1 April 2015


Best Pocket Cameras
You might have noticed I love taking photos, there's not a minute where I don't have a camera out to snap a pic of our day to day. As much as I love the Nikon D90 SLR I also have a large collection of smaller cameras at home. So I thought it might be fun to do a little round up of my best pocket cameras and share what I use for the blog.

1. I love my Mini Diana Lomography camera, it's super cute, small enough to fit in your pocket and shoots on real film so you never know what results you might get. This point and shoot film camera takes 35mm Lomoraphy film and gives wonderful results with unusual light leak effects. It takes a bit of time to work out how and what conditions are best to shoot in, but there's nothing more pleasing then handing in a roll of film and waiting to see the results.

2. A new one love for me, the Fujifilm Instax mini 8 is a point and shoot with a 60mm lens that produces little Polaroid pics. I recently took this to Berlin and had lots of fun taking photos of the city. The film cartridges can be expensive at £1 per photo, but in my eyes it's well worth the money.

3. iPhone lens accessories are great for carrying around with you and adding a bit extra to your photo's. We have a fisheye lens and a wide angle lens which is great for taking fun snaps with.

4. My iPhone 5c...need I say more? The camera on phones nowadays are getting better and better, with the iPhone 6 set to be the best yet in quality. As most people have a phone in their pocket there's no reason to miss a photo opportunity.

5. A fairly new one for me is the Autographer. This one is pricey at around £300 but it is s super small and is the worlds first wearable camera. It has been custom built to enable spontaneous, hand free image capture, perfect for using when doing activities, extreme sports or at festivals etc.

When I'm not using these pocket sized cameras you can find me using our trusty Nikon D90 SLR. With such a great range of Digital SLR's on the market there is always something for everyone, and if you don't know which is for you then this camera buying guide is great to help you make your choice.

I'd love to hear what cameras you enjoy using?

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  1. I use my Canon 400d which is getting quite old now so I'm desperate for a new one. The dream is the Olympus PEN! x

  2. Ooh loved reading this- I'm such a geek when it comes to photography and blogging kit. I use a Nikon D3100 and reckon I'll upgrade soon ;)

  3. i have recently got the iphone 6 and LOVE it. The quality is so much better than my 5. I used to always take polaroid photographs. I would spend a lot of my wages on the film and have a whole box filled with them. I also have them taped around my room and in journals and notebooks :)

  4. These looks amazing. Love the pink one. I really really want the iphone 6 but I had already upgraded right before it came out. boo! Heard it's great for blogging and social media. Love round up.

  5. Fab post...love discovering what cameras bloggers use to take their brilliant photos...'m going to check out the iPhone accessory! x

  6. Oooh the autographer sounds very intriguing! x

  7. I love the Instax camera - I really want to get an instant, so much fun. I love having a range of cameras!

  8. I was loving the quality of my iPhone 5C until Laurence got the 6 and now I have serious camera envy.

  9. ah I've heard of the Autographer and loved the idea! I'm a bit jealous you'll have to show me your new toy when we meet next! x



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