10 February 2015


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The team over at Hiive have asked me to share my top tips for being creative. If you’ve not heard of it before, Hiive is a professional network for the creative industries – offering users a portfolio platform, job opportunities and access to educational resources.

I’ve always loved being creative, as a child I would spend hours drawing and painting, making sculptures, even starting a friendship bracelet business at the age of six with my childhood bestie. For me being creative isn’t a subject chosen to be studied but more of a way of life. So it made sense that I would go on to study graphic design and on my first day at uni we were asked to write down the job we’d be doing in five years time, only to be handed back to us at graduation. Surprisingly I didn’t quite manage to move to New York and design vinyl covers for a living but I am glad I had the passion for adventure even then.

When it comes to explaining my occupation as a blogger, unless I’m talking to other bloggers, someone who reads blogs, or a business, people look at me as if I’ve uttered a made believe word and don’t fully grasp what it means. But for me, working for myself, writing about things that inspire me and forging interesting partnerships are a real buzz and an important creative outlet, one I’m thankful I can do around childcare.

As with any creative career, it’s important to be connected with other like minded people, people who inspire, and over the last few years I've made some brilliant friendships through this blog. However when you first start out it’s hard to know who is listening. Are you just sending your thoughts out into an electronic abyss? What’s the point? It can feel pretty daunting and even isolating working from home.

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Using a platform like Hiive allows you to plug into those creatively minded people, it’s a place that focuses on education, growing your skills, kick starting projects, starting collaborations and finding creative vacancies. It’s a place to get your creative foot on the ladder.

So what are my top tips for being creative?

1. Always keep a pen and notebook handy, and for those times you haven’t make notes on your phone. I’m always jotting down ideas and thought, even recording them with my iPhone if I’m on the school run.

2. Use Pinterest - This is an amazing tool, acting like an endless mood board to visually store inspirations.

3. Notice the small things. Normally we’re all too busy rushing around but it’s worth taking time to slow down and concentrate on the now. Take a minute to pause before that first sip of coffee and inhale the aromas, clear the mind and enjoy the senses. I find this helps me notice the small things all around me in the day to day.

4. Read/Watch/Listen to other people's work. If you want to write then read, make music then listen. Sometimes it’s better to step away from your own work and enjoy somebody elses to get the creative juices flowing.

5. Enjoy it. On those days your struggling to sketch that piece or write that post, then give yourself 15 minutes/an hour/the day off. I often find when I step away that’s when the best ideas surface.

These are the things that help me stay creative, it would be great to hear what inspires you? If you’re looking to kickstart your creative career or get involved with a fab creative community then head over to check out Hiive and join the swarm.

*This post is in association with Hiive. All words and opinions are 100% my own.



  1. Great tips Lori! I always find getting out and about and watching inspires me... love Pinterest too!

  2. Fab tips hunny. I love it. Always great to set away and rethink your creativity and then try again. Can't beat Pinterest I am obsessed!

  3. Fab tips hunny. I love it. Always great to set away and rethink your creativity and then try again. Can't beat Pinterest I am obsessed!

  4. Great tips Lori! I hadn't heard of Hiive so will go check them out now.

  5. Those are really good tips! I definitely go up and down with my motivation, so anything that helps is a winner!

  6. A great post that reminds us that the key is to slow down and notice stuff going on around us every day. Thanks!

  7. Notice the small things - that's a great tip. I really need to make sure I do this more.

  8. Word has got out in my village that I'm a "blogger" and yeah people totally think I'm making it up! ;-) Love the idea of a network for creative people, I already have an informal one and Flickr is fab for inspiration too, but I like the idea of Hiive...

  9. totally agree on points 3 and 4!



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