23 October 2014


Jumper: Mango
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Clarks

I always get sucked in by summer, thinking this is by far my favourite season and then autumn quietly approaches and woo's me all over again. The leaves sing with colour with their flaming reds, earthy browns, burnt ochres, bright yellows and mottled greens as the they slowly change and fall.

Last weekend was one of those perfect days, mild and the sunlight streaming down, casting a magical glow in Clifton. Raring to get outdoors, F wore his new jumper kindly sent to us by the lovely folk at House of Fraser and played amongst the rocks and trees in search for natures treasure.
We spent a good few hours collecting conkers, playing with sticks, climbing and generally messing about outside with F happy to be free of a coat and wearing his favourite colour. I really love the teal detailing on this jumper, especially when paired with grey jeans. Eventually when F tired we headed for a hot chocolate and laid out our treasures. 

Have your little ones been enjoying the change in season?



  1. Lovely post and I know exactly what you mean about autumn - i fall in love with it all over again each year. We had a similar day last weekend when the colours of the trees suddenly seemed to have turned so vivid. Love F's top too x

  2. There is so much to see and do in Autumn. Lovely choices for F's clothes.

  3. Oh I love his Mango jumper - so cute. Looks like you had a lovely autumn adventure

    Laura x



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