1 October 2014


Wild & Grizzly birthday month
Every time this month rolls around and the smell of autumn catches in the air, my heart swells and a lump forms in my throat at the bitter sweet notion of time passing. There is no greater measurer of seconds gone than your babe in arms, once so small that it took only my hands to fully embrace the length of my child, now I find endless limbs and deep belly laughs as I swing my arm to catch his embrace.

This month you will be four. A whole four years old and I shall kiss your button nose, and ruffle your lion mane and treasure your hand in mine, as you will age and these moments will fade, and I will be left with these memories of my sweet october boy.



  1. What a beautiful picture! The time really does rush by - cherish it while you can. xx

  2. Beautifully written. And what a sweet Autumn gift he is.

  3. Oh my goodness this brought a lump to my throat. I know exactly what you mean. Autumn does that to me every year. It's a season I love but it also signifies time passing and that chill in the air always brings me melancholy thoughts. My youngest turned three in September and I want to grasp hold of time and slow it right down...

  4. Yes, I'm the same. The start of the new school year really signifies the passing of time for me even for the younger kids not yet in school. Two of mine have October birthdays too! :-) x

  5. aww Lori! I had tears in my eyes. He is such a gorgeous boy x

  6. Oh how sweet is this photo! I know just what you mean - my little man was four last month - it's all flying past too fast

    Laura x

  7. I LOVE this photo - the colours and his happy, smiling face are brilliant!



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