31 January 2017


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With love just around the corner, or at least the social out pouring and feverish declarations of hearts and flowers only weeks away, I though it would be fun to put together a little style guide for the perfect valentine date. Nowadays most romance is contained to the swipe of screen or the furious volley of emjoi's, but not me. I prefer a much more old skool approach of getting asked out on a date rather than sending a risque selfie, so being married I still make time for a night out or a sneaky day time adventure.

There's certainly been a few dating horror stories in my closet and some funny ones too, thankfully these days I pretty much get it right ;) So whether it's out for dinner, an impromptu picnic at an exhibition, a daytime cinema date where it's empty and you can really go for the belly laughs, or a mini break in a European city, I do love making time in our schedule to go out and have fun.

So here's my idea of the perfect valentine style and a few accessories to make it more fun.

valentine clothes, valentines outfit, valentines day outfit, valentine style, valentines day outfit ideas, valentines day ideas, fashion, style,

1. OK everyone knows I am a super fan of a cute denim dress, I mean how could you not be! Keep it casual but cute with this light denim number, perfect paired with tights or bare legs.
2. Dress up your date night with this beauty of a statement necklace. I totally love the geometric shapes and think it works with pretty much anything.
3. Just in case your date turns out to be sour, keep this sweet treat in your bag or share with your sweetheart.
4. I am LOVING this graphic frilly tee, it's taking me back to the romantic haze of Dirty Dancing and Pretty in Pink. Totally owning this one.
5. What some hearts and flowers for your other half? Then how about this embroided heart tee.
6. These boots are just right for those guys wanting to whisk you away on a romantic stroll on the beach *swoon*
7. You can't get more stylish than this Lomoinstant camera, super cool graphic colour and perfect for taking mini Polaroids your romantic getaway. This is definitely one for the Valentine wish list!
8. "Blue jeans, white shirt" yep there's a reason Lana Del Ray is whispering these lines. Washed denim fitted jeans are so sexy *cue nostalgic memories of swooning over Just Seventeen pin ups as a teen*

So now you have the style you just got to figure out where to go on your date! Whether it's a cosy one at home, holding hands, drinks and dancing or a romantic getaway, or for those who are flying solo this heart day, enjoy! Embrace the self love and go and go all in for 100% pampering session.

Do you have any plans for Valentines Day?

*This is a collborative post.


  1. What a gorgeous selection of bits Lori! That pink tee is 😍😍😍 and loving those House of Fraser boots.

  2. Love this Lori- and that camera is going on my wish list too!

  3. I love the bubble top and the camera so much!

  4. That denim dress is beautiful! I want!

  5. Ooh that camera looks great! I love lomography stuff! X

  6. That necklace is amazing! Love all your picks x



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