6 June 2013


A long week has certainly been made sweeter with the blazing rays of summer shining down on us. Sometimes I take for granted this time I have with F, and it's all too easy through the fog of tiredness to be short tempered and to forget what it is he is doing. 

He is growing and fast. 

As we hang out at the park most people are replying to office emails or engaged in work meetings, ploughing through those eight hours before they get to head home. He laughs as I wriggle my toes in the sand and I am reminded that I have the best job in the world. 

This time that stretches before me is in fact short and not endless as some days feel. It will be all too soon before he is heading off to school where he will spend the majority of his time with friends and teachers and I will return to the real world of work. So for now I will watch him play, laugh, fall and hold his hand and be thankful for this park life.  


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