9 December 2013


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With Christmas on its way and the avalanche of toys sure to follow, I have been casting my eye over our flat. A spacious place with lots of light but not so much on the storage front. I've always tried to be sensitive to the adult / child balance of the flats interior, the lounge being a neutral space of well designed products and a spattering of regularly used/easily hidden toys, F's room full of easy accessible toys and then there's our room. Over the last few years the bedroom has turned into a multi purpose junk room with the addition of a bed. Unframed prints stacked on the fireplace, a desk littered with letters and magazines, clothes limply hanging on the drying rack and a battered wardrobe bursting at the seams.

Rather than wait for the annual spring clean I have taken matters into hand and decided to extend the same interior styling into the bedroom, hopefully making it a place of sanctuary rather than a pit stop. I'm thinking affordable scandinavian style sliding door Pipari Wardrobes or chest of drawers as seen in the bedroom furniture from Argos, copper bedside lights, bold printed textiles, white walls, mirrors to reflect the light, a gallery of prints, a pile of good books and the occasional pot plant. The first step in this master plan is to pull everything out and organise into four piles: Sell / charity shop / keep / bin. So hopefully over the next few weeks F will go to stay with my folks and I make a start before Santa Claus comes to visit.

*This post is in association with Argos, but all words and thoughts are my own.



  1. I've recently redecorated my bedroom and it does make a big difference to how I feel about the room. It's my little bit of sanctuary now.

    1. I definitely needed a push to get it sorted, I think Christmas coming seems to be it. Then I can just chill out and relax x

  2. my house needs de cluttering too, always accumulate way too much stuff!

  3. "The first step in this master plan is to pull everything out and organise into four piles" Or make the bed ;-)
    Seriously though, glad you didn't, that's a great shot.

  4. Good luck, I'm looking forward to hearing what you do.

  5. Oh I know the feeling - I have so much junk waiting to be put into it's final position!



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