4 August 2015


A simple small and perfect outdoor space

We're back from our travels and after a taking a little break from the blog I'm finally getting back into the swing of things as I sit in front of the gazillion emails waiting for me. After spending most of the week outdoors I wanted to share some outdoor space inspiration. As some of you might remember we live in a flat over in Bristol sans garden, which unfortunately means no outdoor space for us. Now normally I don't mind this sort of thing but after staying in an artist studio for a week, with doors that open out onto a garden with your own seating area and chairs to lounge in after hours, I'm starting to see what all the fuss is about.

Sitting outside, reading a book, wrapped in a blankets as it gets dark, gazing at the stars while sipping hot coco *sigh* yep having an outdoor space has suddenly grabbed my attention and has me pining for an open pit fire to toast marshmallows on and while away the evening hours. So I've started creating a wish list in the hopes it will somehow cosmically send a garden my way when flat hunting.

The perfect outdoor space

I do love a bit of accessorising and being able to buy for a whole new space could potentially be very exciting, so here are my favourites pieces from online interior store Love the Design to get me garden ready:

1. How cool would this geometric mirror look on a bare brick wall or wooden slats and reflect the light.
2. I've always wanted one of these statement chairs, I love the style and they come in so many colours plus are pretty durable in any weather.
3. I love making cocktails and this cool tray would be the perfect way to serve friends.
4. Having candles are a great way to transform a space and create a lovely ambiance and these glass candle holders are ace!
5. For those cooler nights a super warm and cosy throw would be fab to curl up in.
6. Totally loving this fun pink crystal jug to entertain with, it reminds me of parties from when I was a kid.
7. For the ultimate outdoor space accessory look no further than this hammock *swoon* I pretty much spent all my evening in a hammock when in France.

If you fancy a little bit of inspiration and a peek at outdoor spaces that have caught my eye recently then check out my Outdoor space Pinterest Board.

*This is a collaborative post.


  1. I am desperate for a hammock. I keep meaning to pick one up whenever we go back to Trinidad and Tobago. Lovely choices.

  2. I LOVE that first picture. I have always dreamt of some sort of outside space like that, especially at the moment as we don't even have a garden :-(

  3. yep - I have a board called yard makeover! I too have been dreaming of a little juzz of our place since coming back from Barcelona. Just need me some spends.... a lot of spends to get it looking right xx

  4. Ah, I would love a hammock, dreamy! x

  5. Lovely choices, just wish the weather would improve so being outside was an option!! x

  6. These are such lovely ideas. Outdoor space is so underrated as a styling opportunity. Not interiors, nor exteriors - outeriors?

  7. that chair is lush! We've finally decided to get rid of the grass and go for artificial grass as the upkeep is so much less, hopefully when we've done that we can style our space a bit better! x

  8. These pieces are gorgeous! Great inspiration. We have just bought a house and my husband is planning on making the pallet furniture for our decking - it's so pretty, isn't it! xx

  9. I've been lusting after those chairs, I'd much rather something like that, than what we have which I really don't like. Great inspiration!

  10. Wouldn't a hammock just be the coolest!?

  11. I really need to work on our outdoor space - it's looking a little tired at the moment and I love your mood board!!

    Laura x

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