10 October 2013


I wonder where this time has gone, as I sneak into your room at 1.32am and take a snapshot of you peacefully sleeping, capturing the time you entered the world every year. As the minute hand pushes forward you are changed from the two year old to a whole world of three. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was handed this small warm pink wriggling creature, your eye's blinking against the light, checking out your new surroundings.

Today you woke with gusto as usual and shouted for me to come into your room and play – and I'm glad we made it to the other side of 6am this morning unlike yesterday – you squealed in delight as you ran into a room of presents and balloons that decorated our small lounge, and my heart aches as you grow up just that little bit more.

No longer can I really remember all the little things you did as a baby, I thought I'd remember them but you don't, as sleep deprivation and life in general gets in the way. For now I want to remember these things about you:

• Every night without fail you will reach your hand up to my face as I read you a story or sing you to sleep, and gently play with my eyelashes. You've done this every since you could control your hand and this habit remains.
• You pronounce burgers as burglars, which always gets a giggle out of us.
• You have a favourite freckle on your finger and you get upset if it gets covered by pen as you think it's gone.
• You charge £50 when selling anything in your shop no matter what it is.
• You won't let either of us leave the house without a cuddle or a family cuddle.
• You're becoming a bit of a pro on the drums and I can see the budding musician in you.
• Whenever you get super excited you grit your teeth and shake your fists.
• You're slightly obsessed with dinosaurs.

You may now be growing into a strong minded little boy but in my eyes you will always be my baby, and I thank you for these precious three years.

Love from your doting mama xx


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