2 July 2013

A Good Book // Under the Ocean

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the shimmering blue sea or wanted to explore the dark depths of the ocean? Well wonder no more with this stunning pop-up book Under the Ocean from Tate Publishing. As soon as I heard this book was being published I was eager to get my hands on it; the spectacular paper engineering, beautiful illustration and design ticked all my boxes. I was a little less eager for F to get his mitts on it and I envisaged the book lasting two seconds in the hands of a toddler. I wondered whether it would be foolish to buy it at all.

Putting my doubts to one side, I explained to F that this was a special book to share with mummy and be very gentle with. I cautiously opened the first page and a whispered wow escaped his lips. And how could it not, the wharf came to life with various boats and colours leaping off the page. His nimble fingers gently investigated the boats before we held our breath and sunk below the surface to explore the hidden depths. A school of fish and forgotten bicycles littered the ocean floor.

The Giant icebergs and blue whales introduce perspective to small children and adults alike, while the delectable words dance off the tongue.

It is a majestic whale,
accompanied by her calf!
Little fish gather around them in a swirl,
while a jellyfish deploys its transparent veil.

Printed using environmentally friendly soy ink onto paper sourced from sustainable forests, this book has many reasons to make you feel happy. Just don't leave it unsupervised with a kiddo that likes the sound of ripping paper.


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  1. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing! You're right, it's a lovely book and having now read In the Forest I need this book! :)



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