5 August 2014


There's one space that always gets neglected in our flat, probably because it's so small with little natural light and that it serves more of a function than a calm space to relax in. Yep the bathroom, it certainly gets a raw deal from us and yet it should be a place of style and tranquility, how often do you read how beneficial a relaxing soak in the tub is or how heavenly a rain shower head looks in those glossy magazines? It's no wonder that I like to take my time when staying at nice hotels, reading in a free standing bath or spending an age in the shower letting my troubles wash away.

Good design should run throughout the home, every space should be thought out, practical and pleasing to the eye, your bathroom should be a haven whether it's used as splash time for the kids or your gentle wake-up morning routine. I've always thought about building my own home, how the bathroom would have great views, light streaming in, a walk in wet room and not to mention a cabinet basin that I can actually use unlike our teeny one. However even a small bathroom can be beautiful with careful planning and so I find myself pinning inspirational interiors for future reference incase I one day renovate my home or buy abroad.

Click read more for tips on creating space in a small bathroom

Tiles are a great way to give personality to your space. Go for contrasting colours and clashing patterns for impact or try the iconic white subway tile for that polished NYC loft apartment interior, while giving a light and airy feel.    

Choose a modern style counter top basin from My Bathrooms on a wall mounted cabinet, allowing you to keep the floor clear creating the illusion of more space and enabling you to easily keep the floor clean. Alternatively you could under cabinet floor space to house seagrass baskets containing fresh towels.

Use large wall mounted mirrors. A beautiful round mirror like this one from Ikea is perfect over your wash basin, especially if the room is small. It will reflect light, create the feeling of space and give a focal point to the room, plus the lip on the mirror could house small cacti or other succulents to bring a touch of green to your bathroom.

Use small details like these copper Nomess S- hooks to hang your towels from, the copper colour metal will give warm tones when used against white tiles and it's a practical way to dry wet towels in a small space.

For more bathroom inspiration you can take a look at my Wash Pinterest Board.

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  1. We need tips like these. Our bathroom's tiny. The whole thing needs an overhaul. I just get frustrated every time I go in there.

  2. Great post. I need to smarten up my small bathroom on a budget at the moment. Would love to build my own perfect one too. :-) x

  3. Our bathroom is so small, I hate it. My mum lived in a house once with a huge bathroom, it even had room for a sofa in it! I would love a walk in shower, we only have a bath and although I love it a shower would be so much easier sometimes x

  4. ugh - I hate our bathroom. It's small, but I don't mind the size it's just really outdated and badly needs a makeover!

  5. Fab post. It's so true, bathrooms kinda like hallways can often be the forgotten rooms. Maybe its because they can be such a 'big job' to completely re-do and as you mentioned they can be small spaces and therefore tricky to improve. I love the last pic above - adding copper tones or golds for that matter can really lift a space in such a simple way. I'm also a big fan of mirrors, they look great, are very useful and really add light to a space.

  6. mirrors make a huge difference, don't they! also, a good bit of storage and some hooks can do wonders.

  7. Oh I love all of these choices - so simple and stylish. We have a small bathroom so are trying to make it more clean and design orientated - love all this inspiration

    Laura x

  8. I love those tiles! perfect pattern and colour x



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