15 October 2013

A GOOD BOOK // Where Do We Go When We Disappear


It's not often that a book comes along tackling a serious philosophical topic in such a stunning way. As a big fan of the dream duo Isabel Minhos Martins and Madalena Matoso, I've been sitting on this book all week desperate to share it with you. The only problem is there are so many stunning pages it was hard selecting which ones to post from this good book.

Where Do We Go When We Disappear takes a beautiful poetic approach to tackling the subject of death, drawing on the world around us to illustrate ideas and propose answers to a question often asked.  It is a magical way to introduce a difficult concept to a child; do we evaporate like puddle, do we fade like noise or perhaps we go to the same place as lost socks? By linking it to daily events it is easier for a child to draw parallels, while the book also asks questions of an adult, challenging their perceptions and ideas.

If we disappear and nobody notices,
then we don't actually disappear.
Because for someone to disappear, 
they have to be missed.

Beautifully written and with such striking visuals this is a must for every child. The illustrations alone would make fantastic artwork for a kids room and it is not often that a book brings a tear to my eye. 

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  1. this book looks fantastic! just reading about it brought a tear to my eye! A wonderful way to start the conversation about some difficult subjects too x

    1. It's such a beautiful book, I definitely recommend buying this one for keeps x



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