2 April 2015


As I'm constantly decluttering, rearranging and adding to the flat to sprunce up the home, I am welcoming spring and the fresh start it brings, especially after what feels like a long winter. Now that it's April and we are on the cusp of discovering which school F will be joining in September, I have been feeling a little unsettled, and when that happens I tend to rearrange our walls and add prints to my collection.

So I thought it would be fun to share my two recent additions, both different in design and style, and both giving off totally different vibes in the flat. The first print I want to share is this beauty,  Bondi Beach by Louisa Seton from Lumitrix, I've wanted a sea/surf style print for a while now as I find the sea so calming, so when I saw these bathers surrounded by thick fog on the infamous Australian coastline, I knew it would find a place in my bedroom. What better place to evoke a feeling of calm in the space you rest your head.

The second print to don my walls is a city I love, a hand drawn map of Paris by the super talented Jenni Sparks from EverMade.com. Not only has this been added to my lounge so the F can study all the amazing graphic detail that has gone into making this map, but it's especially relevant as I plan to see in my 25th 35th birthday in Paris in June *squeal* and stroll along the Seine. Jenni has also designed maps of other cities and I can't wait to add more to my collection.

Have you bought anything new for the home recently?*The prints were c/o of Lumitrix and Evermade.com. All words and opinion are 100% my own.



  1. That's amazing - that is exactly the Lumitrix print that I want....it looks great! Am moving it further up my shopping list!

    I remember those days waiting for the school letter to arrive....so nervewracking & a huge deal. I used to walk to & from preschool every day with a friend who was also hoping for the same school & we would discuss every possible option - this went on for months! Good luck, hope you get what you want :)

  2. I love both of these. I recently bought a vintage dressing table on eBay that I'm going to put lovely fancy knobs on!

  3. OK, I'm hooked on Lumitrix now Lori, thank you!

  4. I feel the same way about spring and I too have actually just bought 3 prints for the home. I love that Paris map print

    Laura x

  5. I love the Bondi beach one, it's like hundreds and thousands sprinkles in human form! x



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