14 May 2017


Birthday, celebrity, celebration, red letter, birthday surprise

Research published last year by Harris Group found that millennials are more likely to prioritise experiences over possessions when they’re spending money and giving gifts. 72% of those surveyed said that they would rather spend their money on doing stuff rather than having stuff - but is it just millennials?

Over the last few decades our lives have all become easier thanks to advances in technology - and we need less stuff. We don’t have desktop computers because our phones can do it all, we use Netflix rather than DVDs or videos and our photos are stored digitally, rather than in bulky photo albums.

Is it any wonder, then, that we’re all moving away from giving things as gifts and towards giving experiences? Whether it’s a holiday, tickets to a concert or vouchers for a restaurant, experiential gifts are becoming ever more popular.

Birthday, celebrity, celebration, red letter, birthday surprise, musician, concert, surprise

If you’re looking for the best experience gift you could give and you really want to push the boat out, we’ve got an idea that’s sure to wow. Why not surprise your loved one with the chance to meet their favourite celebrity, and benefit from their talents?

Talent bookings can be made for almost any occasion - whether it’s an intimate meet and greet for a handful of your giftee’s closest friends and family, an appearance to endorse your loved one’s brand or business or a live performance at a party for them.

Birthday, celebrity, celebration, red letter, birthday surprise, happy birthday, what should i get someone for their birthday

Meeting someone they’ve always looked up to is an incredible gift for any fan - whether it’s a keen amateur baker getting the opportunity to meet Nadiya Hussein or a talented athlete hearing one of their heroes speak about their journey to success.  

Booking a celebrity guest for a themed party can also be a fun way to up the ante - whether it’s Roger Moore for a Bond party or Heidi Range for an I’m A Celebrity themed bash.

You can hire talent from the world of sport, entertainment and broadcasting as well as live music acts direct from a talent agency - whether it’s your dad’s favourite footballer or your sister’s favourite youtuber you’re looking to book.

*This is a collaborative post. Images via unsplash.

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