiors on Pinterest, I’m always fascinated how people make the most of their space; cue me painting walls white, using modern designed mirrors to reflect light, picture galleries to personalise our rented home with prints on rotation, storage baskets to hold the clutter, I could go on. Having a wall that can hold weight and be made new with a simple filler if I change my mind sounds like a dream. I love interiors which use wall mounted objects to create visually impacting spaces while saving footprint creating the illusion of space.

Imagine being able to put up shelving with ease and create a flexible storage solutions for your bedroom. By fixing shelves high on your walls allows you freedom to move things off the floor and keep the clutter at bay.

Bedroom storage solutions

I love how they’ve mounted a bike to remove a bulky awkward object from the floor, petfect when ou have limited outdoor space or living in a small flat. Plus if the bike is a cool colour or quirky design then it can create quite a feature piece and how simple and clean does this wall mounted table look?

wall mounted bike on the lifestyle wall

wall mounted geometric table

We were then set a challenge to screw directly into Lifestyle Wall panels and create our own picture gallery, with each blogger taking their turn with the screwdriver, turns out us bloggers are quite competitive! Even George got stuck in and chose a winning team *ahem not ours* and demonstrated how one screw can hold 15KG! We all went home converted and confident that this would soon be used as industry standard, and although it is more expensive than standard plaster board, the benefits and hard wearing nature of this product means it’s worth the investment in your home.

Fabric of my life with the Lifestyle wall hanging out with bloggers Victoria, Fritha, Keri-anne

It was lovely to catch up with some blogging friends and meet online friends for the first time, and  after the event I grabbed a quick bite to eat with the lovely Fritha, Lucy and Keri-Anne before heading back home with a copy of George’s More Amazing Spaces to while away the journey.

daily specials at polpetto
Polpetto tapas in soho

I’d love to hear how you would use this in your home? Could you see this changing how you decorate?



  1. I've got so much house envy! Its such a shame that I'm not allowed to drill in the walls - I'd love that bike rack! xxx

    Erin Islandbell xxx

  2. looks like a grast day - and that wall sounds amazing x

  3. You could have at least posted some photos of George looking ugly to make me feel better ;) Love George, it looks like a great event X

  4. That wall is so beautiful. Looks like you all had a nice time.

  5. I love these solutions! Especially the bike mount. That's probably the coolest one I've ever seen.

  6. I had such a great time! Loved seeing you darling and getting to meet George Clarke!! Love your write up. I am converted to the lifestyle wall already! x

  7. I just think its genius, if we ever so get enough money together for an extension, we are so going to use it!

  8. Osso Buco YASSSS. Love those sorts of Italian restaurants in London, talking of Amazing Spaces :)

  9. What a fab idea! Looks like a great day - and you met George!! Yikes! *swoons* ;) Jess xx



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