29 October 2013

A GOOD BOOK // What Happens Next?

Now that F has entered the world of constant questions, I'm quite relieved I found this good book.

What Happens Next is one of four books in a series exploreing animal life using simple lift the flap pages. Each book encourages children to develop lateral thinking skills and think outside the box by asking the child to think what might happen next. Beautifully illustrated with the unique style of Marc Boutavant, each page has it's own personality and captures the scene perfectly, whether its sticks for a beaver lodge or chimpanzees snacking on termites. With the use of bold primary colours and text form biologist Nicola Davies, this series will delight any kid while supporting KS1 Science.

I recommend this series for kids aged 1-3years.



  1. I just discovered your beautiful blog via Che&Fidel. I clicked through to you as our 3yr old boys share the same wonderful name, only to be more and more delighted as I scrolled back through your posts.
    Beautiful writing, and I can't wait to transfer all your book recommendations over to my Book Depositary wishlist!

    1. Thanks for your kind words! Isn't Felix the best name :) I'm so glad you like our Good Book posts, we have so many more cool ones to review x

  2. Love this one! Put it on Stan's xmas pressie list, thanks. I do love Marc Boutavant...

    1. It's such a fun book! I love Marc Boutavant too :) You should definitely get Another Night Before Christmas by Carol Ann Duffy and Illustrated by Marc Boutavant. It's a beautiful christmas book - can't believe I'm thinking of Christmas already x



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