14 October 2013


Last week we packed up the car and headed for the big city, our aim to see family and get our fill of the bright lights of London. I was excited to show F some sights and I planned some treats for me and the husband too. After spending the day with our beautiful new niece we headed to our freebie hotel room in Hammersmith and ordered in a surprisingly delicious Indian take-away while F crashed out on the sofa bed.

Awoken in the early hours by a bouncing F, we headed out into the morning bustle of London somewhat bleary eyed and made our way to the tube. It was still a nice surprise for me to find my Oyster card hidden in the depths of my purse from when I lived in Highbury several years ago. Needless to say F was beyond thrilled to be riding the underground and even managed to nab his own seat, getting that 'riding the tube' stare down to perfection. We arrived at Liverpool St and crossed over the road to the Duck & Waffle restaurant for breakfast with a view. And what a view, situated on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower with panoramic views over the city we sat down to a full english, banana and waffles and various pastries for F. We spotted different landmarks down the Thames and watched the morning mist lift from the city, bathing it in sunlight. As the restaurant is open 24/7, I'd love to book a late night meal and view the city twinkling at night.

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Tummies filled with goodness, we used this good book to plot a journey across London adding in a few extra stops along the way. Starting at Monument we wandered down the river to St Paul's Cathedral and climbed the 400 plus spiral staircase to the Whispering Gallery, a circular stone bench and small walkway wrapped round the inside of the cathedral's dome. We situated ourselves on opposite sides to try out its unique acoustics. Facing the wall, I whispered up to the heavens and was excited to hear F's voice clearly reply to my question from over 100ft away. No sooner had I started talking I heard other disembodied voices speak to me from across the room as other people joined in our conversation. It was such a strange experience made all the better with sound of F laughter emanating from the walls. 

After a quick food pitstop on the steps of St Paul's we crossed over the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Modern, unfortunately the Turbine Hall was out of action due to building works and F was not so keen to wander round the exhibition so we decided to hop back on the tube to the Natural History Museum and spend our last few hours in London surrounded by dinosaurs and space much to our delight.  

F loved wandering round the big halls of the museum, and especially loved being dragged along the slippery floors shouting 'Pull me daddy'. It was great to see him take it all in, absorbing it all like a sponge. The dinosaurs were a huge hit, as well as the the giant Earth Hall. I really hope some of these memories will linger and he is able to remember the awe and fun he had on this trip. Tired and hungry we battled our way through the busy commuters and back to the car to start our journey home.



  1. sounds like you had a great time! The pictures are amazing! x

    1. Thanks lovely, F loved being in city, so glad we decided to take him on a mini adventure x

  2. My husband is leaving for a London in a few weeks, and I'm so jealous! Now I'm even more jealous looking through your pictures. I haven't been in many years. Hope you enjoyed your trip!

    1. We had a great time thanks! Shame you can't sneak in his suitcase and fly over. He should definitely try out the Duck & Waffle even if it's only for a coffee. Might have to book though x



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