20 January 2015


"A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015."

F: A lazy morning.

It seems weird that I'm posting the third photo of the year as this signifies that January is on its way out already. How does time pass so quickly?! We've been having a little furniture shuffle and F is loving the space in his bedroom, spending lazy mornings playing with lego and and drawing on his blackboard wall. While he takes it slow things couldn't be busier this end. I'm now at the start of another solo week as Paul is away in Bucharest for work, so I'll be leaning on the caffeine a little to help me get through the week. I'm still focusing on getting the flat sorted out with plenty of DIY and painting under way, as well as planning more travel for 2015. I hope you have a great week!

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  1. I'm so jealous of your blackboard wall, I'm looking at getting one for our kitchen. Happy New Year!



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