19 August 2013


Hello again. You might have noticed that I simply dropped off the blogosphere last week without a typed goodbye or see you soon, and to be honest I felt a bit guilty. I've come to look at this blog as a place of reflection, a place to share my thoughts, to feel creative, a diary of sorts and I felt that I had let myself down by stepping away. But after a long month full of: tiredness, change, heartache, sickness, arguments, tantrums, deadlines, demands – of everything and nothing – I finally crashed and burned. So I decided to unplug and take some much needed head space.

Feeling a little less crazy and a lot more energised, I feel a change is in the air. A change for good. Nothing momentous but a shift in perception. So for now here is a snap shot of my lost week.



  1. welcome back. It's funny cos I feel exactly like this, having a burn out. I think I need time out too... recharge. xx



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