4 October 2013


YAY it's Friday and what a long week. You know, the type of week where you wake to find you've left the freezer door open and you're welcomed by a wall of ice, and as you can't get to the plug because you can't move the fridge you're left hacking at the ice with a knife as the freezer goes into overdrive, and your toddler dances behind you in the big pool of water starting to cover the kitchen floor, only for you to realise you've forgotten to book the online food shopping and now there's nothing to eat, and with that lapse of concentration you cut all your knuckle on the stupid freezer which you now hate and to top it off it's a solo parenting week because the husband's away with work...*breathe* yes, that kind of week.

So I'm really looking forward to a fun filled family weekend as we head over to London town to meet our new niece and take F on a on a whistle stop tour of some famous sites:

We'll be re-enacting a page from this good book at St Paul's Cathedral.
Checking out the dinosaurs at this amazing museum.
We'll catch a glass lift up to the dizzying heights of this London Restaurant.
I'll be hoping to catch this exhibition before it ends.
Take a whirl on the London Eye.
Hanging out in leafy Ealing with family

Have a great weekend x


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