1 July 2013


The weekend started in the most magnificent way as we strolled down to the harbour side in the evening sun, while F slept under the watchful eye of Nanny and Grandpa. With cinema tickets in hand, we got a couple of drinks at the Arnolfini and sat outside with the cool kids, reminiscing on life before F and wondering why we don't get a babysitter more often. A quick dash across the harbour and we settled into our seats, the lights dimmed and hushed voices quietened down as the film started. It didn't disappoint. 

Later at home in bed, we were woken at 1.30am by a very feverish kiddo, his temperature reaching a whopping 39.4 degrees. After two hours of freaking out and trying to get his temp back down, he finally went back to sleep and I collapsed into bed as Paul took over the night watch. F's temperature remained an almost constant 38 degrees for most of the weekend, which meant that he missed out on our local street party, but in community spirit I managed to drop off some vanilla and blueberry cupcakes I'd whipped up before returning home to have drinks with friends.

So i'm back to solo parenting for a week and F has been confirmed by the doctor to be suffering from not one, but two ear infections and an upper respiratory infection. Poor kid can't catch a break and neither can I, as he clings onto me for most of the day. It's going to be a long week.

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  1. Oh no Lori! Poor little F. I always find that ice pops are great when they are feeling rubbish. It cools them down and distracts them. Big hugs and look yourself, both! x

    1. Thanks Lou, will definitely try the ice pop idea tomorrow x



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