17 September 2013

A GOOD BOOK // The Storm Whale

Every now and then I yearn for a glimpse of the sea and the ever changing tide. I often wonder if F will have the same longing as me, even though he hasn't been brought up exploring the sandy coastline for simple treasures as I was. I hope to bring the beach to him with this good book.

The Storm Whale had me from the moment I lifted it off the shelf. This gentle tale of friendship and love, follows a boy called Noi – wearing the best balaclava – as he finds a small whale washed up on the shore after a stormy night. An instant friendship is formed, and the lonely boy rescues him from the sand and takes him home to his bathtub. The stunning illustrations captures the tenderness of the boy and atmosphere of the sea beautifully. Such lovely detail can be found in Benji Davies drawings: from Noi's whale paintings to the bunting flapping wildly against house. My favourite page shows father and son rowing out to sea, the boys small face as he looks down at his only friend about to be released back to the sea.

A heartwarming and magical story for any child, or adult who might want to be by the sea.



  1. I am DEFINITELY going to check this out! Looks so sweet and i can never resist 'whale' books for Jonah ;-)

    1. It's such a beautiful book, I bet Jonah will love it xx



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