20 January 2015


Samsung Motion Sync 2 in 1 reviewSamsung Motion Sync 2 in 1 detachable handle

I’ve been meaning to share this post with you for a while now but with a busy start to the new year it kept slipping by. I was asked whether I would like to test out the new Samsung Motion Sync 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner and as you can see I said yes – you can ready my first impressions of it here.

One of the reasons I didn’t write a post immediately was that I wanted to get a chance to use the Samsun Motion in the everyday cleaning of our home, rather than get it out of the box for a test run and that be it, and to be honest I’m glad I did.

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During the last few weeks I’ve been able to put the vacuum cleaner through its paces and see if it lives up to the hype and you'll be please to know it does. I’ve often found products fall into three categories:

1. Beautifully designed but less than adequate function.
2. Great function but ugly design.
3. Great design and function.

Thankfully the Samsung Motion Sync falls into the third category, making it a great product for the home. I've broken it down into five mini review categories so you can see how I found using this product.

As you may have guessed from my last post I was pretty impressed by the design of this product, it’s sleek, well crafted and easy to use, plus it’s available in a few colours, which is great for those who like to to make style conscious decision with their appliance purchases.

Where most typical vacuum cleaners use a bag to collect dust which can cause it to loose suction, I found that the Motion CycloneForce Multi technology delivers heavy-duty powerful suction allowing you to pick up all manners of dirt and dust from the carpet. I tested it out by leaving our carpet for four days and it breezed through the work. I then decided to test it against things that might be harder to shift, such as rice and flour which I rubbed into the carpet and again the Motion Sync 2 in 1 came out on top, providing a deep clean throughout the flat

testing Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum cleaning carpetFeatures
There are quite a few features that give this vacuum an edge. The first is the hygienic advanced anti-allergen filtration system which captures 99.97% of dust and allergen, after a few weeks of using this in our flat we definitely noticed a decrease in the amount of dust on our furniture and carpet. I think this is due to our old vacuum not picking up much when cleaning.

Showing the samsung Motion Sync 2 in 1 cylinder being removedSamsung Motion sync vacuum dust chamber Samsung Motion Sync 2 in 1 british allergy foundation seal of approvalThe swivel brush and reverse-cambered wheels allow the Motion Sync to move with incredible ease, so you can manoeuvre without hassle and with some speed. 
The brush also picks up hairs with ease which is great.The best thing about the Motion Sync is the lightweight detachable handle complete with dedicated motor and own dust chamber, effectively a mini vacuum cleaner with the same suction and power as the large chamber. This allows you to reach those hard to reach corners and I found it really useful for upholstery like our sofa which regularly needs cleaning.

detachable mini vacuum on the Samsung Motion Sync 2 in 1

We’ve always had small vacuum cleaners with a long hose, which I would have to wind round the main body of the vacuum to fit it our cupboard space. Although this sounds like it saves space, there is nothing more annoying than opening a cupboard door, only to have the vacuum cleaner unravel and spring out at you. With the Samsung Motion ,the upright position means you can stand it any place to store, plus all the wires are securely tucked away in the back of the machine.

I’ve really enjoyed using this machine and must say that it has made the job of cleaning up after F a whole lot easier, especially with the powered lightweight detachable handle. If I had to pick a downside to this product I would say it does come in on the slightly heavier side, but as a plus that I see it as a good floor workout while getting chores done around the house.

test patch on carpet covered in flour for the Samsung Motion Sync 2 in 1 review

Overall this is a great quality, high spec vacuum cleaner which make the chore of cleaning a lot less painful. It does come with a  high price tag but when investing in a decent piece of kit for the home I think it can be justifiable, especially as it comes with a five year guarantee.

I'd love to hear what home product you couldn't live without?

*I’ve been sent a Smasung Motion Sync 2 -in1 vacuum cleaner for review purposes only. All words and opinions are 100% my own. 



  1. This looks like an ideal vacuum cleaner for a busy family, great review :)

  2. I only recently learned that Samsung do hoovers. This does look great. I think with two little dogs out Dyson is what I couldn't do without. It was 2nd hand through and is on it's last legs, so hope it hangs on! :) x

  3. Didn't know Samsung made vacuums. Is there anything they don't make?

  4. I so need this, our vacuum broke this week and we are out of money before out of Month!

  5. That looks like an extremely efficient vacuum I must admit. I didn't know Samsung did vacuum cleaners, so I will look out for them when I am in need of a new one next.

  6. Sounds like a great vacuum and I really like the design too (I would never have said that before becoming a Mum!) It would be really handy having the mini handheld part for clean ups after dinner!

  7. This sounds like a great hoover! We have a dyson and it's good but it weighs a ton! xxx

  8. This looks so good, I can't believe I'm getting excited over a hoover ;) I couldn't live without my handheld vac, the girls' call it my magic wand!

  9. Yep, also clueless that Samsung make vacuum cleaners. We actually do need a new one at the moment as we have a really old Dyson that's near to the end after a year of cleaning up building dust, so will check it out x

  10. This looks like a great hoover. I like that it picks up the allergens (I am forever sneezing) and looks like it does a good job.

  11. This looks great - I really need to replace our vacuum cleaner - it keeps falling over and really doesn't pick up properly. I'll look this one up when we replace it though as I love the look of it.

  12. Oh my goodness! I so need one of this in my life!

  13. It looks fab, I do love a good hoover, I have three at the moment! x

  14. That's looks like it does a fabulous job

    Lovely review

  15. You have to have a good quality vacuum cleaner and this sounds like it fits the bill. Thanks for putting it through it's paces

  16. Those of us with small kids definitely need a good quality vacuum as they need to be able to cope with all that glitter and playdoh!

  17. I never even knew Samsung did hoovers!

  18. What a lovely thorough review! I actually hired a carpet cleaner recently (similar topic...) and was AMAZED! In my mind they were one of those things that doesn't actually work, like Slimfast, but they really do! A revelation!

  19. With 4 pets in the house a good vacuum is a must for us. I would like to try a cordless one.

  20. I love our vacuum cleaner. It's the first one we haven't destroyed within a year!

  21. I love the look of this vacuum but Im afraid I couldnt part with my Dyson

  22. We seriously need one of these in our life - our current vacuum is not cutting the mustard and with the baby on the way this is on our list of things to get. Great review

    Laura x

  23. Wow, I did not know that any other products did technology like this - I thought it was just Dyson, of which I have two. The Cinetic and the cordless DC59. The suction on this seems great and you've certainly put it through its paces.
    Liska xx

  24. Looks good but I too love my Dyson

  25. it looks fab! I HATE cleaning so anything that makes it easier! x

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  27. Use a brush to remove it instead of using a vacuum cleaner, unless you have a super powerful vacuum cleaner. I find that brush is strong enough, give it a go!



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