22 October 2014


As nature is supplying such a bounty of conkers, sticks, pinecones and acorns this autumn, I thought it only right to share a quick DIY game you can play with your little ones. F is always asking to make toys, whether it's bows and arrows, stick men, Go fish game, swords, catapults, sensory boxes, the list goes on. So after a lot of talk about the Moscow State Circus before his birthday, I decided to reinvent the old fairground classic, Coconut Shy game, with things that can be found outside.

To make your Pincone Hoopla game you'll need:

1. A few pinecones
2. Glitter glue / OR loose glitter and PVA glue.
3. A hoop of some sort.
4. Paper.
5. Washi tape.

To make your game is super simple, place some paper down to protect your surface from any mess and let your kiddo get creative with the glitter glue. Try and encourage them to use different colours and place blobs on different parts of the pinecones to make them sparkly. 
Once the glitter has dried, decorate your hoop with washi tape. I used an embroidery hoop but any circular ring will work well, or you can even make your own hoop with bendy twigs tied together. Once everything is ready, find an open area and place the pinecones spaced out on the floor.The aim is to throw the hoop over the pinecones, the person who captures the most pinecones wins! Simple. F really loved playing this game and got quite competitive with me, and was thrilled when he managed to catch one. This is a great game for concentration, spatial awareness and gross motor skills, as well as the creativity involved making it. After you've finished playing the pinecones can also make a pretty nature display in the home.



  1. love this lori - we have a zillion pinecones in the house, so might just pinch this idea :)

  2. aww this is so sweet Lori! Wilf would love this x

  3. I love this idea, will definitely be going on a hunt for pinecones at the weekend! Love your outfit too :)

  4. What a simple but fun game! I love that it's a craft even little hands can do.

  5. Aw what a brilliant idea, mine love collecting pinecones so this would be perfect!

  6. Oh how lovely is this and a pretty easy craft for little ones to make and play - really great idea and perfect for a rainy day

    Laura x

  7. so cute! and F's jumper is awesome and i want it! haha!



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