20 August 2014


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Decorating your home can seem daunting at times – there is so much to do and consider! One of the best ways to start off is to pick a theme, and then base your purchases and other decisions off that. For some expert advice, specialist retailers like A-mart will be able to help you decide on what to include and perhaps even a colour scheme that will suit your taste. Before you even head into a store, here are five common home décor themes you might want to consider, use or modify.

A floral theme is cute and classic. Contrast light pastel colours with earthy greens, and add a rug or a wallpaper decal for some extra texture. This theme is perfect for bedrooms and lounge rooms, as floral quilts and throws are quite easy to find. You can even top it off with a vase full of fresh flowers if you want to bring some freshness to your room.

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Rustic themes are all about embracing the old, homely look, usually in the form of antique pieces of furniture. If genuine antiques prove too expensive or difficult to source, replica pieces painted and aged to look like antiques can be bought from a number of retailers. Rustic glamour is one of the spin-offs from the traditional rustic theme, and mixes old pieces with accents and décor that has a more modern look. This can include aged wood or leather in combination with glass or coloured metals.

An Oriental theme will never go out of style. Its primary feature is simplicity combined with tidy and streamlined furniture. Light coloured timbers are also usually used in conjunction with bamboo based pieces. You can spice it up a little with elements in richer colours like red or crimson, or even go all out with a rock garden and some decorative Oriental plants that tie together your room.

Formal styles bring a touch of elegance to the room you are decorating. The formal style is all about symmetry, with pieces arranged in pairs according to a designated line in your room. This means that your attention should immediately be drawn to the middle of the room, where there is usually a spectacular centrepiece. The centrepiece might be a piece of art, a chandelier or a luxurious piece of furniture. The colours used in a formal style are generally richer and polished, with wood and glass playing a major role.

Geometric shapes and styles will always be popular because of their versatility. The style is visually stimulating and draws attention to features that might otherwise be ignored. You can have a geometric theme for a room or your whole house or you can just incorporate some elements into one particular room. Incorporate bold, unique colours and designs throughout the room – in the furniture, décor, rugs and artwork. Look out for fabrics that also feature bold geometric patterns.

These are five common home décor themes you may like to use or appropriate. Remember to choose something you are comfortable with, and to do all your planning and research before you go into a store.

Are you a professional or self-professed home decorator? What are some of your favourite themes and what tips would you give to someone who’s just starting out? Leave your experiences and advice in the comments section below.

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  1. I love rustic. I love neutral, earthy tones with a few accent pieces. Rustic style furniture/decor is warm and inviting and just as a home should be for me. My current kitchen is small, but one day I would love a large kitchen with a big wooden country rustic table and chairs to have memorable family gatherings around :O)

    1. I love the idea of a big rustic table where everyone can gather. *swoon* x

  2. My problem is I like lots of themes; floral, geometric and a bit of rustic thrown in. I keep telling myself it's all about the mix but I do wonder what other people might think. Ah well, we like it! The wooden furniture in that photo is glorious!

  3. formal for me! I love a bit of symmetry, am no good at the throwing it together stuff, not with objects anyway, quite happy to do it in colour and texture though. God knows what that says about me!

  4. I'm getting more and more into geometric. In fact, I want to redo my living room in a 60s way with lots of geometric shapes and big curves!

  5. i'm like kathryn, i like a bit of a mix! though i guess i generally prefer a mid-century inspired look.

  6. I am really into rustic and geometric at the moment -I know these don't really seem like that go together but I love them. Great post :)

    Laura x

  7. love that chair in the pic! I like a mix I think, mainly because I'm so indecisive! x



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