30 October 2013


So last weekend we held the party of all pirate parties in celebration of F and his friend turning three. A month of build up and then two hours and 25 toddlers later it was all over and we headed home exhausted, with F asking to go to bed – which never happens – and us shaking off our sugar rush and crashing out on the sofa. Everyone thought we were crazy to have such a massive party, after all he's only three, but with this being the first birthday he might actually remember I wanted to make it a good one.

So us mamas put our heads together, hired a hall, a bouncy castle – most definitely a highlight for the kids – made up some pirate themed party games, ordered a cool cake and sent out the invites and crossed our fingers as we tuned into reports of stormy weather hitting the UK.

I spent the evening before baking skull and cross-bone cookies and getting my craft on with finishing touches here and there, and woke early to churn out 70 vanilla cupcakes before heading down to the hall to decorate with family and friends. It couldn't have gone better and I'm not sure who loved it more, me or the kids.

My only disappointment was not taking many photos as I was too busy running around, chatting to people and sorting out food. So you'll have to excuse these fuzzy snapshots, although the cake still looks amazing ay. Trying to organise that many toddlers is like herding cats, slightly impossible.

F has not stopped talking about his party: the balloons, the cake, the pirate costumes, the bouncy castle, the dancing and all of the wonderful presents that he received from his wonderful friends. Seeing his face beam as he recalls the day makes it all worth it.

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  1. That cake is truly wonderful! Wow, where did you get it? Looks like he had a ball. Well done hun xxx

    1. It was great fun, although slightly exhausting ;) The cake was from the lovely Bake My Cake in Bristol. xx



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