28 October 2013


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As a child we most definitely celebrated Halloween with spooky treats, cobwebbed corners, witches hats and pumpkin carving. Some of my most fun Hallows Eve were spent at my nannas house, my costume complete, hand in hand with my best friend all ready to go trick or treating with the neighbourhood kids.

Living in a flat we don't tend to get many trick or treaters calling at ours, so over the last few years we haven't made such a massive effort with all the spooky decorations and candy, but we always pick out a pumpkin and get competitive with our carving. However with F turning three and catching on quick to another potential festive party, I'll definitely be ramping up the effort this Halloween.

This year we have been gifted a beautiful New Zealand Blue pumpkin which I can't wait to carve, F has picked out a pumpkin qourd to play around with while Paul has gone for the biggest one he can find as usual.

What spooky fun have you got planned for Halloween?


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