2 December 2013


It's officially December and it's hard to stop my thoughts wandering to Christmas festivities and the excitement of decorating the tree. Every year without fail I buy or receive a new ornament, adding to my collection of memories for the year. I have beautiful hand crafted clay hearts from Budapest given to me by a work friend in 2006, a Liberty's minimalist glass bauble passed down to me from a dear friend before she headed off to South America, a small knitted dog from F's godmother/a most lovely lady. The list goes on, each hanging ornament with it's own story to tell – I feel another blogpost coming on.

So to get me in the mood for Christmas and joining in with the lovely Lou's Nature in the Home, I decided to make our own decoration from the driftwood we'd collected earlier in the year. It involved glitter much to F's delight and my OCD horror, but F had fun and I'm loving his first homemade decoration.

To make your own Driftwood Tree Decoration you'll need:
  • Found pieces of wood in various sizes and thickness – we used driftwood but any twigs and branches will work.
  • Glitter, in whatever colour works for you. We went with gold.
  • Very small screw hooks –  these should work fine.
  • Copper or silver coloured wire.
  • PVA glue.

1. First arrange your sticks in size order to create a christmas tree shape on the table, snapping off bits if needed. 
2. Spread a thin layer of glue along the branches in a random pattern, I would do one stick at a time. 
3. Sprinkle your glitter over the glue areas making sure it's evenly covered. Shake off any excess and leave to dry.
4. Screw in the hooks so that the sticks balance when held in the middle, for sticks that are too narrow you can coil the wire around it. 
5. Take your wire and feed through one eyelet to another, connecting the sticks. Use a wire cutter to remove any excess wire.
6. Bend the wire to make a star shape and add twist onto the wire to join. 
7. Once all connected hang and admire your sparkly handy work. 

You could decorate your tree with small hanging beads but I quite like the minimalist look. 



  1. Lori, it is gorgeous!!!! So cool and so unique. F has a flair with the glitter! ;) xxxx

    1. Thanks lovely, it was fiddly but fun. He's loving having it in the lounge *cue his smug face* xx



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