15 September 2015


Now we're officially tied to the delights of term time schedules,  last weekend we made our annual pilgrimage to the wonderful End of the Road Festival, car piled high with the usual camping equipment in the hopes of having one big final summer blow out before F started school.

The boy loves nothing more than romping around in wellies, sleeping in a tent and being surrounded by friends, so I couldn't think of a better way to send him through the school gate. It also gave us a great excuse to roadtest out our new next stage Limestone Cybex Pallas M-fix car seat, just another moment to mark how fast this boy is growing up! No longer fitting in his old car seat coupled with my usual need to find the safest and well designed product for my not so little one, I was really keen to try it out after seeing its many safety features and ability to grow with your child up to the age of 11 years old.

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The car seat is super easy to install with its Isofix base, and the overall look and feel is one of style, comfort, and safety, especially with the individually adjustable side protectors as well as by the shoulder and head protectors. For me F being able to feel comfortable and relaxed on long car journeys is a must as we travel quite a bit and it's no fun listening to a grumpy kiddo on an 3 hour car journey. One element which we've never used before is the one-hand adjustable impact shield – which acts as an inflated airbag – which slides into place over his legs once he's in the seat and sits in front of his tummy, normally this is used for children in the Group 1 stage but as F is so slim and light it works really well for him, although at the rate he's growing I can see him moving to the next group soon.

The beauty of this car seat is that once your child grows into Group 2/3 then you can simply take away the front adjustable impact shield and use the seat belt as normal and hey presto, you've easily converted it into a Solution M-fix car seat which will grow with your child up to 11 years old.

After getting F comfortable we were ready to set off and after 20mins he fell asleep which meant we could turn off the kiddo CD *yay* and use the one handed recline position to make him more comfortable while we wound our way through the Dorset countryside to the Festival.

We spent the weekend exploring the festival and all the wonderful curiosities that make End of the Road Festival magical. We danced to music, lazed in the sun, ate a HUGE amount of festival food – one of my favourite parts – sat around the fire, made paper origami animals, walked through the fairy light lit woods, had my bird alter-ego portrait drawn, borrowed books for the tree library, stayed up late at the secret wine bar, lazed in the sun and generally watched my boy have the best time before school.

As the weekend drew to a close we packed up the car – said goodbye to our tent which was on its last legs – and with the load a little lighter waved farewell until next year.

*We recieved the Cybex Pallas M-Fix Carseat as purpose of this review. all opinions are my own.



  1. We have one of these car seats and they're just fab! Great photos from the festival and I am loving your outfit x

  2. it's amazing that you won't need another car seat until he's 11! God imagine our kids being 11, thats so crazy! Looks like you had an ace time at End of The Road too! x

  3. Ah this makes me want to go to a festival! My 5 year old really needs a new car seat so I'm going to check out the Cybex ones. Lovely photos too. x

  4. Looks fantastic. Super stable and comfy. Also, I love how the festival cut out words from a leave! Fab picture!

  5. Why does F suddenly look so big and grown up!!?? That car seat looks the business. So glad you had chance to do another festival before school started xx

  6. Have been meaning to go to End of the Road for ages - looks like such a beautiful festival and that car seat is the perfect way to get there safely and comfortably

    Laura x

  7. That festival looks incredible! I've just bought Talitha a car seat that will take her up to age 11. Not Cybex, unfortunately, but I have my eye on one of theirs for a new car seat for Ophelia. I've heard such good things about this one, though, in terms of how supportive it is.

  8. I haven't been to EoTR yet, and really want to. Still a bit nervous about trying festivals with kids.



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